Why Does Budgie Have Weak Grip? (And How To Help!)

When a budgie appears to lose its grip and starts leaning to one side, it can become a concerning sight. It leaves you typing, ‘Why does budgie have weak grip?” online!

In general, a budgie may have weakened grip because of a…

  • Minor Deformity
  • Injury to the Leg (Lumps/Bleeding)
  • Anxiety/Stress

It’s important to look out for these signs, especially if there are concerns about the budgie’s health. If the problem/injury isn’t taken care of, it may become a permanent issue.

For those asking, “Why does budgie have a weak grip?” it’s time to start by assessing what to add to the birdcage and how to implement changes that will improve their grip.

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The QUMY Perch for Budgies is perfect as it provides a nice, authentic option for the budgie to sit on as it is inside the cage. This perch is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and perfectly sized for your budgie making it an easy addition all bird owners should make right away.

This easy to install bird perch is ideal for budgies that have grip-related troubles. It is a straightforward surface to grip onto and allows them to rest.

Coming in at 7.87” x 0.79″, this is a power-packed perch that has all the perks necessary to keep your budgie happy inside its cage.

Tips for Helping Budgie with Weak Grip

Change the Perch in the Birdcage

A good starting point is to change where the bird sits inside the cage.

A lot of times, bird owners don’t notice but the current setup inside the cage is more harmful than it needs to be. This can include a slippery, uneven surface that further aggravates a budgie’s injuries or deformities.

It’s essential to change the perch and go with something authentic and easy for the budgie to use. By making a change such as this, it’s possible to help the budgie get stronger and improve its grip over time.

This is a change that’s easy to do and is going to bring worthwhile advantages to the budgie’s life.

Experts Say...
In some cases, the cage setup can have an impact on the budgie’s general health and as a result its grip too.

When buying a new perch for budgies, make sure the sizing is good. This is going to go a long way in making sure the experience is a good one.

When the perch is too large, it is going to make it harder for the budgie to grip. This is when the issue can spiral out of control leading to the budgie getting hurt!

Be smart and make sure to look at the perches you are investing in. Only go with the ones that are going to work for your budgie’s size. This is a must when asking, “Why does budgie have a weak grip?” and trying to find a solution.

Why Does Budgie Have Weak Grip

Reduce the Budgie’s Anxiety

An anxious budgie is going to start displaying odd behavioral signs.

This can come out in multiple ways and doesn’t always have to do with a weak grip. In some situations, the weakened grip may just be one of many signs that pop up.

This is why it is important to pay attention to your budgie and its health. This includes their mental health too. Otherwise, you are going to have a situation on your hands where the budgie’s anxiety worsens and so do the symptoms!

When a budgie is anxious, it is going to start losing its grip strength. This has to do with its body always being in a state of tension.

An anxious budgie is going to find it difficult to do regular things such as gripping onto a surface.

The best solution, in this case, is to begin by changing where the birdcage is. Sometimes, a budgie may be anxious because of loud noises that are leaving them startled.

By changing where the birdcage is situated, you may be able to put an end to the problem.

Another change is to begin adding toys to the birdcage and/or changing their food. You want to try to get them to relax a bit and sometimes that includes spending more time with the budgie.

Visit the Vet

Going to an avian vet is one of the best decisions a bird owner can make in these situations.

Why take a chance when it is time to see what’s going on? Why not get a professional with years of experience to see what is causing the budgie problems?

The vet is going to take a detailed look at the budgie’s feet to see what the problem may include. This is essential and will ensure the right treatment is put together.

The benefits include:

  • Getting a Proper Look at the Bird’s Health
  • Receiving a Customized Treatment Plan
  • Assessment of Potential Issues in the Future

While DIY treatment options are good including the changes listed here, you should always consult with a professional when allowed to do so.

They will shed light on your budgie’s condition and what to do moving forward.

This is far better than using options that may not work out as well. When you are asking, “Why does budgie have a weak grip?” it’s best to start with the help of a vet. They will take you through the various steps involved in the diagnosis and what is bothering your budgie right now.

Why Does Budgie Have Weak Grip

Check for Blood or Lumps

Blood and/or lumps can have a devastating effect on a budgie’s quality of life.

Bird owners are highly recommended to hold their budgie and begin assessing their feet. This is going to allow you to get a better look at what is going on and what needs to be done to remedy the problem.

For example, if there are lumps under the feet, it may be causing the grip-related issue. In this case, it’s time to speak to a vet to find a viable solution.

The same goes for any type of bleeding that is taking place.

Experts Say...
Leg injuries are the number one cause for a bird losing its grip.

Injuries can happen and it is essential to act right away.

Don’t assume things are going to work out on their own. This won’t happen, which makes it important to speak to a vet and begin repairing the budgie’s foot.

Budgies will often try to heal on their own but it is not easy depending on the injury. The body won’t be able to do so and they may aggravate it further by still trying to use the feet actively.

To put a pause to this, check right away and see what’s going on.

Final Thoughts

Why does budgie have a weak grip?

It has to do with the reasons listed above. Whether this involves a recent injury, minor deformity, and/or anxiety, it’s essential to take action right away and begin implementing positive changes to the budgie’s life.

Without these changes, the budgie is going to be put in harm’s way and that is the last thing a bird requires.

The first thing all bird owners need to do is speak to an avian vet. This will allow you to skip past potential life-altering injuries a budgie may have. It’s important to note budgies are resilient animals and will try to power through these niggles even when they shouldn’t!

Speak to a vet, get a check-up done, and then begin implementing the changes listed in this guide.

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