How To Get Rid Of Water Fleas In Fish Tank (And What Works Best!)

Want to learn how to get rid of water fleas in fish tanks?

These are something you are not going to want lounging inside the fish tank, but it can happen depending on the water conditions. In most cases, fish tank owners are going to let their fish take care of the problem, but that’s not always possible.

It often depends on the type of living organisms inside the fish tank. If you don’t have the right fist, the water fleas will continue to be a problem!

What are some of the reasons for water fleas popping up in the first place?

The reasons include:

  • Water Temperature in the Tank
  • Water Quality
  • Type of Living Organisms in the Tank

While learning how to get rid of water fleas in fish tanks, you have to do your due diligence and assess what’s going on inside the aquarium.

This includes where the water fleas are, how many are present, and how the living organisms are reacting to their presence.

This guide will showcase how to get rid of water fleas in fish tanks safely, effectively, and quickly.

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Tips on How To Get Rid Of Water Fleas In Fish Tank

Tip #1: Use a Biological Fish Tank Cleaner

A biological fish tank cleaner is one of the best solutions available for this problem.

While most fish tank owners are going to rely on their fish to do the “cleaning,” it’s not always possible. This is when you are going to want to invest in a high-quality cleaner.

The plus point is, this biological cleaner is also going to improve the overall environment inside your fish tank too.

The benefits include:

  • Quick Removal of Water Fleas
  • Safe to Use
  • Perfect for All Types of Fish Tanks

Using a cleaner such as this can be a simple way to eradicate the problem without thinking too much.

Simply follow the directions and watch as things fall into place for you!

how to get rid of water fleas in fish tank

Tip #2: Change the Water

Worried about the water quality in your fish tank due to the water fleas?

This is a common concern and it’s something most fish tank owners are going to mention at one point or another. In essence, if you want to learn how to get rid of water fleas in fish tanks, you will want to start by changing the water.

Instead of changing 50% of the water, you want to aim for a higher percentage.

The goal is to flush out the water fleas and give your fish tank a brand-new start.

Changing the water in your fish tank will reset everything and make sure the problem doesn’t continue in the coming weeks.

There is a bit of legwork that’s going to take place and you will have to use a high-grade water changer to get the job done.

However, this is something that will be worth the hassle when the water fleas are gone!

Take your time changing the water and keep tabs on the pH levels at all times. You don’t want the water changing to cause distress to the rest of the fish tank environment.

Tip #3: Use Blanched Zucchini

While figuring out how to get rid of water fleas in fish tanks, you will have to use an age-old trick that is still recommended to this day.

The idea is to take a slice of blanched zucchini and let it sit in the water.

This is going to attract the water fleas and they are going to get stuck onto the slice. It’s a simple trick that is going to let you scoop them up and get rid of the water fleas quickly.

Zucchini does an excellent job of drawing out the water fleas making them easier to eradicate from the fish tank.

A solution such as this is a great way to feel in control over what you are doing.

A person that is serious on learning how to get rid of water fleas in fish tanks will want to begin here.

how to get rid of water fleas in fish tank

Tip #4: Empty the Filtration System

Have you taken the time to look at the filter in your fish tank?

A lot of owners won’t think about the filtration system and this is going to worsen the water quality in your tank. In essence, the water fleas get trapped in the filtration system causing them to spread further.

It’s imperative to make sure any water fleas that are in the filtration system get emptied out!

This is a key responsibility for those who are thinking about getting rid of water fleas safely and effectively.

Final Thoughts

Is it time to how to get rid of water fleas in fish tanks?

Water fleas are a nuisance that you are going to want to deal with as soon as possible. They are going to ruin the water quality in your fish tank, potentially harm the plants, and create a whole host of issues that are not worth dealing with!

So, what should you do then?

It’s time to look at trying out different solutions including using a biological fish tank cleaner or a simple slice of zucchini!

Each one is going to work and it will make it easier to keep the fish tank clean and free of water fleas.

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