Cat Keeps Going To Litter Box But Nothing Happens! (And What To Do Next!)

My cat keeps going to litter box but nothing happens!

If your cat continues to visit the litter box without using it, this can be a sign of anxiety and/or seeking refuge in a spot that’s away from other parts of the house. It’s also possible for a cat to feel uncomfortable causing it to leave the litter box without using it.

The reasons can vary, but for most cases, the cat is going to have an underlying psychological concern that is causing it to behave in such a manner.

When this happens, it’s essential to look for other signs that tend to pop up.

The signs can include:

  • General Fatigue
  • Restlessness
  • Constant Whining/Growling

If you are saying, “My cat keeps going to litter box but nothing happens!” then it’s recommended to monitor your cat’s litter box activities.

Just pay attention to what’s going on and what the reasons are behind your cat’s anxious behavior.

This guide is going to dig deeper into understand why your cat isn’t using the litter box and what to do about it as a cat owner.

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Tips On Helping A Cat That Keeps Going to the Litter Box

Tip #1 – Change the Litter Box

The best solution is to change the litter box as soon as possible.

Some litter boxes are feeble and won’t last as long as you want them to. This is going to be noticed by the cat and it’s going to start visiting the litter box without using it.

Over the long haul, you are also going to realize the cat seems to leave messes behind in other parts of the house. If this is already happening then the change has to be initiated right away!

The benefits include:

  • More Comfortable for the Cat
  • Cleaner
  • Easier to Maintain

If you have the funds to spend on a new litter box, please do so.

This is a change that’s going to be worthwhile and going with a hooded litter box is never a bad idea. This is a way to maximize your setup and ensure the cat feels good about where it is going to the bathroom.

Cat Keeps Going To Litter Box But Nothing Happens

Tip #2 – Count the Number of Successful/Unsuccessful Visits

Tracking the cat’s visits would go a long way in resolving the problem.

In general, you want to take a peek at how many times the cat goes throughout the day. This includes both successful and unsuccessful visits.

Is there a pattern emerging?

If so, you want to see what causes the cat to have an unsuccessful visit.

Certain patterns can become easier to spot by tracking a cat’s litter box habits.

In some situations, the cat may not use the litter box because it’s anxious of something. This can happen due to specific noises and/or other pets in the house.

Another reason has to do with the litter box not being clean.

If so, your cat may become fussy and not want to use it!

Tip #3 – Change the Litter Box’s Position

Where is the litter box located?

If you are saying, “my cat keeps going to litter box but nothing happens!” then it’s clear there’s an issue that is bothering the cat.

If it has to do with the litter box not being comfortable then the cat may visit it out of habit and not use it!

This is when it’s best to change the location to see whether or not that works.

High-traffic areas in the house are never recommended for hosting a litter box as they make cats nervous.

Sometimes, a litter box is in the wrong part of the house.

This has to do with too much noise, too many people, or having other pets in the area. A cat won’t be comfortable when this happens and that can be frustrating.

Cat Keeps Going To Litter Box But Nothing Happens

Tip #4 – Visit the Vet

This is essential and a step you should be taking as soon as the problem pops up.

In essence, you are going to want to speak to a vet and make sure everything is in order medically. There is nothing worse than having a cat deal with health-related issues and not receive treatment.

In some cases, a cat may be dealing with constipation and that will cause it to run to the litter box. If so, you want to make sure the vet is aware and can provide a solution.

Final Thoughts

My cat keeps going to litter box but nothing happens!

In general, when a cat keeps going to the litter box without doing anything, this means there is an underlying issue. For some, it has to do with not feeling confident while others are just not going to want to stay in other parts of the house due to anxiety.

If you notice the cat sees the litter box as a safe haven then it’s recommended to make changes.

You want to build a bond with your cat and this is going to take time. It’s also okay to tweak the litter box and change it, so the cat starts opening up a bit.

If you don’t make changes, the cat is going to continue doing the same thing and its behavior will worsen!

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