How To Sell A Puppy You Just Bought (And What To Consider!)

Want to figure out how to sell a puppy you just bought?

It can be a difficult time early-on when it comes to adjusting to a dog. Dog owners will often face serious anxiety during those initial weeks and it’s not always something you look forward to.

As a result, you might feel it’s better not to move forward with the relationship and sell the dog to someone that will give it time.

If you want to figure out how to sell a puppy you just bought, it’s also essential to understand what the reasons are. This can make it easier to clarify your position to a buyer that may wonder what’s going on.

The reasons can include:

  • Aggression
  • New Owner Anxiety
  • Lack of Time
  • Costly

Remember, this is a smart decision if you are not mentally in it to keep the dog.

It’s one of the most appropriate decisions a dog owner can take when it comes to a difficult puppy. In a loving and caring home, the puppy will get an opportunity to thrive.

If you are interested in learning how to sell a puppy you just bought, this guide is going to teach you more about what to focus on and what to avoid.

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Tips On How To Sell a Puppy You Just Bought

Tip #1 – Speak to the Seller

Take the opportunity to sit down with the seller.

You will be surprised as to how many are going to take the time to work with you. Sellers want to develop a strong relationship with buyers and also care about the puppies they’ve raised.

As a result, they are not going to ignore you and most will provide reasonable advice as to what should happen next.

During the process, you will want to cover a few important points to better understand what needs to happen moving forward.

These details include:

  • Their Selling Requirements
  • Potential Legal Issues
  • Their Recommendations

Once you have all of this information, it’s going to become easier to figure out how to sell a puppy you just bought.

In some cases, you may have to wait a set amount of days before the sale can go through. While others are simply going to accept the puppy back and return your money while keeping a small fee.

This is why speaking to the seller is the first thing you need to do as soon as you can.

Tip #2 – Read the Contract (If There is One!)

Is there a contract associated with the sale?

In many situations, you are going to receive a full-fledged contract listing what’s allowed and what’s not when it comes to selling your puppy.

Many breeders don’t want their puppies going to a pet store and will list this as something you have to avoid. Due to this, you have to read the contract and perhaps speak to a legal professional too.

Agreements can often stipulate whether or not a puppy can be sold in specific situations due to breeders having strict requirements.

Don’t assume you can sneak one through because many breeders have connections around the region.

You have to take the opportunity to understand the legal requirements (if there are any!) and make sure to do so well in advance.

This is why speaking to the seller is a good idea.

Tip #3 – Set a Reasonable Price

What is the price going to be once you are ready to sell the puppy?

You should look to set the price to exactly what you bought it at. This is going to make it a lot easier to sell because most puppies “lose” their value after being sold.

You will want to start here and then try to recuperate as much of your money as possible.

A reasonable price is one of the best things a puppy owner can do because you are not going to retain the same value on a recently purchased puppy.

If you have to take a bit of a loss, this is okay because the value will continue to go down with time.

Don’t assume you are going to get more because that rarely happens on the open market.

How To Sell A Puppy You Just Bought

Tip #4 – Don’t Rush the Process

This is one of the major issues puppy owners have when it’s time to sell.

As you learn how to sell a puppy you just bought, you are going to realize there are multiple buyers that are going to be interested.

However, most are going to provide low-ball offers, so it’s important to wait things out a bit. Just see what the market has to offer.

Rushing this process is going to lead to a bad fit for the puppy and reduce how much you receive in terms of payment too.

Final Thoughts

As you learn how to sell a puppy you just bought, you will want to think about the core details.

You have to find a home for your puppy that’s safe, accepting, and ideal for its development. Never underestimate the importance of this because it’s a part of your responsibility.

Along with doing this, make sure you are legally covered when selling the puppy. The last thing you are going to want is the seller coming to you and stating you’ve done something illegal!

Start here and know you are on the right path as you learn how to sell a puppy you just bought.

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