Mixing Live And Fake Plants In Aquarium (And Which Ones To Buy!)

Accessorizing an aquarium is never a bad idea, but it needs to be done the right way. This includes learning how to start mixing live and fake plants in aquariums.

There are certain ratios a fish tank owner can apply to this process to yield good results.

If you are thinking about adding aquarium plants to a fish tank, focus on how you are going to place them before anything else. This will make it easier to invest in specific aquarium plants that will work well inside your fish tank.

Why should you focus on mixing live and fake plants in aquariums?

The reasons include:

  • Improving Water Quality
  • Adding Oxygen to the Fish Tank
  • Building a Natural Habitat for Fish

These benefits are going to make a serious difference to the water quality inside your fish tank and that’s what matters the most to your fish.

This guide is going to shed light on mixing live and fake plants in aquariums and how to do things the right way moving forward.

Best Aquarium Plants for Fish Tank (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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  • 3-FOOT BAMBOO: Realistic plant ideal for aquariums and terrariums.
  • VERSATILE: Can be anchored to aquarium bottom or float freely in water.
  • FISH HABITAT: Provides a place for fish to hide, reducing stress.

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Tips for Mixing Live and Fake Plants in Aquarium

Tip #1: Focus on Fake Plants

When it comes to mixing live and fake plants in aquariums, you are going to have to focus on the ratio of each.

This means you are going to want to go with an 60-40 split.

The goal is to have 60% fake plants and 40% live plants to find the sweet spot inside your fish tank. By doing this, you are going to add oxygen to the fish tank while making sure you don’t have to keep switching out plants regularly.

There is a balancing act when it comes to something like this and that is where people make mistakes as fish tank owners.

By going with this ratio, you are never going to have to worry about ruining the water quality inside your fish tank or having to keep an eye on whether or not the fish are happy. They are going to enjoy this setup.

The benefits include:

  • Easier to Maintain
  • Provide Good Hiding Spots for Fish
  • Look Authentic

Plus, you are going to have the opportunity to pick aquarium plants that are in line with your aesthetic vision for the aquarium.

A lot of fish tank owners want the environment to look a certain way and that is only going to happen when the ratio is perfect.

Otherwise, you are going to be a step behind and that is going to hold you back. Be smart about what you are doing and only start mixing live and fake plants in aquariums after understanding where each plant is going to go.

This will save you trouble in the long-term.

Mixing Live And Fake Plants In Aquarium

Tip #2: Vary the Sizes

Going with the same size isn’t going to get the job done.

It’s easy to assume one type of aquarium plant is good enough, but that’s unnatural in a fish’s environment.

Instead, you should be looking to mix things up and go with a variety of sizes and/or types. This is going to create a natural setting that is in line with what a fish would expect to see in the wild. Anything else is going to make them anxious.

A lot of fish tank owners get lazy and buy one type of aquarium plant!

This is harmful and is going to lead to average results when it is time to start mixing live and fake plants in aquariums.

Varying the sizes can help distribute the plants and how they effect the fish tank.

When you are adding plants, make sure they are spread out and you are mixing the sizes.

This includes getting some to be taller than the others just as they would be in the ocean. If you create uniformity, this is also going to make it harder to get the plants moving as a source of oxygen.

You have to think about these details when setting up any type of live or fake plant into an aquarium.

Tip #3: Spread the Plants Evenly

The placement of your aquarium plants is going to matter a lot.

It’s easy to buy a few aquarium plants and then place them around the fish tank. This may work well for a few days, but is going to do a serious amount of damage to the water quality after a while!

It is essential to understand how you are going to place both live and fake plants inside a fish tank well in advance.

This means you are going to spread them out evenly and make sure there are a few on each side of the fish tank.

Spreading the aquarium plants evenly whether they are fake or not will make the fish tank a better place to swim in.

A good tip is to mix and match everything that you are using.

The worst thing a person can do is take all of the live plants and put them to one side while taking the fake plants and putting them on the opposite end.

This is going to ruin the water quality and make it a horrible environent for the fish to reside in.

Be smart about your placement efforts and make sure the plants are spread evenly on both sides. This means if you have 6 plants (3 live, 3 fake), you are going to have an even amount of both sides by following a set pattern – 1 live, 1 fake, 1 live, 1 fake.

Mixing Live And Fake Plants In Aquarium

Tip #4: Buy High-Quality Aquarium Plants

When you are thinking about mixing live and fake plants in aquariums, it’s also essential to focus on what you are buying.

Even with the right ratio, you can get things wrong.

This is why it’s important to start looking for high-quality aquarium plants for your fish tank. These need to be well-designed, easy to maintain, and easy to set up. Anything other than this is going to be a headache to deal with.

Be smart about what you are buying and make sure the aquarium plants will add value to your fish tank as soon as they are setup.

You don’t want them falling over and/or getting in the way of your fish because they take up too much space!

The benefits include:

  • No Reduction in Water Quality
  • Consistent Performance in the Water
  • Don’t Decay Rapidly

When you add the wrong type of aquarium plants into the mix, they can start to ruin the water quality inside your fish tank.

This has a negative effect on the fish tank as a whole, which is the last thing you want!

Look towards going with aquarium plants that are well-reviewed and aren’t going to take a lot of effort to keep in good shape. With fake plants, you want to make sure they don’t decay after a few weeks.

Final Thoughts

Mixing live and fake plants in aquariums is easier said than done.

You are going to want to not only plan where the aquarium plants are going to go in the fish tank, but also make sure they are going to add value to the fish’s lives.

There is nothing worse than taking the time to add aquarium plants to a fish tank and then realizing your fish don’t even interact with them. This is essential and it has to play a role in what you are doing and what you are buying.

Start with the tips listed here so you end up mixing live and fake plants in aquariums properly.

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