Should I Force Feed My Dying Cat?

It can be a time full of grief and helplessness when your cat is dying. Cat owners are often left asking, “Should I force feed my dying cat?” when their cat doesn’t eat.

A cat will generally start showing a lack of interest in food due to its underlying symptoms. These symptoms may vary depending on the cat’s condition.

However, to stay healthy the cat does need to eat, which leaves owners in a tough spot.

Cats will usually:

  • Eat a Little Bit of Food
  • Eat Food and Immediately Throw Up
  • Stay Away From The Food Bowl Entirely

All of these situations are common and something cat owners can expect to see with a cat that is struggling medically.

To better understand your role in all of this, this guide will help answer the question, “Should I force feed my dying cat?” and what you should do for a cat that is dealing with multiple life-altering symptoms.

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Should I Force Feed My Dying Cat?

Force feeding a cat will have negative consequences leading to vomiting, discomfort, and pain. Cats should never be force-fed food as it will put them into a state of distress leading to a long list of additional symptoms.

The goal should be to make adjustments to their diet and try to get them to willingly eat.

If you start force-feeding a dying cat, it will often create trouble and is going to distance your cat from everyone in the house.

The negatives of force-feeding cats include:

  • Increase in Digestive Issues
  • Increase in Fatigue
  • Can Fasten a Cat’s Death

While it seems like a good idea to force-feed a cat, it will rarely work out as intended. At best, your cat is going to eat but will then be in a state of panic next time you try to do the same. This isn’t sustainable nor is it recommended.

By following the tips listed below, you are going to have a far better chance of keeping your dying cat healthy for as long as possible.

Should I Force Feed My Dying Cat

Tips For Helping a Dying Cat Eat

Tip #1: Use Cat Supplements

Your first investment needs to be to buy cat supplements for dying cats.

The idea of using a supplement is to replace nutrients they would get from a regular diet. Since your cat won’t be eating as well as it used to, they need to have those nutrients replaced.

Of course, this isn’t always sustainable, but it’s a good starting point to help your cat regain its health. Over time, something as simple as cat supplements will make a difference.

The reasons include:

  • Proper Nutrient Intake to Prolong Life
  • Reduces Underlying Symptoms
  • Can Improve a Cat’s Digestive Health

You want to make sure the cat supplements that are used will yield good results. This means they need to be jam-packed with good nutrients while remaining easy to digest.

The cat will not want to eat something that irritates its digestive system. This is why most vets will recommended going with a soft chew supplement that is easy on the digestive system.

When you do invest in new cat supplements for a sick cat, it’s important to think about scheduling when that supplement is taken. There is no value in a solution that isn’t being given to the cat regularly.

Tip #2: Use Wet Cat Food Only

Dry cat food is going to make things ten times harder than they need to be.

You have to focus on using wet cat food because it’s easier to swallow, digest, and manage for a cat that’s ill. They are not going to want to chew as much and may refrain from eating due to this reason alone.

Dry cat food is also known to grate against the throat and digestive system making it harder to consume without pain.

To avoid this, a simple solution is look for a healthy, well-formulated wet cat food source that is going to be easier on the digestive system.

A dying cat will find it hard to munch through dry cat food making wet sources a better option moving forward.

When you are looking for new cat food for a dying cat, make sure it is in line with their taste buds. A lot of cat owners forget to do this!

There is no reason to avoid factoring in what your cat likes to eat.

If you put something that is based on their taste buds, they are more likely to be attracted to it. Otherwise, they are still going to run away from the food or not get up to eat.

The best part about wet cat food for sick cats has to do with the variety. You will be able to find something that is good for your cat and is going to get it to eat.

Should I Force Feed My Dying Cat

Tip #3: Reduce Portion Sizes

Portion sizes matter a lot with dying cats.

It’s easy to ask “Should I force feed my dying cat?” but sometimes it’s all about how you approach the matter. A lot of times, your cat is going to want to eat less and that is going to be the only hurdle you face.

When that happens, it’s time to spread out the meals so they have a longer time to digest their food.

This will take a bit of time to schedule and work out, but it’s worth the effort. Instead of having 1-2 big meals throughout the day, why not spread through into smaller portions?

Experts Say...
Smaller portion sizes split throughout the day yield better results and reduce digestion-related symptoms in dying cats.

A cat is going to respond well to this because it won’t tax their digestive system.

Remember, a dying cat doesn’t want to eat because of the resulting symptoms. They are going to begin slowing down and that takes a toll on their physical state.

To avoid ruining their digestive system, it’s recommended to find 100% organic food that is easy to digest and can be split into smaller portions.

A change like this will go a long way.

Tip #4: Feed Them What They Love

This is a simple tip and one all cat owners need to think about.

When your cat isn’t getting the right type of cat food, they may not want to eat. This is all about removing any hurdles that get in the way of your cat eating.

The idea of giving them something they don’t like isn’t smart. It the same as asking, “Should I force feed my dying cat?”

You want to be well-prepared and still focus on what they like eating. For example, some cats will like chicken-flavored meals, while others are going to lean towards fish-flavored variations.

There is nothing wrong with choosing the flavor profile your cat loves!

The benefits include:

  • Increased Likelihood of Cat Eating Well
  • Improves Caloric Intake
  • Keeps the Cat Happy

Sometimes, your cat simply wants to eat a specific type of food, which makes it important to test what works and what doesn’t.

A lot of cat owners try to force a specific type of food and that is what causes the cat to stress out and not eat.

Be flexible when it comes to this part of your dying cat’s diet. You want to make sure they are eating well, which means it is not the time to force-feed food your cat doesn’t want!

Tip #5: Track Everything

Tracking what your cat is eating, when it is eating, and how well it is eating matters. You want to have this information readily available.

By having these details on hand, you are going to have a far easier time making adjustments. Otherwise, you are always going to be confused and a step behind.

The benefits of tracking include:

  • Keeping Record Makes it Easier To Change Diet
  • Can Pinpoint Underlying Symptoms
  • Will Improve a Cat’s Long-Term Health

When you start tracking specific details about your cat’s diet, you won’t have to resort to tactics such as force-feeding.

In fact, force-feeding your dying cat is a strategy used by those not willing to work hard towards finding a reasonable solution.

Yes, in some cases a cat will not want to eat, but this is not the time to give up. Continue to find different ways to get them to eat and watch as one will eventually work.

Final Thoughts

Should I force feed my dying cat?

No, you should never force feed your cat whether it’s healthy or not. This is the wrong approach to take and may further put them into a state of distress.

Instead, follow the tips mentioned in this guide and start making adjustments as a cat owner. This is a crucial time where you will have to treat the dying cat well and make their life easier.

Whether it is using cat multivitamins, changing their diet, or looking to improve their psychological state, it’s all about focusing on what works best for them.

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