What To Do If I’m Scared To Let My Cat Outside?

What should I do if I’m scared to let my cat outside?

It’s a common scenario and one all cat owners think about at one stage or another. The idea of losing your cat because it didn’t know how to come back home is frightening.

Does this mean you should never let your cat go outside on its own?! No, of course not!

You should take the time to get rid of your fears by taking precautions. As long as you do things safely, the cat is going to be fine even when it is outside alone.

There are several issues cat owners cite when it comes to not wanting to let their cat outside. If you are saying, “I’m scared to let my cat outside!” then it’s time to focus on what the problems are before finding a solution.

The issues can include:

  • The Cat Goes Missing
  • The Cat Gets Hurt
  • The Cat Eats the Wrong Food

Once you get a feel for these problems, it becomes a lot easier to resolve them one by one.

This guide is going to shed light on what you should do if you’re scared to let the cat outside and want to make sure it is as safe as possible.

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Tips to Follow If I’m Scared to Let My Cat Outside

Tip #1: Use a Good Pet Tracker

If you are saying, “I’m scared to let my cat outside!” it’s time to think about using what the world of technology has to offer.

A world-class pet tracker for cats such as the Loc8tor Pet Tracker is the way to go.

This is going to be a stable, easy to set up solution that is perfect for your feline friend. You will know where the cat is at all times as it roams around throughout the neighborhood.

The benefits include:

  • Complete ID for the Cat
  • Easier to Find in Any Scenario
  • Removes Guesswork Out of the Process

The best part about a good pet tracker for cats has to do with how responsive it is. You are always going to know where the cat is and that is going to provide peace of mind.

A lot of apprehensive cat owners want to keep tabs on their cat and this pet tracker will get the job done.

You will always know where the cat is and that is going to ensure you can focus on other things while the cat gets to have a bit of fun too.

 Scared To Let My Cat Outside

Tip #2: Create a Pet ID

This is more of a conventional solution and one that has worked for ages.

The idea is to at least have some form of protection in place for the cat as it ventures outside. This means setting up a pet ID for the cat and making sure the cat wears the tag everywhere it goes (around the neck).

This will be more than enough to make sure the ID works as required and someone will know who to call if the cat is missing. Without an ID in place, the cat’s chances of coming back home are going to become slim.

This conventional method saves millions of cats each year when they’re lost.

It’s a common worry that people have when it comes to situations such as these.

You are not going to want to focus on something that’s inefficient because it won’t keep the cat safe. While the pet ID isn’t going to keep the cat out of trouble, it will make sure other humans can help bring the cat back when it is lost.

This is a good safety net to have in place if you are apprehensive about letting the cat go outside on its own.

With so many options available to you, this is one that you have to think about as a cat owner. It’s easy to put together and will offer another layer of protection.

Tip #3: Start with an Enclosed Space Outdoors

If you are shouting, “I’m scared to let my cat outside!” there is nothing wrong with starting slowly.

Why not take a small playpen or something similar and let the cat outside into the yard? This is going to allow the cat an opportunity to explore the outdoors while you still maintain control over where it goes.

This can work wonders if you have a medium-sized enclosed space that is easy to block from all ends. Remember, your cat is clever and you don’t want it finding holes to slip through during the process. When done right, this is going to be a great learning opportunity for you and the cat.

Experts Say...
Enclosed spaces get the cat used to staying near the house without getting hurt.

When you do set up the enclosed space, make sure it is equipped with everything the cat is going to need.

This includes setting up toys for the cat to have a bit of fun as it is spending time outdoors. This is the only way to make sure you are not wasting your time and getting a bored cat that doesn’t want to move!

The best training is always going to be the one that is a good mimicry of what will happen outdoors. Of course, the cat is always going to adapt, but you want to make the transition easier.

 Scared To Let My Cat Outside

Tip #4: Wait 2-3 Months with a New Cat

How long has the cat been at home?

It’s essential to make sure there is a “grace period” before the cat is allowed to leave home. This is essential because the cat has to know this is home, otherwise it is going to sprint in the opposite direction without caring for you or the home!

While some cats are going to come back even if they’re let loose on day one, others aren’t. It is simply not worth the risk!

So, what should you do then?

It’s better to wait at least 2-3 months with a new cat to make sure they are aware of the environment and its scents. It is this knowledge that’s going to come in handy when they are outdoors looking to come back to the same house.

There is a lot of work that goes into this process and you have to make sure the cat has time to figure things out.

If you rush the process, the cat will be happy to go outside, but it may not return safely.

This is why going through the process step-by-step is a must and is going to keep your cat safe heading into the future.

Final Thoughts

What should I do if I’m scared to let my cat outside?

This is the question you’re going to ask and rightly so. You want to make sure the cat is as safe as possible when you aren’t there and that’s not always easy without proper training or the right solutions in place.

While some cats easily navigate through the neighborhood and come back to you, others aren’t as clever. This means you have to do your homework to keep them safe.

The advice cited here is a great starting point if you are saying, “I’m scared to let my cat outside!”

Take the opportunity to implement all of these solutions before thinking about letting your cat outside. With these methods ready to go, your cat is going to be just as safe outdoors as it is indoors.

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