What Do Goldfish Like To Play With?

What do goldfish like to play with? It’s an interesting question because most people assume fish don’t like to “play” like a dog or cat would.

This is incorrect!

Goldfish want to be entertained to and it’s important to prepare their fish tank for this purpose. If not, you are going to have an unhappy, bored goldfish that doesn’t like where it is.

Signs of a bored goldfish include:

  • Reduced Swimming in the Fish Tank
  • Staying Near the Top of the Fish Tank
  • Reduced Eating

This guide is going to take the time to answer your question, “What do goldfish like to play with?” while shedding light on how to improve a fish tank to entertain your goldfish.

Best Aquatic Plant For Goldfish To Play With (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Marina Ecoscaper is a perfect option for your fish tank and is going to be a great toy for your goldfish to play with during the day.

Measuring at 8″, this is a quality aquatic plant that will decorate the fish tank and look great from all angles.

Purchase 1-3 of these plants and set them at the bottom of the fish tank. The quality is going to shine through and your goldfish will fall in love too!

What Do Goldfish Like To Play With?

Goldfish are known to entertain themselves by playing with aquatic plants and/or finding tunnel-like spots to swim through or into. This is seen as a source of entertainment for them and is a common sight when a goldfish is happy.

When taking the time to understand what your goldfish requires, it’s recommended to set up aquatic plants at the bottom of your fish tank.

The benefits include:

  • Constant Activity
  • Increased Psychological Well-Being
  • Improved Physical Health

This is an ideal change that is going to improve your goldfish’s quality of life right away. Instead of hoping things work out, your goldfish will start to show signs of happiness as it dances through the water from one end to the other.

When a goldfish is happy, it is going to be seen nibbling away at the aquatic plants and even rushing into tunnels playfully.

This is when you know the change has been made the right way and is going to keep the goldfish happy in the future.

How To Entertain a Goldfish

Set Up Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are your best friend when it comes to entertaining a goldfish.

Goldfish will want to swim through aquatic plants and it will create an organic experience they enjoy throughout the day. The average goldfish will do this in the ocean making it something you should recreate in the fish tank.

As long as you find the right type of aquatic plant, the results will be in your favor.

The benefits include:

  • Increased Excitement
  • Improved Eating Habits
  • Healthier Fish Tank Environment

Most goldfish will react well to any type of live aquatic plant that has been placed in the fish tank, However, if you don’t have a living solution, you are more than welcome to go with a replica and place it at the bottom of the fish tank.

In many cases, the goldfish will be more than happy to play with the fake aquatic plant too!

The goal should remain to understand what works best for your goldfish. If you do this, the new aquatic plant(s) will go a long way and get the job done.

If possible, you should look to add at least 2-3 aquatic plants to make it fun for the goldfish. A single plant will be okay, but it might not captivate them as much as a collection of plants in the fish tank.

What Do Goldfish Like To Play With

Create Tunnels

Just like aquatic plants, you can also set up tunnels from one end to the other.

The premise of aquatic plants is to have something for the fish to swim through, but tunnels offer a similar solution. Goldfish will often find these tunnel-like features in the ocean to hide in as a way of having fun.

It is a unique part of their entertainment but it’s something that is observed across most goldfish.

If you wish to create a solution that will generate great results then it might have to include some type of tunnel at the bottom.

Tunnels are renowned for offering a wonderful place for the goldfish to hide and have a bit of fun.

With tunnels, you want to make sure they are spread throughout the fish tank. This is going to allow the fish an opportunity to swim more and enjoy the experience.

Your goldfish is going to be seen interacting with the tunnel right away. It’s a natural reaction and one they are going to relish as soon as they see it in the water.

When you are finding a tunnel, make sure it is one that is big enough for the goldfish. By doing this, you are going to have a far greater chance of keeping them happy.

It’s recommended to test different spots around the fish tank to see which one works best. As long as you do this, the goldfish will start to interact with the ornament. It’s essential to make sure it is a safe addition to the fish tank and isn’t going to ruin the water quality as soon as it is put in.

Use Gravel

If you are asking, “What do goldfish like to play with?” then it’s time to start with gravel.

This is a common feature in modern fish tanks, but can be difficult to maintain. This is why most fish tank owners start to veer away from this type of feature in their fish tank.

If you are concerned about whether or not your goldfish is happy then this is a good place to start.

The gravel should be loosened a bit, so it can be played with. This should be done properly, so you don’t cloud the water and make a mess in the fish tank!

Gravel is a good option for well-maintained fish tanks and will entertain your goldfish.

Gravel works well because it is a natural part of their environment.

This means the goldfish is going to be attracted to the idea of gravel and will recognize it as something to play with. Of course, you have to make sure it does have a natural texture and hasn’t been altered.

If it has been altered, you may end up ruining the water quality and/or not capture the goldfish’s interest.

In general, you want to give this a shot if you are setting up the fish tank for the first time. It is a lot easier to do then.

What Do Goldfish Like To Play With

Large Marbles

Finding toys for a goldfish to play with isn’t easy, but using large-sized marbles is always a good idea.

Marbles are known to attract goldfish and they can easily sink to the bottom of the fish tank. This will allow the goldfish an opportunity to push them around without taking a bite.

Please note, if you are going to be using any type of marble ball, make sure it is large enough not to be swallowed by the goldfish.

This is a common mistake and can cause the goldfish to choke!

However, when you do find large-sized marble balls and place them from one end to the other, you are going to see amazing results.

The benefits include:

  • Easy to Move Around
  • Can’t Be Swallowed
  • Keep the Goldfish Happy

A lot of fish owners worry about whether or not their goldfish is going to enjoy the marble balls. In general, goldfish are going to respond well to anything that is shiny and can be pushed around.

They will do the same whether you are adding gravel or marble balls.

The reason marble balls are a good option has to do with how easily they remain in place. You will know they are not going to ruin the water quality in the fish tank while keeping the goldfish entertained.

It’s a win-win for fish owners!

Final Thoughts

What do goldfish like to play with?

They want to be entertained by additional items that are present in the water. Naturally, they would look for large aquatic plants, tunnels, and other similar features that are easy to find in the ocean.

However, when it comes to your fish tank, it’s recommended to set up aquatic plants and a few ornaments to keep your goldfish happy.

Stay focused on understanding what’s going to work well with your goldfish. Some will love aquatic plants while others are going to prefer tunnels more.

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