How To Stop Hamster From Climbing Cage (And What Works Best!)

Hamsters can start to behave oddly depending on how they feel. It can leave you wanting to find out how to stop hamster from climbing cages.

Is it common for your hamster to start biting the cage or climbing its sides?

If so, you may want to think about potential solutions to alleviate this type of behavior. Letting it continue may agitate the hamster and reduce its quality of life. You have to be focused on implementing a solution that will help.

Hamsters will often try to:

  • Bite the Cage
  • Climb the Bars
  • Dig into a Corner of the Cage

This article will take a look at how to stop hamster from climbing cages, which solution works the best to stop a hamster from climbing, and why it’s important to implement these measures right away.

Best Hamster Ball for Hamsters (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Kaytee Hamster Ball is great an outstanding solution when learning how to stop hamster from climbing cages. It’s versatile, easy to set up, and is going to be a breath of fresh air for your pet hamster at home.

This is a great option to let the hamster spend time away from the cage and explore the rest of your room.

This hamster ball is wonderful because it offers a durable build, 13-inch diameter, and a smooth rolling design that is perfect for different surfaces. Feel confident letting the hamster roam around the home without having to worry!

Tips On How To Stop Hamster From Climbing Cage

Tip #1: Use a Hamster Ball

This is the simplest tip and one you need to think about when it comes to easing the hamster’s fears while making them happy.

The idea is simple enough.

You are going to use the hamster ball as a controlled way to let the hamster out. In the end, this is going to help with the hamster’s curiosity and will also make it less anxious. When the hamster knows it has a way out, it is less likely to climb the cage.

This is key as you learn how to stop hamster from climbing cages.

Hamster balls are renowned for providing psychological benefits in hamsters as they explore around the house.

With this type of situation, you want to use a high-grade hamster ball.

Make sure it is well-made and is going to keep things as safe as possible while allowing the hamster an opportunity to see what’s available outside the cage.

When the hamster has these answers, it is going to stop climbing the cage. This is key when it is time to figure out how to stop hamster from climbing cages all the time!

Make this adjustment and watch as the behavior will get better right away. It is going to be one of the biggest changes you make in terms of impact.

How To Stop Hamster From Climbing Cage

Tip #2: Use a Wire-Based Hamster Cage

This is a unique hamster cage that can be set up without too much trouble.

If you are worried about the hamster digging through the corner of the cage or climbing too much, it’s time to change the hamster cage. This is a change anyone can make and it will bring good results.

A cage such as the Prevue Hamster Cage is a nice starting point.

Tip #3: Set Up a Hamster Wheel

Hamster wheels are a great way to burn the hamster’s energy throughout the day. This is going to be great for their mental well-being and general health.

Otherwise, the hamster is going to start doing odd things such as climbing cages.

As you learn how to stop hamster from climbing cages, it comes down to making adjustments to what is available inside the cage. This can be something as simple as the hamster wheel.

Experts Say...
A good hamster wheel will yield amazing results when it comes to keeping the hamster active.

Find a good hamster wheel that is going to be easy to set up and will allow the hamster to have fun throughout the day.

In a lot of cases, this is more than enough to do a good job and make it easier on you over the long haul.

How To Stop Hamster From Climbing Cage

Tip #4: Change the Cage’s Location

A cage’s location is one of those things people don’t think about as much as they should. When you are trying to learn how to stop hamster from climbing cages, it’s important to think about the cage itself.

Perhaps, it is sitting in a high-traffic area at home? This may be startling the hamster whenever someone walks by.

It can also be something as simple as being in the sunlight for too long. This can lead to uncomfortable temperatures inside the cage.

Hamsters may not feel comfortable in certain parts of the house making it important to change where the cage is.

You should look to make the swap as soon as possible.

Look for different parts of the house that are going to work well in reducing stress on the hamster over the long-term.

Tip #5: Change the Hamster Bedding

It’s important to understand the value of changing everything inside the hamster’s cage.

A common mistake hamster owners make is to assume the bedding is comfortable and secure. If the hamster is trying to climb out of the cage, this means something is wrong. It can even be a simple issue such as whether or not they like the bedding.

As a result, you should look to make changes as possible.

Adding different items to the hamster’s cage can be a neat way to create positive change. Is it guaranteed to work? No, but it is a great starting point that will allow you to do further research on what is bothering the hamster.

Plus, changing the hamster’s bedding is a good thing to do regardless!

Final Thoughts

These are the tips on how to stop hamster from climbing cages.

Whether it is using a quality hamster ball, setting up a hamster wheel, or trying to change where the hamster cage is located, this is the best way to yield results.

The hamster is going to feel comfortable when it comes to staying inside the cage. This is essential when it comes to easing the hamster’s discomfort. If you implement these tips, it is going to become a lot easier to manage the hamster’s behavioral patterns.

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