Can Cats See Guardian Angels?

Can cats see guardian angels?

Cats will often be seen staring at a spot, purring, and/or pawing at nothing but air. The reason can include a number of things and it doesn’t always have to be about a guardian angel.

It’s important to note, there is a belief that cats can see guardian angels. This is a story that has been passed down through the generations and is one that still remains.

Certain patterns in behavior can start to show something is going on with your cat.

The signs can include:

  • Looking at a Specific Spot in the House
  • Purring Often
  • Pawing at the Same Spot

If you are asking, “Can cats see guardian angels?” it’s essential to look at what’s going on.

This article is going to help answering the question, “Can cats see guardian angels?” along with providing alternative reasons for why your cat is behaving in this manner.

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Can Cats See Guardian Angels? Additional Reasons for Their Behavioral Change

Reason #1 – New Environment

The environment is a common factor when it comes to a situation such as this.

If a cat comes to your house after being somewhere else, it’s going to have to settle in. Some cats tend to hide, others adjust in seconds, while there are some that start behaving oddly.

This includes staring at the same spot and not focusing on your or anything you do.

The reasons can include:

  • Getting Used to Specific Sounds
  • Focusing on Territorial Advantages
  • Signs of Anxiety

This is normal and it takes a few months to get over with some cats.

Don’t panic and assume it’s something else. It might just be a case of the cat looking to get used to its surroundings and not feeling as comfortable as it normally would.

Can Cats See Guardian Angels

Reason #2 – External Noises

There are many noises that a cat is going to think about when it comes to its surroundings.

Imagine having a situation where the cat starts bringing its ears closer to the wall or to another part of the room. This means it is picking up on something.

A lot of the times, cats will start to stare as a way to focus. This is going to allow them to pinpoint where the sound is coming from.

In some areas, certain noises can be heard by cats that humans may not pick up outside their house.

This is a natural instinct for cats and it’s something you see in the wild.

If a cat slows down and simply stares, it might be looking to maximize its ears and pick out little details to catch the prey.

Reason #3 – Specific Scents

If you are asking, “Can cats see guardian angels?” it might also be time to think about the scents that are all around them.

Your cat may have picked up on a scent that is right outside the house or somewhere inside the property. If so, it is going to start behaving randomly including staring in the same spot.

Now, you may assume this is a guardian angel, but it might just be a scent that cat has running through its mind at the time.

Cats are hunters and will pick up scents that can render them fixated on a specific target whether it’s inside or outside.

This is a pattern that can start to develop when a certain smell is always around the house.

Pay attention to what the cat is staring at and whether or not it tries to follow a scent by bringing its nose closer to the ground.

If so, it might be time to look at what that scent is all about!

Can Cats See Guardian Angels

Reason #4 – Loss of Hearing

This may be one of the more concerning reasons a cat is staring at things and not paying attention to you.

Their hearing may start going and that happens with age. If you are dealing with an older cat or even a young kitten, it’s essential to have their eyes and ears assessed by a vet.

The vet is going to let you know what’s going on and whether or not it has to do with an underlying health issue.

Additional signs can include:

  • Staying in the Same Spot for Hours
  • Not Interacting with You
  • Slow to React

You shouldn’t assume this is the main reason, but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind.

If your cat is losing its hearing, you are going to start seeing sudden changes in behavior. By getting out in front of this, you can improve the cat’s quality of life before it gets hurt.

Final Thoughts

Can cats see guardian angels?

It’s all about understanding what’s going on with your cat and its new-found behavior. If your cat has just entered the house then it may have to do with the territory instead of anything else. Just let things settle down a bit and it will work out.

In general, cats are simply reacting to other factors around them that you are not picking up on.

In fact, this can also be a sign you may have pests inside the house that you are not aware of. Sometimes, a cat is going to pick up on rats that are inside the wall and that is going to make them “zone out” or look like they are staring at nothing.

Your goal should be to make sure to figure out what the root cause is of this behavior.

Once you do this, you are going to know whether or not it’s something to worry about. Of course, your cat may just be looking at a guardian angel!

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