Why Is Fish Staying In Corner Of Tank? (And How to Help!)

Why is my fish staying in corner of tank?

Fish tend to stay in the corner of a fish tank when the water quality is inefficient, unsafe, and/or bacteria have spread into the environment causing impurities to exist in the water. As a result, fish become agitated and will begin finding pockets of space to reside in within the tank.

It’s essential to make changes right away because this is a cry for help!

If you let this continue for any longer, the fish will continue to lose weight and will also become increasingly agitated. This is unsafe and indicates a poor level of care on your part.

The signs can include:

  • Poor Eating Habits
  • Refusing to Move
  • General Sickness

Additional signs are going to pop up such as the ones listed above.

It’s imperative to pay attention to what is going on with a fish staying in corner of tank. If not, you are going to see the problem worsen and it will spiral out of control!

This guide is going to indicate what to do next when it comes to a fish staying in corner of tank. This includes immediate changes that are mandatory regardless of what the root cause is to this type of behavior from your fish.

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Tips on Helping a Fish Staying in Corner of Tank

Tip #1: Set up a Good Water Pump

What type of water pump is set up in the fish tank right now?

A lot of fish tanks don’t have a water pump and that’s unhealthy for the fish. Remember, there is a certain environment fish are born to live in and you have to recreate this to the best of your ability.

One of the main additions to make is a high-value air pump that is going to settle in and optimize water conditions for the tank.

The benefits include:

  • Cleaner Environment in the Fish Tank
  • Consistent Water Quality
  • Added Oxygen

Until you do this, there are going to be issues that will cause the fish to stay in the corner of the tank.

Be diligent and make sure to set up the water pump as soon as possible. Also, make sure it is the right size, so it provides comprehensive coverage.

 fish staying in corner of tank

Tip #2: Change the Water

With a fish staying in corner of tank, you will have to concentrate on the water quality.

A common issue comes up with relation to the pH levels in the fish tank. Any changes in this regard will cause the fish to panic because it’s unnatural.

As a result, changing at least 50% of the water regularly is going to eradicate this problem for good.

Changing the water is a good way to cleanse the fish tank of certain impurities that develop over time.

Your goal should remain to set a schedule.

This includes using a high-grade water change for fish tanks. The water changer is going to make this process a breeze and will keep the fish safe too.

Tip #3: Remove Existing Accessories

Are there existing fish tank accessories that are beginning to accumulate bacteria?

This can happen, especially if the accessories have been present for at least a year. When this happens, it’s possible for bacteria to develop on the surface of these items.

Get rid of them right away!

Bacteria develop on fish tank accessories and it’s essential to remove them as soon as possible to promote a healthier fish tank environment.

They may be polluting the water and making it impossible for the fish to stay healthy.

Even if the fish aren’t staying in the corner of a tank, it’s still imperative to get rid of the accessories and make changes.

 fish staying in corner of tank

Tip #4: Reduce Food Portions

Sometimes, a fish staying in corner of tank may be dealing with food-related issues.

What does this mean?

In essence, there are going to be leftovers that begin to rot in the water when the fish tank isn’t cleaned. As a result, the food spreads into the water and ruins its quality.

This is unsafe for the fish!

You have to take action by reducing portions, since your fish aren’t eating the food in its entirety.

Final Thoughts

Why is my fish staying in corner of tank?

Your fish is only going to react to the environment around it in the fish tank. This can have to do with pH levels, lack of oxygen, and/or leftover food spreading bacteria in the water.

Whatever the reason may be, this type of behavior is never acceptable and indicates deep-rooted issues that need to be corrected immediately.

Letting things continue “as is” will cause the fish to become agitated and will also lead to potential health-related issues too.

Your responsibility is to figure out what is going on with a fish staying in corner of tank. Is there a change that is going to help? Is there a clear-cut issue that has to be fixed?

Find out and make the changes right away!

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