Why Is Hamster Peeing In Ball? (And How To Stop It!)

Why is my hamster peeing in ball?

Hamsters will sometimes pee in a hamster ball due to added water intake, anxiety, and/or spending too much time inside without an outlet. This will vary depending on the hamster and the root cause of its eager bladder.

It’s recommended to take your time to analyze what’s going on because the root cause is going to determine the best possible solution.

The signs to look out for include:

  • Timing of the Urination
  • Water Intake Before Using the Hamster Ball
  • Distance Covered in the Hamster Ball

These signs are going to help highlight what’s going on and how to move forward with a valid solution with a hamster peeing in balls.

Hamster balls are great, but cleaning a puddle of pee from inside is hardly something you want to be doing!

This guide is going to shed light on what you should be doing with a hamster peeing in ball. This includes potential changes a hamster owner should make.

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Tips for Helping Hamster Peeing In Ball

Tip #1: Use a Pee Pad

This is the most important adjustment a hamster owner can make in a situation such as this.

In general, you are going to want to set up a pee pad inside the hamster cage. This is going to be a specific spot in the cage where the hamster will know to relieve itself.

Having something as simple as this goes a long way in keeping the hamster happy and will yield great results.

Pee pads can encourage a hamster to pee in a way that isn’t going to lead to a mess while keeping the hamster healthy.

Take the time to invest in a good pee pad such as the one listed above.

This is going to make it easier for your hamster to feel comfortable as soon as it enters the hamster ball. Plus, it is going to keep the hamster cage clean too!

Hamster Peeing In Ball

Tip #2: Wait Until the Hamster Relieves Itself

With a hamster peeing in balls all the time, you are going to want to time when they are let out.

For example, let’s assume you know the hamster tends to pee at certain times of the day. This is the best opportunity for you to make sure the hamster is only let out when it has relieved itself.

Otherwise, you are better off waiting for the hamster to pee.

Tip #3: Shorten Time in the Hamster Ball

How much time is the hamster spending in the hamster ball?

This is one of the biggest challenges a hamster can have when it comes to peeing inside a hamster ball. Let’s assume the hamster spends 30 minutes ni the hamster ball running from place to place.

When this happens, the hamster is going to feel the urge to relieve itself. It is a natural feeling that isn’t going to go away on its own.

This is when the hamster is going to simply pee where it is standing even if that is not what it wants to do!

Experts Say...
Longer durations will increase the likelihood of the hamster peeing in the ball due to the added exertion.

It’s important to note that hamsters don’t like to pee where they are standing. This isn’t going to be something that comes naturally to them!

They will want to seek a spot to pee but that’s not possible inside a hamster ball.

This is why reducing the amount of time they are spending inside goes a long way in keeping them healthy.

Hamster Peeing In Ball

Tip #4: Reduce the Water Intake

The water intake is one of the biggest issues hamster owners don’t realize is going on.

In general, there are certain hamsters that are drinking too much water during the day and this can have an obvious effect on their bladder.

If you are noticing the hamster peeing in balls as soon as it is let out, this may have to do with how much water the hamster drinks throughout the day.

Certain hamsters may see an uptick in water intake, which taxes the body leading to frequent urination in odd places.

Your best option is to place a smaller bowl inside the hamster cage.

This will ensure the hamster still gets enough to drink, but it’s more measured. You don’t want a situation where the hamster is overdoing things and then having to pee frequently.

To the surprise of many hamster owners, it is sometimes going to be a simple problem such as this.

As soon as you rectify it, the hamster is going to stop peeing in the hamster ball.

Final Thoughts

With a hamster peeing in balls, it’s essential to understand the root cause.

Some hamsters are going to need a better place to urinate inside the cage, while others are simply going to be spending too much time inside the hamster ball.

Each reason is unique and it’s up to you to determine what’s going on.

If you want to go with a more well-rounded solution to alleviate the problem, it’s recommended to focus on the tips listed in this read. With a hamster peeing in balls, you have to take action by being hyper-aware of what the hamster is doing and their schedule.

The tips in this guide are a wonderful starting point and will allow you to avoid dealing with a puddle of pee inside the hamster ball.