My Dog Is Getting Old And I’m Scared! (And How To Make Your Dog Happy)

Are you worried and saying, “My dog is getting old and I’m scared!”?

Your beloved dog will eventually start showing signs of aging and it can be distressing. It is in moments such as these when you have to show a bit of resolve and understand the beauty of life is in spending time with your dog.

The initial signs can include:

  • Slowing Down and Resting More
  • Starting to Develop Multiple Health Issues
  • Eating Less

If your dog is starting to show one or more of these signs, it’s time to accept they are getting older. It’s not always going to be an underlying health issue, especially if your dog is 10+ years of age.

This guide is going to help those saying, “My dog is getting old and I’m scared!” by showing what you can do to make your dog’s life better.

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It’s going to strengthen your dog’s bones, improve their digestive health, and make sure their coat remains healthy as they age.

This 8-in-1 dog multivitamin is perfect for aging dogs because it helps improve their quality of life. A simple tweak such as this is going to increase your dog’s energy levels and keep them fresh.

Tips On How To Make Your Older Dog’s Life Better

Tip #1 – Buy Quality Multivitamins

Multivitamins for senior dogs are a good idea.

These multivitamins will help make up for any nutritional deficiencies the dog has accumulated in its earlier years. Even with the best dog food on the market, you are still going to want to have these multivitamins in hand.

Too many senior dogs don’t get enough nutrients, which can increase your worries about their health.

If you are saying, “My dog is getting old and I’m scared!” then it’s clear you are worried about their health. This is normal and it’s something you have to prepare for proactively.

The benefits include:

  • Strengthens Their Major Organs
  • Reduces Underlying Symptoms From Aging
  • Maximizes Their Daily Nutrient Intake

While multivitamins for older dogs won’t stop all of their symptoms, they can act as a way to improve their quality of life.

Instead of seeing their symptoms and age-related concerns spiral out of control, you can make it easier for them to move around.

My Dog Is Getting Old And I'm Scared

Tip #2 – Spend Time With Them

This is one of the simplest tips a dog owner can follow.

Why worry about your older dog when they are still around? Being old doesn’t mean they can’t have a bit of fun! It’s all about spending more time in their vicinity and keeping them entertained.

A lot of dog owners spend more time worrying than having fun with their older dog. This is unfortunate and something you should look to avoid at all costs.

By spending more time with your older dog, the relationship will get stronger and you are going to get the opportunity to create new memories.

In most cases, spending more time with an older dog is going to improve their quality of life and keep them young at heart.

What can you do when it comes to bonding with your older dog?

You can do a variety of things such as:

  • Going to the Dog Park
  • Playing a Game of Fetch
  • Cuddling With Them More
  • Giving Them Their Favorite Dog Treats

The goal is to make their life a little bit easier by being around all the time. While this isn’t always possible, it’s something you should strive for with an older dog.

The more you can give them in the form of your time, the better it is for their psychological state.

Tip #3 – Don’t Create a Bubble of Negativity Around Them

If you are saying, “My dog is getting old and I’m scared!” then it’s already the wrong mindset to have as a dog owner.

This isn’t something you want to start believing and making a part of your psyche. Remember, your senior dog is close to you and is going to start sensing a drop in your emotions. This is going to have a negative impact on them whether you want it to or not!

Be smart when you are around your dog and get these negative thoughts out of your mind.

When you are happy around the older dog, they are going to start perking up more. This is ideal when it comes to reducing their age-related symptoms.

The benefits of staying positive include:

  • Keeps the Dog Happy
  • Allows You To Still Have Fun With Your Dog
  • Helps Create a Stronger Bond

Too many dog owners remain negative and make it all about themselves. This is not the time to do that!

Focus on your older dog and start spending more time with them. Try to make their life more entertaining whether this is done through new dog toys, new activities, or just being around them more.

If you are positive, they are going to stay positive too.

Don’t underestimate the power of your emotions, especially when it comes to a dog that is fully bonded to you.

My Dog Is Getting Old And I'm Scared

Tip #4 – Do What They Love Doing

This is a tip that is going to have to become a part of your approach to handling an older dog at home.

When they are younger, you are going to be more focused on tampering their energy, regulating their behavior, and making sure they are focused on specific tasks.

However, when they start getting older, it’s time to loosen things up a bit. They are a seasoned dog that has been around you for a long time. There is no reason to keep the reins as tight as you have made them.

To the surprise of many dog owners, you don’t realize how disciplined the environment is until you loosen things up.

Experts Say...
Older dogs still have likes and dislikes making it important for dog owners to focus on those preferences when planning activities or meals.

What does it mean to loosen things up?

This means it is okay to have a bit of fun and let them spend time in the swimming pool for a few more minutes than normal. You can even start giving them a few dog treats here and there to keep them happy.

While you want to make sure their overall diet is good, it’s never a bad idea to let them enjoy a bit of what they are eating.

Tip #5 – Make Sure Their Diet Is Perfect

This is a tip all senior dog owners have to think about at one point or another.

If you are already worried, this means it has been on your mind recently. Instead of panicking and worrying about life without your dog, it’s time to think about what they are eating regularly.

Your decisions right now are going to go a long way in improving their quality of life and ability to enjoy their senior years.

Too many dog owners give the wrong type of food to their senior dog and that worsens their digestive issues and underlying symptoms.

The benefits of good dog food include:

  • Reducing the Symptoms of Aging in Dogs
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improved Focus

You are truly missing out by not giving your older dog quality dog food. It is a must.

You also want to think about making sure the dog is being fed regularly. Senior dogs become apprehensive when it comes to eating and may not want to. This is when you have to be diligent about their dietary intake and focus on how much they are eating.

If it is too less than it’s time to speak to a vet.

You should make sure they are getting sizeable portions and everything is regulated when it comes to their main meals.

Final Thoughts

For those saying, “My dog is getting old and I’m scared!” it’s time to take a step back and focus on making the most of your dog’s life.

This is not the time to grieve even if it feels like they are starting to slip away. In fact, this is a moment to celebrate their life, create new memories, and make sure they get to enjoy their years as a senior dog.

By following the tips listed here, you are going to have a happy senior dog at home and it’s going to strengthen your relationship with them.

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