5 Easy Tips On How To Stop Cat Zoomies

Want to learn how to stop cat zoomies?

Cat zoomies are common as cats have pent-up energy that needs to be spent somewhere. As a result, you will see your cat running around frantically from one end of the house to the other. It can be a startling sight!

How do you go about stopping a cat from doing this? Are the cat zoomies a permanent issue?

They don’t have to be!

It’s important to focus on this pent-up energy and making sure it is alleviated to the best of your ability. If you do this properly, the cat isn’t going to have enough energy to waste running around aimlessly.

This guide is going to highlight how to stop cat zoomies using five easy tips anyone can implement in a matter of days.

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Tips On How To Stop Cat Zoomies

Tip #1: Use A Cat Scratching Post

The most promising solution a cat owner can invest in would be a scratching post.

These unique, easy to install solutions will work wonders. Your cat is going to find a new outlet to waste its energy on and that’s essential when it comes to preventing zoomies. Otherwise, your cat isn’t going to have any other option at its disposal other than rushing around the house.

By setting up a cat scratching post to stop zoomies, you are going to have a much easier time getting the cat to stay active and occupied.

The benefits include:

  • Continuous Exercise without Supervision
  • Enjoyable for the Cat
  • Easy to Set Up

The best part about a cat scratching post is, you don’t have to be there to supervise. The cat can walk up to the scratching post and use it as necessary.

This is a game-changer for those who want to do things the right way.

As you learn how to stop cat zoomies, this is an investment you should be thinking about.

How To Stop Cat Zoomies

Tip #2: Cat-Proof the House

As you figure out how to stop cat zoomies, it is also your responsibility to cat-proof the house.

In the beginning, you are not going to have a good time with the cat. It is going to be zooming around from one room to the next, especially when zoomies are an issue. This means you have to think about protecting the cat from itself.

How are you going to go about doing this?

The best option is to cat-proof the house or at least the room where your cat is going to spend the most time during the day.

This can be something as simple as getting rid of sharp objects, fragile items, and anything the cat could get into leading to injury.

Preventative measures are good but cat-proofing your house is a good safety net in case the zoomies continue.

Each house is going to be different and it is important to make sure it has been cat-proofed to the best of your ability.

A lot of people don’t do this and that is what makes it hard to stop cat zoomies.

Be smart and make sure you are on top of things right away. This is key as you learn how to stop cat zoomies the right way. This includes continually training the cat and paying attention to its behavioral patterns.

Until then cat-proofing your house is the way to go.

Tip #3: Plan an Activity Session in the Morning

This is the best option when it comes to burning energy.

A cat that is going to be zooming around will often do it when they have rested for a bit. A good example of this can be early in the morning when the cat’s energy levels are at 100%.

This is when you have to find a way to get the cat to exercise productively rather than zooming around unnecessarily.

A lot of cats will run around during this period and that is when you want to target potential activities for the cat.

Experts Say...
Cats are most eager after a long snooze making it the perfect time to burn energy.

Sometimes, all it takes is 30 minutes to get the cat to use up its energy.

This is going to be a good way to make sure the cat doesn’t start rushing around and wreaking havoc inside your house early in the morning. If you ignore the cat, it is eventually going to start making a mess.

This is why it is best to act right away.

How To Stop Cat Zoomies

Tip #4: Don’t Overfeed Your Cat

This is a common mistake and it is one you are going to have to avoid at all costs.

A lot of cat owners start overfeeding their pet and assume this is great for them. Sure, your cat is getting enough calories and nutrients throughout the day, but this is also going to make them want to move around.

It is rare for a cat to simply sit around after eating a large meal. It is eventually going to start using up energy.

This is a natural reaction the cat is going to have.

As a result, you have to tamper things as much as possible by regulating portions. Don’t overfeed your cat and make things ten times harder to deal with when it comes to zoomies.

Your best hope is to start regulating how much the cat is eating daily. If necessary, it is highly recommended to take the opportunity to sit down with your vet and see what works best from a dietary perspective.

The vet is going to be more than happy to cater the diet plan to make sure your cat is getting jsut enough to eat.

Tip #5: Increase Their Daily Exercise

Exercise is something a cat owner has to think about as much as they can.

If the cat isn’t getting enough time to exercise during the day (independently or with you), it is going to end up having a lot of pent-up energy. This is when things spiral out of control and you have to figure out how to stop cat zoomies!

To make sure this doesn’t become a pronounced problem, you should focus on preventing cat zoomies with the help of exercise.

The benefits include:

  • Reduces Leftover Energy
  • Makes the Cat Want to Rest
  • Allows the Cat an Opportunity to Relax

What type of exercise is good for an energetic cat?

You are going to have a few options available to you, but most will want to think about laser toys, mice toys, and other similar variations. It is up to you to figure out what is most effective with your cat.

Play around with different options and go with the one that is going to keep your cat engaged the longest as it moves around.

If you do this for 30-60 minutes per day, the cat isn’t going to have enough energy for zoomies.

Final Thoughts

As you learn how to stop cat zoomies, it is these tips that wlil go a long way.

Don’t assume things are going to be straightforward. It is a common mistake people make when they assume everything is going to work out on its own and the cat will eventually run out of energy.

Yes, the cat will run out of energy for the day, but this is going to become a habit after a while! You have to nip the problem in the bud by working on a long-term strategy.

The tips on how to stop cat zoomies in this guide are the way to go. They will make it ten times easier for you to control how the cat is behaving whether it is early in the morning or late at night.

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