How To Overcome New Cat Owner Anxiety

New cat owner anxiety is common and it’s nothing to worry about.

Most first time owners and/or those who are getting a new pet will worry. It’s easy to assume things aren’t going to work out as planned or you are going to do something wrong leading to the cat getting hurt or feeling sad.

This is a good mindset to have because it shows you care. There is a lot worse that you can do and this isn’t even close to it!

If you have new cat owner anxiety, here are some of the signs that are going to start becoming a part of your mindset.

The signs can include:

  • Resenting the Cat
  • Getting Overwhelmed by Little Issues
  • Afraid of Not Bonding

It’s essential to take a step back if you have new cat owner anxiety and realize this is all about taking things a day at a time.

To do this the right way, here is a detailed look at what works when it comes to managing new cat owner anxiety right away.

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Tips to How to Overcome New Cat Owner Anxiety

Tip #1 – Focus on the Basics

It is the basics that are going to help with new cat owner anxiety.

You will want to set a schedule and follow it. This will provide structure and you are not going to be guessing as to what you should do next.

These can include:

  • Cat Food
  • Sleeping Area
  • Cat Toys

Just set the schedule and follow it for a few days. Make adjustments when necessary and don’t worry about making mistakes along the way.

These mistakes are only going to make you a better cat owner.

Tip #2 – Spend Time Away From the Cat

Are you taking the opportunity to spend time away from your cat?

it’s easy to assume things are going to work out but that’s hard when you can’t seem to turn off your mind for a few seconds without the cat being there.

This is why all cat owners are recommended to take time to themselves as much as possible.

Too much time with a new cat doesn’t provide peace to those who are anxious. Take time off and find other things to do during the day.

The cat is going to be fine if you are spending time in a separate room for a few hours.

Just make sure the basics are met such as food and know the cat will be fine.

It’s when you start to micro-manage that things spiral out of control. Being a cat owner doesn’t mean you are only going to be doing this throughout the day!

Tip #3 – Invest in Cat Toys

If you are someone that doesn’t want to play with the cat all the time, it’s essential to spend a bit of money on cat toys.

The choice is going to be yours when it comes to the type of cat toy you’re buying. However, the goal is to keep your cat occupied when you are doing things around the house.

Otherwise, your cat is always going to be roaming around you and it’s going to become overwhelming after a while!

Let the cat entertain itself using high-quality cat toys to enjoy some alone time.

Plus, cat toys are great for those pets that get antsy after a while because they’re bored.

There are a few options that are going to be availble to you to resolve this issue. One is going to be buying a set of cat toys, while the other is going to be investing in a brand-new cat scratching post.

Both can work well in taking the load off of your shoulders as a cat owner.

Tip #4 – Take Your Time

You will have to realize this isn’t a race.

Your new cat owner anxiety isn’t going to disappear in a matter of minutes. There is going to be a period where you are looking to adjust and that’s normal with any pet including cats.

During this adjustment period, it’s essential to take your time.

This means focusing on the little things and just creating a schedule that’s easy to manage. Work with your cat, pay attention to what it prefers, and then go from there.

Remember, you don’t need all of the answers on day one because no cat owner is going to be like that! There is always a learning curve and you are not alone in this regard.

Just take a step back, relax, and focus on the next day. Over time, you are going to get used to the cat’s presence and habits.

Final Thoughts

If you have new cat owner anxiety, it’s time to get started with the tips pointed out here.

You want to make sure to stay calm, controlled, and patient throughout this phase. Remember, most people are going to feel this way and you are not unique!

By thinking like this, you are going to end up doing a lot better than those who just wing it! It’s all about patience and knowing what works when it comes to handling your anxiety.

The best part about cats is they are independent most of the times and are going to give you the ability to relax. It’s just about taking advantage of this time to loosen up a bit!

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