What To Do If My Dog Keeps Licking The Floor And Throwing Up?

What should I do if my dog keeps licking the floor and throwing up?

This is a legitimate worry people have and it can start to build up over time. A dog that is repeatedly licking different surfaces including hardwood flooring may end up doing quite a bit of damage to its digestive system.

The floor is dirty and it’s not something the dog should be licking repeatedly.

However, what are the reasons for this type of behavior in the first place? Why is your dog licking the floor and throwing up?

The reasons can include:

  • Claiming Territory in the House
  • Liver Failure
  • Bad Habit

It is these reasons that make it important to understand what is going on as soon as you can. Letting things simmer and continue as they are is going to lead to health issues.

For those asking, “What should I do if my dog keeps licking the floor and throwing up?” it’s time to start by following the tips listed in this article.

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Tips to Follow If My Dog Keeps Licking The Floor And Throwing Up

Tip #1 – Speak to a Vet

Before doing anything else, you will want to get the dog’s internal organs checked out as soon as possible.

If the dog is starting to throw up, this means you can’t simply use DIY treatments as a way to stop the dog. Yes, you are going to have to implement preventative measures over the long-term, but the vomiting has to be stopped with the help of a vet.

They are going to be able to take a peek at what is happening internally before coming up with a valid solution.

The benefits include:

  • Gaining Personalized Insight on What’s Going On
  • Check-Up for the Liver
  • Peace of Mind

If your dog keeps licking the floor and throwing up then it is a sign that something is wrong. It may have started impacting their digestive system.

The vet is going to be able to check whether bacteria have started attacking the dog’s internal organs. This can happen with the liver and it is a sign something is wrong.

Take action by speaking to the vet and letting them figure out what is going on. If the dog is vomiting, you are going to have to use specialized medication to alleviate the infection and/or whatever is going on inside.

Only after this can you start focusing on long-term solutions to help the dog out.

My Dog Keeps Licking The Floor And Throwing Up

Tip #2 – Use a Chew Bone

A chew bone is often noted as a good option when it comes to a dog that is licking floors around the house.

If you notice this is becoming a common habit and your dog is now throwing up, it’s time to take action. You are going to have a few options up your sleeve in a situation such as this but a chew bone is a good way to stop the issue right away.

Why do chew bones stop dogs from licking floors?

It has to do with having something to occupy them without having to lick the floor. The chew bone is going to give them something healthy to bite into.

Chew bones are a great way to get the dog’s mind off of the floor that it seems to be licking all the time.

With a dog that is bored, chew bones tend to get the job done.

Your dog is simply going to be looking for something to do and if it takes a chew bone to help out then that is what you need to invest in.

A lot of dogs deal with anxiety and that is doubly true when it comes to those who leave for long hours (i.e. school, work). In situations such as these, you will want to focus on investing in chew bones to help the dog calm down.

Tip #3 – Use Dog Treats

A good alternative is always smart in a situation such as this.

If you are asking, “What should I do if my dog keeps licking the floor and throwing up?” you are going to need an appropriate solution to nip the problem in the bud.

It’s not easy, but you will have to find ways to draw the dog’s attention away from compulsively licking the floor. This can include investing in dog toys, chew bones, and/or dog treats. The goal has to be to make sure the dog has something else to calm itself down.

The benefits include:

  • Different Way to Lick and Eat for the Dog
  • Psychological Boost
  • Draws Attention Away From the Floor

It’s important to use dog treats because dogs will enjoy them.

Plus, you can use dog treats as a way to train the dog not to lick the floor. After a while, your dog is going to begin to understand that this is not appropriate behavior and it is time to stop. If it takes dog treats to get this point across then that is what you should use.

Otherwise, your dog’s behavior is going to get worse and it is not going to be easy to stop it.

Get started with quality dog treats and watch as your dog’s behavior begins to change over time.

My Dog Keeps Licking The Floor And Throwing Up

Tip #4 – Focus on Calming the Dog

If your dog is licking the floor, it may have to do with anxiety.

A dog can become anxious to the point it starts licking things as a nervous reaction. It is something that happens subconsciously as they look to calm down on their own.

As a result, you are going to have some work to do with the dog. It’s essential to take action and pay attention to what your dog is doing and what it is going through psychologically.

A good option is to calm your dog with new activities such as – talking longer walks, going for a swim, or visiting a local dog park. These are options that are going to help your dog relax a bit and enjoy the moment.

Over time, you are going to realize a change in the dog’s behavior.

If the dog is already throwing up then you are going to have to get started right away. Otherwise, the problems are going to worsen.

Don’t assume the dog is going to stop on its own. Instead, the problem can end up heading in the wrong direction and leading to more issues that are not in line with what you expect.

Final Thoughts

What should I do if my dog keeps licking the floor and throwing up?

It is a unique question to ask but it is one many dog owners deal with. It is an issue that isn’t specific to one type of breed and can arise at different ages.

The best course of action is to not ignore what is going on. Instead, you want to take action and speak to a vet as soon as you get the opportunity to do so. The vet is going to have the equipment to check the dog’s internal organs to determine whether or not that is the problem.

With a problem such as this, you will want as much information as possible.

In a best case situation, you are going to have a dog that has a bad habit of licking floors. If that is the problem then it is time to find a good chew bone for them to lick when they aren’t eating.

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