Why My Hamster Fell And Froze? (And What To Do About It!)

If your hamster fell and froze, it can be a disconcerting feeling.

Hamsters often fall and freeze when they are displaying signs of anxiety or fear. This is their defence mechanism and one that is often used in the wild. In rare cases, a hamster may do this as a way to listen carefully, especially if it’s only for a few seconds.

It’s recommended to pay attention if your hamster fell and froze. This is not something to take lightly and assume will go away on its own!

When this happens, you are going to notice specific behavioral patterns.

The behavior can include:

  • Freezing in One Spot
  • Scrunching into a Smaller Posture
  • Shivering

This guide is going to take a look at what happened if your hamster fell and froze and how to make sure this problem is eliminated as soon as possible.

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Tips On What To Do If Your Hamster Fell and Froze

Tip #1: Buy New Hamster Toys

If your hamster fell and froze, it’s time to look at what is going on.

In general, a hamster is going to be fearful of you or something inside the cage. This can even be something as simple as moving from one room to another!

As a result, you have to ease the hamster’s nerves as soon as possible. This can be done in a number of ways, but the most effective is to invest in quality hamster toys.

Hamster chew toys do a wonderful job of easing the pet’s nerves and will make them less likely to behave in this manner..

Hamster toys are wonderful because they get the hamster’s attention away from what is scaring them.

You have to use this trick as a way to ease their nerves and ensure they are not frozen in place for hours while shivering!

It is a challenging issue for any hamster owner to deal with, but it is common. Hamsters are going to freeze in place when they are scared, so preparing the cage with toys is a good starting point. You can even set up a small hiding place for them to run into.

Hamster Fell And Froze

Tip #2: Handle Your Hamster for 30 Minutes Per Day

You will have to increase the amount of time spent with the hamster.

For example, are you taking the time to spend at least 20-30 minutes per day holding the hamster in your hands and/or playing with it? A lot of hamster owners don’t do this and then they wonder why the hamster fell and froze!

Of course, it is going to freeze when they aren’t used to your presence and are still afraid of you being around them.

A good starting point is to place your hand inside the cage and do nothing for 5-10 minutes. This is a good way to get the hamster used to your scent without threatening them. If you try to pick up a hamster right away, they may fall and freeze again!

The benefits include:

  • Reduced Anxiety in the Hamster
  • More Snuggling and Bonding
  • Reduction in Falling and Freezing

Over time, you are going to have to start working towards 30 minutes with the hamster. This is going to help ease their nerves and make them used to your presence.

In a lot of cases, the hamster will start cuddling with you and want to be around you.

Please note, hamsters will easily snap out of this routine, if you break the schedule for 2-3 weeks. Remain consistent, so your hamster doesn’t get afraid all over again.

Tip #3: Use Chew Treats

Just like using hamster toys after a hamster fell and froze, you should also think about using quality chew treats.

Hamsters love chew treats and you can get them to ease up with these munchies. If you find the right hamster treats to reduce anxiety, the changes will be amazing. It is going to seem like the hamster has made a massive improvement overnight.

A lot of hamster owners don’t take advantage of this method and should always keep it in the back of their mind.

Experts Say...
Hamsters love chew treats and this can help calm them down whenever anxiety becomes an issue.

When you are taking the time to implement chew treats into the hamster’s life, it’s recommended to do so slowly. You will want to see how the hamster responds and whether or not they like the treats you’re giving to them.

Over time, you will be able to make adjustments on the fly.

If necessary, you should always give chew treats when you are bonding with the hamster, This is going to make them happy and build a positive association between your presence and the chew treats.

This will allow them to relate with your presence and yearn for it over time. When this happens, the hamster is going to stop feeling as scared as it used to in the past.

Hamster Fell And Froze

Tip #4: Keep the Cage Away From High-Traffic Areas

Where is the cage located right now?

A common mistake made by hamster owners is to set up the cage in the middle of the hallway where everyone is going to be talking, walking, and making a lot of noise. This is normal in most households, especially with other pets and/or kids.

As a result, you have to do your due diligence and set up the hamster’s cage in a quieter part of the house such as your bedroom.

If your hamster fell and froze, it may have to do with where the cage is right now.

High-traffic areas in a house are known to overstimulate hamsters leading to significant issues involving fear and/or anxiety.

Your goal should be to move it as soon as possible.

Take a look at where you don’t spend as much time during the day, but can still access whenever you want to. There are always a few places at home that are going to match your requiremenets to a tee.

It’s recommended to think about this and make sure you are on top of what you are doing.

If the hamster continues to behave the same way, you will have to adjust the location again. Continue to play around with the settings to see what works best.

Tip #5: Maintain a Strict Schedule

A strict schedule is never a bad idea when it comes to your hamster’s health.

Their psychological state is going to be in a constant battle between anxiety and normalcy. This means you have to find a way to make sure they are not always hesitant around you or confused as to what is going on.

This is when the hamster starts misbehaving (i.e. biting the cage) or simply not eating well. If your hamster fell and froze recently, it’s time to set a proper schedule.

The benefits include:

  • Stabilizing the Hamster’s Routine
  • Getting Them Used to You
  • Reducing the Likelihood of Anxiety

The schedule is going to ensure the hamster isn’t surprised by anything that is happening throughout the day.

Whether this means giving them a certain type of food during the day, playing with them, or anything else, it all has to happen in an organized manner. This is how you are going to win them over and make it easier to get rid of that hidden fear.

Is it going to happen overnight?

No, you are going to have to work at it if your hamster fell and froze. This means the fear is deep within them and it is going to take time to ease up.

Final Thoughts

If your hamster fell and froze, it’s essential to implement the tips in this guide.

You want to start with the best hamster chew toys on the market to help reduce your hamster’s anxiety. These toys are going to keep them occupied and ensure they get used to moving around in the cage.

It’s also a good idea to look towards including hamster treats in their diet as a way to ease their nerves.

If a hamster starts enjoying its time in the cage and house, they are more likely to fall in love with the owner and not become fearful.

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