Do Birds Leave Their Eggs Unattended?

Do birds leave their eggs unattended?

Birds only leave their eggs unattended when searching for food. If the bird is well-fed, it’s going to remain close to the eggs to provide protection and warmth. Unlike other animals, birds rarely show tendencies of abandonment even if they believe the eggs are in danger.

If the eggs have been laid in a cage or a nearby nest, it’s essential to find a way to provide protection to these eggs.

Bird owners or homeowners are recommended to assist birds if possible. However, make sure to do this without threatening the mother or creating tension in the bird’s natural environment (i.e. loud noises, sudden movements).

The reasons include:

  • Alarming the Mother Bird
  • Leading to a Protective Attack
  • Causing the Mother to Panic and Move

It’s essential to handle this matter as carefully as possible.

When asking, “Do birds leave their eggs unattended?” it’s best to understand the mother will only leave when it’s time to eat. In general, the mother isn’t going to eat as much and will instead cut back to focus on the eggs. The same applies to when the chicks hatch.

This guide is going to take a look at answering the question, “Do birds leave their eggs unattended?” by focusing on what you can do to help keep bird eggs safe.

Best Nest for Bird Eggs (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips on How to Keep Bird Eggs Safe

Tip #1: Install a Nest Box

The best investment you can make is to set up a nest box for the mother.

This is going to allow the eggs to be in a safe spot whether the nest box is outside or inside a cage. The goal is to provide as much protection to the eggs as possible.

This is an investment that is going to ensure the mother can focus on feeding itself rather than fretting about predators getting to the eggs!

Experts Say...
Nest boxes are wonderful for keeping eggs safe regardless of where the bird is.

If the eggs have been laid in a birdcage, it’s recommended to set up the nest box immediately.

Otherwise, there are birds that are going to lay the eggs at the base of the cage. This is dangerous and not the right spot for them to be laid.

You will want to give the bird a safe spot that is going to be out of harm’s way and easy to manage.

Do Birds Leave Their Eggs Unattended

Tip #2: Keep the Mother Well-Fed

Think about finding a solution where you are keeping the mother well-fed.

A lot of people will ask, “Do birds leave their eggs unattended?” and it always comes back to the mother protecting itself. If it hasn’t eaten in a while, the natural reaction is going to be to go out and find food.

If you are able to assist with this particular problem, you are going to have a happy mother on your hands.

A well-fed mother is going to be more willing to protect the eggs throughout the day.

This is one of the easiest changes you can influence as a bird owner or bird watcher.

Just take the time to find out more about the bird’s eating requirements and set out food for it to consume. The mother is going to remain happy and that will bode well for the eggs too!

It’s a win-win and it’s one of the easiest options available to you without costing a lot.

Tip #3: Regulate the Temperature

How warm is it around the bird eggs?

You have to realize the reason mothers stay close to the eggs is to keep them warm. If the eggs aren’t in the right environment, they are going to start to break down and/or they won’t hatch!

This is why it’s essential to regulate the temperature.

The best way to do this is by:

  • Raising the Room’s Temperature (If Indoors)
  • Providing a Blanket
  • Re-Locating the Birdcage

All of these tips are great depending on where the bird eggs are.

Most birds are already smart enough to position their eggs correctly. This means they are going to account for the sun and how it’s going to help them keep the eggs as warm as possible.

Keep these details in mind if you want to ensure the eggs are as safe as you need them to be.

Do Birds Leave Their Eggs Unattended

Tip #4: Focus on Safety First

A mother is going to need to stay as safe as possible.

In the end, this is what most answers are going to lead to when asking, “Do birds leave their eggs unattended?”

As a result, if you are able to provide some semblance of protection, the mother is going to remain content. This is imperative when it comes to a birdcage.

Experts Say...
If the mother feels safe, this is going to play a major role in whether or not the eggs are kept safe too.

If you are able to do this, the mother isn’t going to ignore the eggs or leave them unattended.

Instead, it is going to remain there and handle them the way they’re expected to.

Final Thoughts

“Do birds leave their eggs unattended?”

If you are asking this question, you will realize it isn’t going to be a common occurrence. Birds don’t behave in this manner and most are going to be ultra protective of their eggs.

If they are in the vicinity, you are going to notice their aggressive posturing and desire to push you away.

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