Do Hamsters Sleep More In Winter?

Do hamsters sleep more in winter months?

Hamsters will change their sleeping habits depending on the environment. In the winters, a hamster will start sleeping more as a way to conserve energy and stay comfortable.

In a hamster cage, the same behavior may take place based on the temperature inside the room. This will vary from place to place, but most hamsters will start sleeping more during this time of the year.

Why do hamsters sleep more in winter months?

The benefits include:

  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Increased Focus

It is these advantages that give hamsters a natural inclination to want to rest more as the temperature drops outside. It is something they would do in the wild as they burrow themselves during the cold.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed behavior!

Some hamsters will not sleep more in the winter months and will continue with a set pattern as they would in the summer.

This guide will take a look at answering the question, “Do hamsters sleep more in winter months?” along with what you can do to make their sleep easier at night.

Best Bedding for Hamsters (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Tips for Improving Hamster’s Sleeping Setup in Cage

Tip #1: Go for a Warm Bedding

Since te hamster is going to burrow itself during the winter months, you will have to invest in high-grade bedding that’s easy on the hamster’s body.

The right bedding can make a serious difference.

It’s going to allow your hamster to feel comfortable throughout the winter without feeling agitated and/or out of place.

Winter months require more insulation when it comes to the hamster bedding you’re using.

Unfortunately, some hamster owners don’t buy the right bedding and this causes distress in hamsters.

Be diligent and make sure to go with the best possible solution for your hamster’s needs.

Do Hamsters Sleep More In Winter

Tip #2: Place Cage in a Quiet Space

With hamsters that want to sleep, you have to focus on where the cage is located.

It’s similar to having to sleep in the middle of a packed room. Just like you wouldn’t find it to be an easy experience, the hamster is going to feel disturbed as well.

A hamster that is anxious due to the noise will get agitated. This is why it’s recommended to keep the cage in a safe spot during the winter.

The benefits include:

  • Improved Sleeping Patterns
  • Increased Energy
  • Less Agitation

You are going to notice a change in how well your hamster sleeps.

This is going to make the hamster easier to handle and it will continue to remain anxiety-free throughout the day. These are benefits that matter in the grand scheme of things.

Tip #3: Keep the Cage Clean

The cage should always remain clean and it becomes doubly important during the winter.

You want to make sure the hamster is resting in a clean spot that isn’t going to add to its stress. This is why hamsters are selective about where they rest.

It is more than just safety. They want something cozy too!

Experts Say...
A clean cage is essential during the winter months as the hamster looks to relax.

As you dig deeper into the question, “Do hamsters sleep more in winter months?” it’s going to come down to the environment around them.

Make sure it is as clean as possible.

This means increasing how many times you clean the hamster’s cage during the winter.

Do Hamsters Sleep More In Winter

Tip #4: Create a Proper Nest

The nest is going to be an essential component of a hamster’s sleep quality.

If the nest isn’t safe and/or comfortable, the hamster won’t want to sleep. In situations where a hamster wants to sleep more such as the winters, it becomes essential to focus on this element of their environment.

Any issues in this regard will cause the hamster to become anxious and/or concerned.

Hamsters prefer to stay burrowed during the winter months and that’s where a covered nest can be useful alongside the bedding.

Make sure the nest is spacious, safe, and is going to be equipped with good bedding.

This will keep the hamster at ease and is going to allow it to stay healthy physically and psychologically. Don’t underestimate the matters of an investment such as this.

Final Thoughts

Do hamsters sleep more in winter months?

Hamsters are independent creatures when it comes to resting and are going to adapt to the environment. If it is inclement weather outdoors, they may take the time to burrow themselves and wait until things clear up.

It all comes down to self-preservation and the same applies to understanding the reasons for hamsters sleeping more in the winter.

If you are noticing a change in your hamster’s sleeping habits then it may have to do with the time of year. As a result, it’s recommended to set up high-grade hamster bedding that’s going to make it easier for the hamster to relax at night.

Why do hamsters sleep more in winter months?

It simply comes down to adjusting to the setting and wanting to relax. Some hamsters will want to conserve energy and then enjoy themselves when it feels “safer” in their mind.

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