Why Is Dog Afraid To Go Outside At Night? (And How To Help!)

Why is your dog afraid to go outside at night? Is this something that has become a recurring theme with no end in sight?

A lot of younger dogs will behave in this manner, but it’s also common in dogs that are dealing with stress associated with past memories. This can include something that happened during the dark such as being attacked by another animal.

Dogs will go through various things during their lives, so it’s important to figure out what’s going on by slowly working with them.

A good starting point is to look for signs of fear.

Common signs of fear can include:

  • Refusing to go Outside
  • Shivering/Shaking
  • Whining
  • Running in the Opposite Direction

By knowing these signs of fear, it becomes obvious with a dog afraid to go outside at night. Look to focus in on these fears and begin working on reducing them.

This article will share why is your dog afraid to go outside at night and how to make sure this doesn’t become a long-term concern.

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Why is Dog Afraid to Go Outside at Night?

Dogs are afraid to go outside at night due to the lack of vision, odd noises, and the general unknown of what might be lurking around at night. In some cases, dogs may also have stress associated with past memories which took place during the night.

It’s essential to understand how a dog reacts when they are taken outside at night.

Some dogs are going to whimper, while others are going to start acting aggressively in fear. This is a sign there is something wrong and it has to do with the nighttime.

The best course of action is to begin implementing changes to the dog’s routine. This is going to ensure they ease into the idea of walking outside at night with you by their side. After a while, they are going to find peace with the idea and won’t panic.

Is this going to happen right away?

In most cases, this takes quite a bit of time to manage. The dog is going to be apprehensive and there will always be new sights, scents, and sounds lurking around during the night. These are unavoidable.

So, you have to stay patient and follow the tips listed in this article.

Tips to Use If Dog Afraid To Go Outside at Night

Tip #1 – Use a Bright LED Dog Collar

Dogs that are afraid of the night won’t like the idea of pitch black darkness. This can cause them to panic, whine, and stress out aggressively.

To avoid a reaction such as this, you have to find a consistent source of light that isn’t something as simple as your smartphone’s light! Instead, you want to use a state-of-the-art LED dog collar that will shine brightly around your dog’s neck.

This is a straightforward solution that is going to provide a nice light bubble around the dog’s head. As a result, the dog will be able to see around as it walks in the dark.

To the surprise of many people, sometimes this is more than enough for those who want to take their dogs out at night. If you are wondering, “Why is my dog afraid to go outside at night?” it may come down to a solution such as this.

The benefits include:

  • Ball of Light Around Them
  • Sense of Comfort
  • Creates Stability for the Dog

When you are using a quality dog collar at night, it’s best to focus on something that is easy to put on and won’t irritate the dog’s fur.

They may not want to put on the LED dog collar and that is the last thing you want during training sessions. Instead, look for something that is sleek and will continue to remain in place even as the dog runs around in the dark.

It’s importnat to note, dog collars are great during the night because they also keep the dog safe from others including drivers.

Putting on the right one is going to make a serious difference and keep them safe at the same time.

Dog Afraid To Go Outside At Night

Tip #2 – Start with Short Sessions Together

For those wondering, “Why is my dog afraid to go outside at night?” it might be time to break things down a bit.

Yes, you will want to invest in an LED dog collar as soon as you can, but it’s also important to understand your value during this process. Look towards creating a schedule that is easier for the dog to handle.

For example, why not go out for short 5-10 minute bursts during the first month?

You will want to get the dog used to the idea of going outside during these hours. Of course, the transition is not going to be easy and that is okay. You have to continue to work on it until the dog learns to appreciate the darkness and gets used to it.

There is an adjustment period for the dog to get used to the night and it will require shorter sessions in the beginning to calm them down.

If necessary, you should also look to take the same route when you are walking during the dark.

If your dog has accepted the idea of walking outside beside you, this is already a step in the right direction. It is now time to take them down the same route and potentially increase it by a few steps each day.

The dog won’t notice, but it is going to get them used to the idea.

Dog Afraid To Go Outside At Night

Tip #3 – Begin at Dusk

A dog afraid to go outside at night needs to be trained the right way.

This means you are going to have to focus on when the dog is taken outside. This includes choosing hours when the sun is setting during the 24-hour cycle. These are the best hours to train a dog afraid to go outside at night.

Why is that the case?

It has a lot to do with getting the dog used to fading natural light that transitions into complete darkness.

The benefits include:

  • Natural Light is Available
  • Smoother Transition
  • Reduces the Dog’s Fear

Remember, the average dog is only going to be afraid of the dark. They are not going to mind going outside as long as there is a bit of light.

If you keep them outdoors during this transition period, they are going to find it a lot easier to get used to the idea.

This means you are going to have a few hours depending on where you reside. Look to make the most of these hours and keep taking the dog outside during this part of the day.

With a dog afraid to go outside at night, this is an essential step that has to be adhered to at all times.

Final Thoughts

Why is your dog afraid to go outside at night?

It comes down to being scared of certain sounds or sights that aren’t as clear during the night. In some cases, a dog may even be dealing with stress associated with past events.

Regardless, this is not something to take lightly and it’s best to work on it using a quality LED dog collar. This is going to provide a quality and consistent source of light the dog can use to its advantage throughout the walk.

After a while, the dog isn’t going to be afraid of the night and will be okay to walk alone if required.

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