Do Puppies Miss Their Mom? (And How to Help!)

Do puppies miss their mom?

Each puppy is unique when it comes to missing their mom, but there is an adjustment period when the puppy will be shy and struggle to bond with its owner. This adjustment process requires warmth, attention to detail, and a willingness to work with the puppy as it builds new relationships.

When a puppy misses its mother, there will be tell-tale signs through its mannerisms.

These signs can include:

  • Constant Anxiety
  • Refusal to Play
  • Hiding

In general, you should be ready for this type of behavior because it’s a sudden change for the puppy. Being taken away from its mother will be something that’s different for the puppy and that has to be accounted for.

In most cases, the puppy is going to stop missing its mother after a few weeks. If it extends past this timeline, the goal should remain to build a bond with the puppy and continue to soothe its mind through training, toys, and treats.

This guide will help answer the question, “Do puppies miss their mom?” along with highlighting some of the most effective tips for helping a puppy that’s missing its mother.

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Tips To Help Puppy Missing Its Mother

Tip #1 – Use the Mother’s Scent

This is the most effective strategy and one you should explore as a dog owner.

In essence, you are going to use the mother’s scent (rubbed on a blanket) as a way to help the anxious pup.

The benefits include:

  • Soothes the Puppy
  • Targets Its Natural Instincts
  • Easy to Manage

Of course, this might not always be possible, but it’s one trick that has been used for generations.

This allows the puppy to soothe itself by going to the blanket and not get overwhelmed. If possible, keep this solution in your back pocket.

Do puppies miss their mom?

Tip #2 – Bond with the Puppy

When asking, “Do puppies miss their mom?” you should also think about bonding with the puppy.

A lot of puppies are just going to miss that sense of safety and calm that a mother brings. It’s natural with many different animals including humans.

Puppies seek to bond during their earlier years and it’s essential to take up this role as a dog owner for long-term success.

To replicate this, you are going to have to become the leader in your dog’s life.

This includes spending lots of time together, training, and making sure your puppy understands that it’s time to bond.

Tip #3 – Visit the Dog Park

Let’s assume you have a dog that’s moping around at home.

If you don’t have other dogs, it might not feel as comfortable around you. This is natural and it’s best to find ways to socialize the puppy with other dogs.

Visiting the dog park and/or bonding with other dogs is a wonderful way to build the puppy’s confidence.

This can include going to the local dog park.

At the dog park, your dog will get the opportunity to play with other dogs and that will ease its mind. Remember, the puppy was likely spending most of its time with its siblings before you came into the picture.

You have to replicate this by going to the dog park and/or visiting a friend’s dog.

Do puppies miss their mom?

Tip #4 – Increase the Puppy’s Activity Levels

If you are asking, “Do puppies miss their mom?” it’s time to focus on the dog’s activity levels.

There is nothing more enticing for a young dog than to exercise and move around. The puppy is going to be bursting with energy and it’s essential to tap into this using toys and/or the dog park.

Even something as simple as running around in the yard is going to work well!

The benefits include:

  • Building a Stronger Bond with the Pup
  • Getting the Blood Flowing
  • Taking the Pup’s Mind Off of its Mom

The more you do this, the easier it’s going to get to win over your dog.

Until then, it’s essential to set a schedule and make sure you are spending as much time with the puppy as possible. This is the only way to get through to the dog and make sure it’s focused on you and not its mother.

Final Thoughts

Do puppies miss their mom?

Indeed, puppies will miss their mom and siblings from time to time. This is a common reaction and it’s to be expected. However, it’s not always guaranteed and there are certain puppies that will quickly move onto building a bond with their owner.

The goal is to keep an eye open during the first few days.

If your puppy is moping around and doesn’t seem too fond of you, this might be a sign it’s missing the mother. Once this is something you notice, it’s time to focus on the tips mentioned here.

You will have to take action by implementing changes and making sure the puppy is focused on bonding with you. Remember, puppies will adjust quickly and it’s all about putting in the effort on your end.

Continue to follow the advice here and know you are going to win over the pup in no time!

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