Am I Spending Enough Time With My Dog? (And What To Do Next!)

Am I spending enough time with my dog?

A dog that is suffering from separation anxiety is going to show constant aggression, hide around the house, and/or refuse to leave your side whenever you are at home. This can be a sign that you are not spending enough time with the dog and it is starting to act out.

In general, a dog is going to need multiple hours of your time to bond and stay healthy.

Remember, dogs are pack animals and are used to be around others to bond with. This is normal for them and it’s something you are responsible for or they are going to become anxious at home. You are also going to notice changes in their behavior.

The signs can include:

  • Laziness
  • Boredom
  • Unwilling to Come Out of Hiding
  • Shivering

You have to find ways to spend more time with your dog regardless of your schedule.

A lot of dog owners mention going to work and/or school, which can eat away into their time spent with the dog. This is okay, but you have to find other ways to build a bond with the dog.

This article is going to help answer the question, “Am I spending enough time with my dog?” by pointing out what you should buy and the changes you need to make right away.

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Tips On How To Spend More Time With Your Dog

Tip #1 – Set Up a Pet Camera

You will have to invest in a good pet camera for your dog.

The reason has to do with using your voice as a way to soothe the dog when you’re gone for long hours. A lot of dogs have separation anxiety because their owners leave for work/school during the day.

This starts to add up, which is why you are going to want to use a pet camera that has the ability to dispense treats from far away.

The benefits include:

  • Build a Stronger Bond with Your Dog
  • Reduce Separation Anxiety
  • Peace of Mind

Your dog is going to bond with you and is going to feel relaxed due to this simple adjustment.

It is one of the best solutions for those who are thinking about spending more time with their dog. It simply works well and is going to allow you to relax as well!

Am I spending enough time with my dog

Tip #2 – Increase Walk Time

The amount of time your dog is walking will matter a lot.

Some dog owners will rush through the walk (i.e. 10-15 minutes) assuming that is enough! It is not and it will leave your dog frustrated due to its pent-up energy.

You have to let it exercise and that includes at least an hour’s worth of exercise per day.

Increasing your dog’s walk time is essential and it’s one of the best ways to interact with them and bond.

If that means you have to split it into two sessions then tht is what you are going to do!

You can’t short change the dog because it will start acting out at home.

Tip #3 – Train Your Dog

Training your dog is one of the best investments a dog owner can make.

Yes, just taking the time to sit down and run through commands will make a difference. It’s going to build a strong bond with your dog, help spend time with your beloved pet, and also keep it mentally stimulated.

These are plus points that are going to make a serious difference!

Training your dog is a wonderful way to build a strong relationship as it causes you to work with them and develop patience.

The best part about doing this is you are going to be teaching a dog new tricks too!

Why not take advantage of this and create a real win-win situation?

Training your dog is essential in any situation and it can also help increase the time you spend with it throughout the week.

Am I spending enough time with my dog

Tip #4 – Include Dog in Home Activities

You have to find ways to include your dog in everything that’s happening at home.

For example, if you are eating outside and enjoying the summer weather, why not let your dog out too? This is a great way for the dog to bond with you and the rest of the family.

A lot of dog owners don’t do this and that leaves the dog upset. If you are asking, “Am I spending enough time with my dog?” it’s best to start here.

Final Thoughts

Am I spending enough time with my dog?

Certain dog breeds are going to crave attention from their owners and limited bonding will leave them dissatisfied. This is why it’s essential to understand your dog breed’s tendencies and make adjustments from there.

In general, it’s best to spend multiple hours with your dog and ensuring you are satisfying their physical requirements by walking daily.

If you are not doing this, the dog is going to become unhappy and you are going to start noticing a change in behavior. This can include added aggression that is hard to handle and is going to leave your house looking like a torn-up mess!

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