Reasons Why My Cat Is Afraid Of Everything (And How To Help!)

Are you sitting and wondering, “What are the reasons for why my cat is afraid of everything?”

It is a frustrating situation to be in as a cat owner. You will want to play with the cat, but it’s going to come out for a bit and then rush to find a safe spot around the house.

This can lead to major issues and make you worry about the cat’s psychological well-being.

Before looking at what to do when a cat is afraid of everything, it’s essential to understand what the underlying reasons are. Each cat is going to be unique in this regard, but you can usually get a feel for what is going on based on the cat’s history and/or environment.

The reasons can include:

  • Trauma from the Past
  • Anxiety Due to Changed Environment
  • High-Traffic Area
  • Loud Noises

Pay attention to these reasons and then find the answer to your question, “What are the reasons for why my cat is afraid of everything?” It is these reasons that are going to have all of your answers.

This guide will help take a look at the best tips for helping an afraid cat and how to make sure there is an improvement in their psychological well-being over time.

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Tips On Helping an Afraid Cat

Tip #1: Use A Diffuser at Home

When the diffuser has been set up, it is going to make things ten times easier for you as a cat owner. You will be able to calmly handle the cat’s anxiety due to the pheromones that release into the air as soon as it is turned on.

Pheromones have a biological standing when it comes to assisting cats.

Cats will seek out these scents in the wild and will often be seen in a state of euphoria around them. This is something you want to focus on and make the most of as a cat owner.

The benefits include:

  • Odorless Pheromone to Calm Your Cat
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Fast Results

Being able to rely on something as scientific as this is a game-changer. You are not going to have to worry about hurting the cat and it is going to be a 24/7 change that is great for the cat’s psychological health.

If your cat is afraid of everything, this is the best place to start.

My Cat Is Afraid Of Everything

Tip #2: Set a Safe Spot Around the House

There is always going to be a safe spot around the house your cat is going to want to stay in when scared.

Sometimes, this “safe spot” isn’t going to be where you want. As a result, it’s important to recreate a new spot that is going to lure the cat in and make it want to stay there. This may seem tough with an anxious cat but it doesn’t have to be.

How are you going to go about doing this?

The idea is to focus on setting up cat toys, use cat nip, and also set up the diffuser in that part of the house.

Letting the cat roam around may expose it to harsh noises or scents that are going to make it increasingly anxious.

It is this combination that is ging to yield the best results.

You are going to notice the cat’s behavior change and it is not going to feel as afraid in this part of the house. Plus, you are not going to have a cat that is always hiding under the couch or bed!

It is a win-win and something all cat owners need to do.

It may seem tough at first, but this is a change that is going to get the job done and make it easier for your cat to open up.

My Cat Is Afraid Of Everything

Tip #3: Use Soothing Words

Soothing words are a must as you are figuring things out.

You don’t want a situation where the cat is okay walking around the house, but doesn’t want to be around you!

This happens all the time especially when a cat is slowly opening up. Yes, it is okay to let them walk around for a bit, but the goal is to make them comfortable in your presence. Otherwise, they are always going to remain afraid and hesitant.

To avoid this, you should start using soothing words.

It is about calming the cat down in your presence and making them understand you are not a threat.

Experts Say...
A relaxing tone is going to put the cat at ease around you and will let it open up a bit.

This is a common problem seen with cats that are new to a house or may have dealt with considerable trauma in the past.

This is why you have to take action and make sure to calm them using your words/tone. This is the best way to see great results.

Eventually, the cat is going to realize you are harmless and an essential part of their home. In some cases, the cat is going to start seeing you as a safety net. Continue to work on this, so you do get to the point where this is a possibility.

Final Thoughts

For those asking “What are the reasons for why my cat is afraid of everything?” it’s time to look at the main causes and then create a personalized strategy to help your beloved pet.

It is not going to be an easy journey, but you can start by using a calming diffuser to release pheromones into the air.

These pheromones are going to play a positive role and make it easier for the cat to relax when it is always in a state of panic/anxiety.

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