Why Kitten Poop Smells Like Death? (And How To Fix It!)

Want to know why kitten poop smells like death?

It is one of those unfortunate realities all cat owners have to deal with. In some cases, the poop starts letting off a repulsive odor that will make you gag from time to time.

So, what do you do when that happens? Do you assume that’s how it’s going to be at home from now on?

No, it’s time to take action and start focusing on reducing the odor and improving your cat’s dietary intake moving forward. This is the only way to make sure the poop doesn’t start to become a major point of concern at home!

There are several reasons why kitten poop smells like death.

The reasons include:

  • Bad Dietary Choices
  • Gut Health Concerns
  • No Cat Litter Deodorizer

This detailed guide is going to illustrate why kitten poop smells like death, how to get rid of kitten poop odor, and why it’s important to take action right away.

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Why Kitten Poop Smells Like Death?

Kitten poop smells like death because of poor dietary intake, a reduction in water consumption, and/or inefficient cat litter management at home. When the kitten’s poop is allowed to sit for too long, it is going to start smelling worse as time goes on. It’s recommended to get rid of the waste immediately for this reason.

Kitten poop will always have a horrendous odor to it, but the goal remains to focus on implementing good short and long-term changes.

The benefits for fixing bad kitten poop odors:

  • Keeps the House Smelling Clean
  • Better Environment for the Kitten
  • Improves Potty Training

Take the time to analyze why your kitten’s poop smells bad and what can be done about it at home. Sometimes, all it takes is subtle changes to get the job done.

Tips For Managing Kitten Poop That Smells Like Death

Tip #1: Use a Cat Litter Deodorizer

It’s best to start with a quality cat litter deodorizer to help minimize the smell.

Cat litter deodorizer is specifically formulated to handle this problem. This means getting in a good option for your cat litter will go a long way in helping eliminate the lingering odor.

Make sure to invest in the right one and you will start to see a change in how the house smells immediately.

The benefits of a cat litter deodorizer include:

  • Targets the Source of the Bad Smell
  • Helps Stop Spreading of the Odor
  • Makes the Odor Manageable

This is a simple investment most cat owners end up making at one point or another. It is a straightforward solution that is going to allow the kitten to poo freely without leaving a horrendous odor behind for you to deal with.

Prepare the cat litter in advance and make sure it is ready for the poo.

You also want to figure out a detailed waste management schedule. This means you have to dispose of the kitten’s poop quickly rather than letting it sit around for too long. This will lead to better results as time goes on.

Kitten Poop Smells Like Death

Tip #2: Change the Kitten’s Diet

What is the kitten eating throughout the day?

Kittens will have a new diet in the beginning of their lives and it is going to be shaped based on what you prefer.

However, you have to figure out what is causing the kitten’s poop to smell bad? In general, it can come down to what the cat is eating because certain foods do have a bad smell after going through the digestive system.

Your top priority should be to reduce the amount of meat in your cat’s diet and focus on adding a bit of variety to what they are eating.

Kittens with restricted diets can end up dealing with these issues making it important to seek or implement change immediately.

This doesn’t mean eliminating meat entirely!

However, you want to start looking at fish as a good replacement. This tends to do better when it comes to the digestive system and will yield better results when it is time to poop.

When it is time to understand why kitten poop smells bad, you have to start here. This is one of the most important long-term changes a cat owner can make.

Look for good-quality cat foods that are low in sulphur and aren’t going to expose the cat’s digestive system to the wrong ingredients.

Tip #3: Increase Water Intake

How much water is your kitten drinking throughout the day?

It’s easy to assume your kitten is getting enough water, but that may not be the case! In some situations, a cat may not get enough at all and that has to do with not having access to fresh water.

As a result, you want to make sure the water bowl is always full of fresh water. This is a must.

Remember, your kitten is going to be moving around throughout the day and this will cause it to get dehydrated. By giving them a fresh source of water, you will start to see an improvement in their metabolic rate and how the poop smells.

Experts Say...
Kittens need a considerable amount of water to stay healthy and it’s important to keep the water bowl full and fresh throughout the day.

When a cat is dehydrated, their poop is going to smell worse.

This has to do with the impact the body’s acids have on the waste. As it goes through the digestive system, the water is going to make sure it doesn’t smell as bad as it possibly could.

This is a simple adjustment any cat owner can make with a young kitten. As you learn why kitten poop smells bad, this has to be right at the top of your list of changes to make because it’s easy to do.

Kitten Poop Smells Like Death

Tip #4: Set Up an Air Freshener in the Room

This is a good long-term solution that is going to have multiple advantages.

It’s not just about setting up an air freshener to reduce cat smells, but also to clear up the air in your house as a whole.

Don’t you want to walk around inside a home that has fresh air? This isn’t going to happen with pets unless you are investing in a good-quality air freshener. A lot of people don’t do this and that is what causes the poop smell to linger at home.

You also have to deal with things such as cat dander.

As a result, it is importnat to learn why kitten poop smells like death and the advantages of a good air freshener.

The benefits include:

  • Improves Air Quality for Pets and Humans
  • Reduces Irritants in the Air
  • Makes the Smell More Bearable and Manageable

Focus on these benefits as you set up a new air freshener. Over time, the air is going to end up smelling better and the air quality will improve too.

This is imperative when it comes to your long-term health.

The benefit of doing this has to do with natural cat smells that will become noticeable at home after a while. These smells go beyond cat poop.

Just the idea of having a pet at home makes this type of solution essential.

Tip #5: Place the Cat Litter in a Low-Traffic Area

When it comes to dealing with cat litter, there is nothing worse than having it in a high-traffic area everything visits during the area.

A good example of this would be in the family room, living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen. You don’t want it in these areas because that is not going to help with the odor.

As you figure out why kitten poop smells like death, it’s best to keep this in mind. You want to set it up in a low-traffic area such as a den or a laundry room.

The benefits include:

  • Reduced Likelihood of Odor Spreading
  • Minimizes Impact of the Poop Smell
  • Low-Cost Temporary Solution

Too many new cat owners will try to put it in a more convenient space and that may not lead to good results due to the smell.

You should also think about the kitten during this process.

The cat litter has to be in a low-traffic area, but it should feel safe to the cat. Otherwise, the cat isn’t going to enjoy relieving itself there and may start pooping all over the house!

There is a fine line between what works and what doesn’t. You have to test different areas and make sure it is a comfortable spot both for the kitten and yourself.

Final Thoughts

This is why kitten poop smells like death.

You will have to start making short and long-term changes as soon as you can. It’s the only way to make sure your house doesn’t stink up and become impossible to live in!

By using a good cat litter deodorizer, setting up an air freshener, and relocating the cat litter, you will have fewer issues with a kitten’s pooping schedule. It is not going to start lingering in the air causing you to become nauseous.

As you figure out why kitten poop smells like death, it’s best to implement positive dietary changes and increase the cat’s water intake. These are good long-term changes that are going to yield amazing results and keep the cat safe.

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