Why Are Kittens Still Nursing At 12 Weeks?

Are your kittens still nursing at 12 weeks?

Cat owners often expect the nursing stage to last for a little while. However, in some caes, it will prolong into the 3+ months stage without any signs of relenting.

When this happens, it’s important to figure out why the kittens are still nursing after 3 months.

A lot of cat owners worry about this, but sometimes it comes down to the kittens getting used to the process and not having an alternative. With kittens still nursing at 12 weeks, it’s important to figure out what’s going on right away.

Here are some of the most important things to focus on when it comes to kittens still nursing at 12 weeks. You will learn about the best milk replacement for kittens, how to stop your kittens from nursing after 3 months, and why it’s important to make the switch.

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Why are Kittens Still Nursing at 12 Weeks?

Kittens may still nurse at 12 weeks of age because they are used to the mother’s milk, don’t have an alternative, and/or may be using it as a source of comfort.

Most kittens will start growing sharp teeth by this age making mother cats uncomfortable. As a result, the mother may start pushing the kittens away causing addition stress.

To avoid this, it’s important to look for an adequate milk replacement to make the transition as easy as possible before the kittens start eating food.

The benefits include:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Diet
  • Good Amount of Nutrients
  • Easy to Digest

Don’t assume the change is going to be easy.

It will take a bit of time, but with the right milk replacement for kittens, the results will eventually come. It’s all about showing patience and making sure you are using a safe alternative.

With kittens still nursing at 12 weeks, you have to be deliberate with your changes. Don’t let things continue for too long as it can lead to a stressful situation for the mother.

Be smart, focus on using a quality milk alternative for kittens, and then set up a schedule as soon as you can. This is a must when it comes to keeping the kittens healthy.

Tips On How to Stop Kittens Still Nursing at 12 Weeks

Tip #1: Use a Milk Replacement Solution

There are several changes a cat owner can make including using well-reviewed milk replacement for kittens.

The milk replacement is going to be filled with nutrients, easy to digest, and will offer the right amount of value to keep the kittens happy. While this is only going to be using for a short period, it is something that’s necessary to break their habit.

A lot of cat owners hope things work out on their own when that rarely happens!

You have to understand the advantages of using milk replacement for kittens because they work well and will offer real value.

These benefits include:

  • Full of Nutrients
  • Easy to Digest for Kittens
  • Ideal Replacement Option

Over time, your kittens will adjust to the milk replacement and head straight to the shallow dish. This is when you know the transition has begun.

Will it happen overnight?

In some cases, yes it will and the transition is going to be easy when the kittens have an alternative put in front of them. However, in other situations, you may have to keep an eye on the kittens and ensure they are walking to the shallow dish.

Do this a few times and they will get the hang of things.

Kittens Still Nursing At 12 Weeks

Tip #2: Use a Shallow Dish

It’s one thing to start using a milk replacement for kittens and another to use it properly.

The goal is to look for a “win-win” situation when it comes to something like this. Essentially, you are going to be using a shallow dish, so the kittens can easily access the milk replacement.

This will ensure they immediately walk towards the shallow dish when they’re hungry. Anything other than this is going to have them rushing back to mom in a matter of minutes!

Only offer a small amount of milk replacement to make sure the kitten isn’t overconsuming milk.

It’s essential to think about what will make it easier for the kitten to drink milk. This is why a shallow dish works well.

Over time, the kitten is going to enjoy walking over to the shallow dish and will learn how to use it properly. This is when the transition is going to be complete and eventually you’ll be able to introduce proper food.

It’s going to take time with kittens still nursing at 12 weeks, but the right approach is going to get the job done.

Tip #3: Focus on the Kittens’ Natural Feeding Schedule

What is the kittens’ feeding schedule like right now?

This is imperative when it comes to figuring out what to do next. A lot of cat owners don’t know how to approach this type of change because they don’t know when the kittens feed.

Take the time to sit down and pay attention to the kittens. When are they feeding from mom and how often are they doing it?

This is key information, so you can have the shallow dish of milk prepared for them in a timely manner. If the dish isn’t full, they are going to revert back to what they were doing before!

Experts Say...
It’s important to maintain the same feeding schedule when using any type of milk replacement solution for kittens.

Remember, the average kitten is going to have a large appetite and will continue to feed whenever given the opportunity to do so.

This means you have to be alert and make sure to fill the shallow dish with milk.

This is the only way you are going to ensure the transition goes ahead as planned. Otherwise, you are going to be stuck in a vicious cycle with no end in sight!

It is your responsibility to make sure things are done the right way.

Kittens Still Nursing At 12 Weeks

Tip #4: Start Distancing the Kittens from Mom

This may seem tough at first, but it is an essential step during the process.

In essence, you are going to be looking to create more of a distance between the kittens and the mother. This can even be in the same room but a different playpen.

The idea behind doing this is to make sure the kittens are prepared for life without mom. They need to understand there are other food sources around them such as the milk you are going to be putting out in a dish.

A change like this is going to bring along with it a number of advantages.

The benefits include:

  • Makes the Transition Phase Easier
  • Gets the Kittens Used to the Replacement
  • Quickens the Process

Be smart about what you are doing and stay as patient as possible.

This is when you are going to see a tangible change in what you are doing and the approach you are taking over the long haul.

When the kittens remain away form the mother, they are going to relent and go towards the shallow dish of milk. It’s a natural reaction when they are hungry.

With kittens still nursing at 12 weeks, you have to take this approach with them to see good results. Don’t be afraid of doing this because it’s going to work like a charm!

Tip #5: Set up a Schedule

With kittens still nursing at 12 weeks, it’s important to set up a schedule and then adhere to it.

The beauty of having kittens is knowing they will be quick to learn. This means when you set a schedule, they are going to start to adapt rapidly.

The goal is to make sure you know when they naturally feed and then set up the shallow dish of milk at that time. This is going to allow them to transition easily and they will enjoy drinking from the shallow dish.

Never try to wing it because this will throw everything out of order. In fact, some kittens will start going back and forth between their mom and the dish! This is the last thing you want.

The benefits include:

  • Streamlines the Feeding Process
  • Keeps Things Simple and Healthy
  • Psychological Boost for Your Kittens

By having a schedule, you are going to create the type of change necessary to keep your kittens happy and healthy.

Of course, the schedule isn’t going to be perfect from day one and that’s okay.

The focus has to be to continually work away at transitioning the kittens. This is how you are going to know there is a positive change in how they are behaving and how much milk they are consuming during the day.

Final Thoughts

With kittens still nursing at 12 weeks, it’s important to focus on what works and what doesn’t.

You want to start with a high-quality milk replacement for kittens and start using it right away. This will help transition the kittens away from their mom towards drinking from a shallow dish.

This transition is great because it will get them used to being away from the mother. Plus, they are also going to learn how to eat/drink from a bowl.

This is ideal since you are eventually going to be feeding them from a food bowl.

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