Tips For Raising A Husky In Hot Weather

Raising a Husky in hot weather can be challenging.

However, it’s a troubling sight to see your Husky in distress due to the hot weather. To avoid this, you have to be proactive and make sure to take care of your Husky during the warmer months.

So, what should a Husky owner do when it comes to raising them in hot weather?

It’s important to start by assessing underlying signs that your Husky is hot. This is going to let you know, it’s time to make a change and do it right away!

Signs a Husky is warm Include:

  • Constant Panting
  • A Significant Amount of Fatigue
  • Their Ears Droop
  • Shaking and Cowering

By focusing and picking up on these signs, you are going to have a far easier time getting out in front of the issue before it worsens.

This guide is going to take a look at tips for raising a Husky in hot weather and why it’s best to find a good cooling mat for your Husky right away.

Best Cooling Mat For Huskies (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Chillz Cooling Mat for Huskies is a wonderful solution in places where the temperature ramps up quickly during the warmer months. This cooling mat uses pressure-activated gel tech to keep the Husky cool as soon as it lies down.

With a wide array of sizes to choose from, you can invest in a great cooling mat for Huskies and know it’s going to last for their entire life.

This cooling mat for Huskies is lightweight, easy to store, and offers a comprehensive solution as soon as the temperature becomes difficult for your dog.

Tips For Raising A Husky In Hot Weather

Tip #1 – Buy A Cooling Mat

The first and most important investment a Husky owner can make is to buy a good cooling mat for dogs.

The cooling mat is an ideal solution because it’s easy to put together and will work well in any part of the house. Within seconds, you are going to have an all-in-one cooling solution for the Husky to sit on.

Instead of wondering whether or not your Husky is comfortable, you give them the option to sit on a cooling mat at home. This helps them control how they want to get comfortable even when you are not around!

The benefits of a cooling mat include:

  • A Consistently Cool Resting Spot for the Dog
  • Acts as a Proactive Cooling Solution for Dogs
  • Easy to Set Up

Raising a Husky in hot weather isn’t easy and it’s always best to go with an automated solution such as this.

The cooling mat has become renowned in warmer countries because it works like a charm. Once you set it up, the dog is going to feel great and you will know they are cozy too.

This is far better than having to worry whether or not your dog is cold or not. Instead, you can set up the cooling mat and know there is a straightforward option for them to use.

Raising A Husky In Hot Weather

Tip #2 – Maintain a Consistent Temperature at Home

This is a simple tip to follow but one a lot of dog owners make mistakes with.

Regulating the temperature inside your home is a good way to keep the Husky cool. If not, the temperature is going to fluctuate rapidly and that can create quite a bit of discomfort for your dog.

In general, you want to aim to keep the temperature as cool as you can make it. Your Husky will be able to handle it because they’re designed to handle harsh winters.

If you drop the temperature during the hot weather, they are going to feel comfortable walking around indoors. Otherwise, you are going to find your Husky panting in discomfort.

If a Husky is going to spend time indoors, it needs to be kept in a cooled room that will let it breathe and walk freely.

When it comes to raising a Husky in hot weather, you have to pay attention to the thermostat. It’s not something to ignore or assume will be okay on its own.

In many cases, you are going to want to manually control the temperature and make sure it is set at a level that’s good for your Husky.

Don’t be afraid of making it too cold for the Husky. Drop the temperature and make sure it is as cold as you can make it before it becomes a bit much for your body. This is a good rule of thumb when raising a Husky in hot weather.

Tip #3 – Increase Their Water Intake

How much water is your Husky drinking during the warmer months?

Huskies love drinking water, but the amount they consume has to rise with the temperature. Their bodies start to heat rapidly meaning you have to cool things down just as quickly.

To do this, you are going to double the amount of water they are drinking. You can simply set up a water bowl full of fresh water and increase the amount you make them drink. It is going to go a long way in keeping them happy.

The benefits include:

  • The Husky Stays Hydrated Throughout the Day
  • Keeps the Dog Healthy
  • Will Reduce the Effect of a Warm Day

If you don’t increase the Husky’s water intake, it may start showing serious signs of fatigue. This is a natural reaction to the body not being in prime condition because of the rise in temperature.

A lot of dog owners assume the conditions are okay based on their comfort level.

Remember, a Husky has a far thicker coat around their body, which means they are going to get warmer much faster than you will. This is an essential factor to account for while raising a Husky in hot weather conditions.

Raising A Husky In Hot Weather

Tip #4 – Go for Walks Early in the Morning

When are you going for walks?

Raising a Husky in hot weather means you are going to have to think about the timing of your physical activity.

In general, Huskies love being out and about because that’s a part of their nature. However, you can’t let them roam around when the sun is glaring down in the middle of the afternoon!

As a result, you have to find a good middle ground and that is why most Husky owners aim to walk during the night or early in the morning as the sun rises. This keeps the Husky happy, fit, and healthy even when it is burning out as the day goes on.

Experts Say...
In most places, the coolest time of the day is early in the morning or when the sun goes down at night. These are the best times to walk a Husky during the warmer months.

When it comes to raising a Husky in hot weather, you have to think about this just as much as any other part of their routine.

In essence, you want to minimize the amount of time a Husky spends outdoors during the afternoon. This has to be a top priority because they are going to wilt under the glaring sun!

Don’t assume the Husky can gut it out because they will fall ill. It is not suitable because of their heavy undercoat.

Be smart and make sure to time your physical activity based on the temperature. It’s the only way to keep them happy and healthy moving forward.

Tip #5 – Set up a Small Pool at Home

When raising a Husky in hot weather, you have to think about getting them active without adding to the problem.

For most people, this means going for a walk during the night (which is nice!) but it’s also important to think about things to do during the day.

This is why it’s recommended to set up a small pool at home or even a tub for the Husky. They are going to enjoy jumping into the pool and simply resting in the water.

If you are someone that is going to be sitting on the patio during the afternoon, why not set up a small pool for the Husky so they can be outside too? It’s a simple addition that is going to make them happy.

The benefits of a pool/tub include:

  • Lets the Dog Spend Time Outdoors
  • Can Cool the Dog’s Skin and Body
  • Will Be Entertaining for the Dog

These are the reasons to think about setting up a small pool for your Husky.

Let them enjoy the cool water against their body and they will love the outdoors even when it’s hot. You have to get them to want to be outdoors because that’s their natural instinct.

If you try to keep them locked indoors, it may start to lead to bad behavior and that isn’t much of a solution!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to raising a Husky in hot weather, you have to understand your options and have a plan in mind.

It’s not easy to do this without investing in a good cooling mat and making sure your HVAC system is running perfectly. Otherwise, your Husky is going to be in constant distress and won’t enjoy spending time indoors.

Follow the advice listed here and you are going to be well on your way to a happy Husky regardless of the weather!

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