How To Stop Fish Getting Stuck To Filter Intake!

It’s difficult to deal with fish getting stuck to filter intakes.

Many fish tank owners will start seeing these issues with small-sized fish in their tanks. The reason often has to do with the tank not being large enough or the filter lacking a guard at the front.

This is why it’s imperative to find a solution and remain proactive rather than waiting until your fish dies.

Implementing a change is beneficial for several reasons and it’s best to get started as soon as you can.

The benefits include:

  • Keeps the Fish Safe
  • Increases Lifespan of the Filter
  • Improves Water Quality

With fish getting stuck to filter intakes, the main problem is going to be the amount of pressure that’s generated by the filter.

It’s going to be sucking in a tremendous amount of water and that’s great for filtering everything. However, this also places pressure on the fish and will trap them inside the filter.

This guide will teach you how to stop fish getting stuck to filter intakes the right way. Focus on making immediate changes and watch how it improves the performance of your fish tank.

Best Guard for Filter Intake (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips on How To Stop Fish Getting Stuck To Filter Intake

Tip #1: Set up a Guard for Filter Intake

The main solution has to come in the form of a guard.

With a fish getting stuck to filter intakes, you have to find a way to block the front of your filter. This can be done with something as simple as a guard.

The guard is going to allow you to reduce what’s getting into the filter. The fish won’t be able to get past the guard and that’s going to end the problem right there!

The benefits include:

  • Complete Protection
  • Easy to Install
  • Immediate Results

The best part about this solution comes down to how well the guard is going to perform.

They are affordable, easy to set up, and won’t get in the way of the filter’s performance metrics. This alone makes it a winner for your fish tank!

Fish Getting Stuck To Filter Intake

Tip #2: Choose a Smaller Filter

Let’s assume you have recently installed the filter and are seeing these issues.

If that is the case, you should take the time to choose a smaller filter. This is how you are going to stop fish getting stuck to filter intakes.

A smaller filter is going to have less power and sometimes that’s perfect for a small-sized fish tank. A larger filter is just not going to cut it and will put too much pressure on the water leading to an unstable environment.

Larger filters will often create issues inside the fish tank depending on its size.

There is a purpose behind finding a compatible fish tank filter for your setup. Otherwise, you are going to have issues such as these crop up.

If you want to stay out in front of the problem, look towards setting up a smaller filter.

It’s going to keep the water clean and will ensure the fish don’t get stuck to the filter intake.

Tip #3: Increase the Fish Tank’s Size

Another change you can think about making involves the fish tank.

If there are too many fish within a small fish tank, there are going to be new issues to deal with every day. You have to provide enough breathing room for the fish to survive and thrive.

If not, you are going to deal with problems involving the fish fighting and/or getting stuck to the filter intake!

If there are restrictions in space, the fish will continue to get stuck to the filter intake.

To resolve this problem, a larger fish tank is going to make things easier.

The fish will have more space to swim and aren’t going to go near the filter intake as often. This alone is going to be a good way to deter dangerous behavior such as this.

If the goal is to keep your fish safe, it makes sense to go with a large-sized fish tank.

Fish Getting Stuck To Filter Intake

Tip #4: Keep the Filter Intake Clean

How clean is the filter intake in your fish tank?

With a fish getting stuck to filter intakes, you have to think about whether or not it’s as clean as you need it to be. When the filtration system isn’t clean, it is going to perform poorly.

This can cause major issues in how it sucks in the water and that is when fish get trapped.

Be smart and make sure you are going through a scheduled maintenance setup that is going to allow you to keep the fish safe.

Final Thoughts

In general, you are going to want to start with a basic and more affordable solution (i.e. aquarium guard).

The guard is going to be simple to install and isn’t going to cost a pretty penny! This alone makes it the most viable solution for a situation such as this.

Your goal should be to go through a wide array of solutions and that includes setting up a small aquarium guard. This guard is going to keep the fish out and will provide complete peace of mind.

For a more long-term solution, you can simply invest in a large-sized tank or change the filtration system.

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