Cat Poops On Floor When Angry (And How To Fix It!)

My cat poops on floor when angry!

It can be a disconcerting sight as a cat owner to walk into a room and realize your cat made a mess. Unfortunately, this is a common sight for some people when their cat gets mad.

Cats can be emotional and that means they lash out in anger. Some are going to growl, others are going to paw at you, but there are some that get nasty and relieve themselves in the living room!

So, what are the reasons behind this type of behavior?

The reasons can include:

  • Losing Control of Their Body in Rage
  • Hyperactive Digestive System
  • Potential Anxiety

It always depends upon the situation because sometimes if a cat poops on floor when angry, it has to do with anger towards a specific issue (i.e. another pet walking around).

When this happens, it’s possible for a cat to be both angry and anxious at the same time. This causes defecation to become a problem at home.

For those in this position saying, “My cat poops on floor when angry!” it’s time to figure out what to do next. Here are some of the most important tips for you to focus on as a cat owner with an angry cat.

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Tips to Follow If Your Cat Poops On Floor When Angry

Tip #1 – Set up a Separate Litter Box

A separate litter box is great if your cat poops on floor when angry.

The litter box is going to provide your cat with another viable option to relieve itself. This alone is good for keeping the cat’s bathroom schedule in check.

The benefits include:

  • Accessible Spot for the Cat to Relieve Itself
  • Multiple Spots Around the House
  • Keeps the Cat Happy

A lot of times, your cat is going to be angry and won’t have anywhere to go. This means it is going to simply relieve itself on the spot.

By setting up a separate litter box, you have a greater chance of the cat heading in that direction.

Cat Poops On Floor When Angry

Tip #2 – Focus on the Root Cause

The root cause is what matters the most.

If a cat poops on floor when angry, this means something is making it mad. Now, what is the reason for the cat’s anger because it won’t happen randomly.

Is the cat in a new house? Is the cat angry at another pet? Is the cat scared of specific noises outside or inside the house?

There is always a reason and you have to get to the bottom of it right away.

Find out what is triggering your cat and making it angry in the first place.

UNtil you do this, other solutions are going to be temoprary and won’t be as effective as you want.

The goal is to nip the problem at the bud and to do this, you have to figure out what is going on with the cat psychologically.

Once you find out, look to remedy the solution to keep the cat at peace. If it isn’t angry, it won’t poop on the floor!

Tip #3 – Spend Time with Your Cat

How often do you spend time with your cat?

This can include grabbing a few cat toys and playing around with your cat. It is these things that are going to provide a psychological boost to your cat and make sure it doesn’t get angry as quickly.

Of course, cats will get mad here and there, but it shouldn’t become a frequent issue.

It’s essential to spend time with your cat to better understand specific tendencies it has in different situations.

The use of cat toys or even petting your cat is a step in the right direction.

The only time you don’t want to do this is when your cat gets triggered by your presence. This means you will have to socialize with the cat and let it enjoy its time in the house.

This is especially true with a new cat that is still adjusting to the home.

Tip #4 – Clean the Litter Box Often

The litter box is going to be a detail you have to think about as a cat owner.

If the litter box isn’t clean, the cat may act out because it hasn’t relieved itself earlier in the day. You don’t want to give it a chance to do so because of your carelessness!

By taking time out of your day to clean up the litter box, you will ensure the cat does poop before it gets mad.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced Odor
  • Clean Spot for the Cat
  • Creates a Repeatable Routine

This is a simple tweak that is going to get out in front of the problem.

It may work at times, but this is only going to be useful when you are also working on the root cause of the cat’s anger.

Final Thoughts

If your cat poops on floor when angry then it’s time to take action.

You cannot expect this behavior to go away on its own because it will only get worse! The cat is going to realize this is okay and is always going to behave in this manner.

An angry cat is normal, but one that relieves itself in the living room or kitchen isn’t. You have to be careful and make sure the cat is trained to behave even when it is angry.

If a cat poops on floor when angry, look at the advice listed here and make it a top priority for your household. Over the coming months, you are going to want to reel this behavior in. Otherwise, you are always going to be cleaning up after the cat!

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