How To Stop Cats From Spraying Outside Your Home (And What To Use!)

Is it time to learn how to stop cats from spraying outside your home?

There’s nothing worse than walking outside and realizing a cat peed on your house or in the yard! It’s a scent that’s going to linger and it’s never something you want to deal with.

Whether it’s your cat or someone else’s, it’s essential to figure out how to stop cats from spraying outside your home.

Before doing this, you should learn what the main causes are of this type of behavior.

The reasons include:

  • Marking Its Territory
  • Nowhere Else to Pee
  • Signs of Dominance

It’s essential to come up with a long-term strategy for this behavior because it’s unappealing and the last thing you are going to want to deal with.

However, there’s no reason to stress!

There are viable solutions available to make sure you can stop cats for peeing outside your house.

Here’s a detailed look at what works when it’s time to figure out how to stop cats from spraying outside your home. These tips and tricks will make sure you see tangible results sooner rather than later!

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Tips On How to Stop Cats From Spraying Outside Your Home

Tip #1 – Use a Cat Repellant Spray

One of the best solutions available to you would be a simple cat repellant spray.

Take the spray and target areas that are known for attracting cats. There are always going to be “hotspots” around the house that have to be prioritized.

For some, these areas are going to include plants near the entrance while others are going to worry about parts of their grass.

Why use a cat repellant spray? There are a few advantages with this type of solution.

The benefits include:

  • Quick Solution for Keeping Cats Away
  • Safe for Everyone
  • Doesn’t Ruin the Yard or House

You never want to go with something that is dangerous for cats as that’s inhumane even if it’s not your cat. Remember, the animal is simply acting on its nature and harming the cat does little for you.

Instead, it’s better to find a non-harmful solution that will keep everyone happy.

This is why a good cat repellant spray is the way to go as you learn how to stop cats from spraying outside your home.

How To Stop Cats From Spraying Outside Your Home

Tip #2 – Keep the Litter Box Clean

The litter box has to be an acceptable place for your cat to pee in.

This is a tip reserved for cat owners that are dealing with a pet that doesn’t seem to regulate its bladder when walking outside the house.

If you are one of those owners then it’s time to figure out how to stop cats from spraying outside your home. This includes using a straightforward solution such as keeping the litter box clean. All it takes is regular maintenance and the results will show.

Your cat is going to feel more comfortable using the litter box and won’t empty its bladder outside the house.

Maintaining the cat’s litter box can go a long way in eradicating odd behavior such as spraying outside or inside the house.

It’s all about following a strict schedule and making sure you are focused on providing a safe spot for your cat to pee indoors.

If not, you are always going to see issues related to your cat marking its territory around the property.

It’s essential to focus on a viable solution that’s going to be affordable and manageable. This is what you get with following a set routine.

Tip #3 – Install a Gate or Barrier

Do you have a gate around the house?

It’s not just about setting up a fence but also making sure there’s an additional barrier in place. This will prevent cats from getting close enough to your house to make a mark.

This applies to cats that are coming from a neighbor’s home or a stray that seems to walk around your house during the night.

The best solution is to create a physical barrier such as an outdoor gate to keep the cat away from where it shouldn’t be.

Set up a pet gate near the entry point to stop the cat from coming in.

You can also set up any type of barrier that is going to keep the cat out. It doesn’t have to be a conventional pet gate to get the job done!

Get creative, if that’s what it takes.

How To Stop Cats From Spraying Outside Your Home

Tip #4 – Keep the Cat Pest-Free

There is a reason cats are going to mark their territory around your house.

It may have to do with potential kills that are available to them in the area. If they are noticing a rat infestation, this may cause them to perk up and want to spend time in the area.

As a result, you are always better off working on pest control solutions to keep the rats away.

If the cat isn’t interested in your house, it’s less likely to spend time in the area.

Final Thoughts

When learning how to stop cats from spraying outside your home, you have to start with a set plan.

Whether this includes using a cat repellant spray or a cat gate, you have to realize it’s going to require a bit of “trial and error” on your part.

Some solutions work well right away, while others take a bit of time. Stay patient and make sure you learn how to stop cats from spraying outside your home the right way.

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