What To Give A Dog For A Long Road Trip? (Top Things to Pack!)

A travel water bottle is essential when you’re sitting down and figuring out what to give a dog for a long road trip.

You need to understand the dog’s needs and plan for them. Don’t assume things are going to work out because that’s how everything falls apart.

You should prep a travel bag and make sure all relevant items are ready to go whenever you need them. Remember, a long road trip can be challenging for dogs and it’s essential to stay as well-prepared as you can.

The benefits include:

  • Healthy Dog During the Trip
  • Peace of Mind
  • Reduces the Dog’s Anxiety

When figuring out what to give a dog for a long road trip, you have to start with the basics.

This guide is going to showcase what to give a dog for a long road trip, why it’s important to pack these items, and which options are best for your situation.

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Tips On What to Give a Dog for a Long Road Trip

Tip #1 – Buy a Quality Travel Water Bottle

Hydration is essential and it has to be the first point of concern with your dog.

A long road trip is going to take a toll on the dog, especially when it starts prolonging past a few hours. Even taking breaks for the dog to run around won’t cut it!

You have to take the opportunity to invest in a high-quality travel water bottle for dogs. This water bottle should be easy to put away and should keep the water as cold as it needs to be. Fresh water is essential and it’s something your dog is going to crave during a road trip.

By having a quality water bottle ready to go, you are going to see multiple advantages arise from this type of investment.

The benefits include:

  • Keeps the Dog Hydrated
  • Cools the Water
  • Easy to Use

Be smart about what you are investing in as a dog owner.

You have to understand the dog isn’t going to be used to the idea of a road trip. It may not mind going for short trips, but when it becomes a lengthy drive, it is going to add up.

Be smart and make sure to have fresh water handy throughout the road trip. It’s the bare minimum you can do for your dog.

What To Give A Dog For A Long Road Trip

Tip #2 – Prepare a Travel Bag

A travel bag is one of the best things a person can invest in and it will serve a long-term purpose too. You can use it wherever you go with your dog.

The goal is to have a place where you can secure all of these travel items without having to think twice.

Having a distinct travel bag for your dog can be time-saving and will ensure everything works out as planned.

The travel bag should be spacious, come with multiple pockets, and keep the items as safe as possible.

Look for different options and ensure the solution will work out as planned.

This is key for those who are going to be taking a long road trip and want to keep the dog happy.

Tip #3 – Keep Vaccination Records Handy

Most people will think about food/water while planning on what to give a dog for a long road trip, but it’s essential to prepare vaccination records.

You need to have up-to-date vaccination records at all times.

If you will be traveling across the border, it’s recommended to have the dog’s vaccination records handy at all times.

This becomes doubly important if you are going to be heading to a different country while driving.

There are times when checks can be made on the dog and having this information readily available is a game-changer.

What To Give A Dog For A Long Road Trip

Tip #4 – Use Calming Tablets

Calming tablets are essential when it is time to leave for a road trip.

You will need to make sure the dog doesn’t get anxious in the middle of the drive. This happens a lot and it can become difficult to pay attention to the road in situations such as these!

Be on top of this right away and give your dog calming aids to simmer them down a bit.

Final Thoughts

Trying to pinpoint more on what to give a dog for a long road trip?

It’s something that is going to differ from dog to dog. Some will need chew treats, while others are going to require nothing more than a bit of water throughout the trip.

If you are taking the opportunity to plan, you want to focus on getting things prepped in advance. This means preparing a proper travel bag for your dog and equipping it with all the necessary items (i.e. medicines, water, food, treats, calming aids) to make sure the dog is safe.

This is imperative when it comes to figuring out what to give a dog for a long road trip.

A lot of dog owners will overlook these requirements and only focus on themselves. It’s a must to understand your dog will have to adjust to the road trip and it’s best to make it as easy on them as possible.

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