Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed? (And How To Stop It!)

Why is my cat digging on my bed?

Cats will start to dig on a bed out of pure instinct. It’s a natural reflex that’s commonly seen in the wild where cats will dig in unnatural spots for entertainment purposes. It’s nothing to worry about as a cat owner when it comes to the cat’s overall health.

However, what if you want to stop this habit right away?

It’s important to start with understanding the signs that come along with this behavior. Once you pinpoint these signs, you will know action has to be taken right away.

The signs can include:

  • Constant “Zooming” Around House
  • Staring at the Bed
  • Scratching Random Items

It’s best to have a plan in mind, if you are asking, “Why is my cat digging on my bed?” as that will allow you to make positive changes immediately.

Whether this has to do with keeping the cat away from the room or giving it another outlet, you have to focus on optimizing the environment for your cat.

This article is going to help answer the question, “Why is my cat digging on my bed?” along with what you need to do next as a cat owner.

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Tips On How to Stop a Cat From Digging On Your Bed

Tip #1 – Set up a Cat Scratching Post

If the cat wants to dig, why not give it a proper spot to do so?

Cats will want to use their claws in different ways and you never want to be on the receiving end of a swipe! This is why setting up a good cat scratching post is smart.

The benefits include:

  • Safe Spot to Scratch/Dig
  • Ideal for the Cat’s Claws
  • Great for Mental Health

The scratching post will allow the cat to have fun without damaging the furniture.

Plus, it is going to get in a good workout while doing this and the claws will also remain healthy. It’s a win-win for everyone and that is why cat scratching posts are admired among cat owners.

If you are asking, “Why is my cat digging on my bed?” start here.

Why is my cat digging on my bed?

Tip #2 – Move Your Cat Right Away

You will want to move the cat.

This means you are going to go up to the cat and try to get it away from the bed. This doesn’t mean you are going to be aggressive.

Instead, you are going to simply take its attention away from the bed whenever this happens.

Taking preventative action can be a good way to ensure the cat doesn’t make it a habit.

The idea is to never get the cat used to doing this.

You want to be on top of things and make sure the cat doesn’t dig all the time. This is only going to reinforce its behavior and that is the last thing you want!

Tip #3 – Let Your Cat Outside Often

Have you taken the time to let your cat out in recent days?

A cat that doesn’t get enough time on its own outdoors may start acting out. This is why certain breeds don’t respond well to being indoors all the time!

You have to think about the cat’s needs, especially if it is digging/scratching all over the place.

Many cats do well outdoors and are going to only behave in this manner when they are outdoors as long as you let them go out.

By letting the cat outdoors, you are going to see a reduction in this type of behavior.

Anything it wll want to dig or scratching is going to happen outside the house. This is beneficial for you and your furniture, while keeping the cat happy too.

When you start asking, “Why is my cat digging on my bed?” it’s time to focus on the root cause. This is why letting the cat out into the yard is a good starting point.

Why is my cat digging on my bed?

Tip #4 – Train Your Cat

A good tip is to train your cat.

It’s essential to work with your pet and make sure it understands when something is wrong. A lot of cats aren’t going to recognize what they are doing as being incorrect or “bad,” which means you are going to have relay the message.

Some cats will be fussy, but others are going to adjust right away.

The best way to do this is by using:

  • A Cat Scratching Post
  • Cat Treats
  • Cat Toys

You will want to try a selection of toys and/or treats to see what works best for training your cat. A few adjustments is all you are going to need to get the job done.

Dealing with a cat that is digging on your bed means you want to respond gently.

There is no reason to be harsh and simple changes will go a long way!

Final Thoughts

Why is my cat digging on my bed?

The average cat is going to dig out of boredom and/or trying to assert itself in the room. This can be something as simple as trying to mark its territory as it would in the wild.

Of course, each cat is going to be different and that is something you are going to have to account for!

With your cat, it may have to do with simply not being entertained enough. If so, you should take the time to focus on your cat and keep it as healthy as possible.

In general, the behavior itself is not something you should worry about. If you are okay dealing with a few scratches in the sheets, you are going to be fine. However, if you are not then it’s okay to implement the strategies that have been pointed out here.

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