Why Is My Golden Retriever Losing Hair In Clumps? (And How To Fix It!)

With a Golden Retriever losing hair in clumps, it’s important to figure out what is going on and what’s causing the sudden hair loss.

A lot of dog owners don’t do this and that is what leads to trouble.

The first thing a dog owner should be doing is assessing the fur and skin. This will shed light on visible issues with the dog’s condition and what needs to be done right away.

The assessment phase should include:

  • A Detailed Visual Inspection of the Fur
  • Appointment with a Vet
  • Recording Potential Changes in Hair Loss Over Coming Days

After the assessment phase is done, it’s time to take action and figure out how to move forward with your Golden Retriever’s hair loss regimen.

This guide is going to figure out what to do when a Golden Retriever loses hair in clumps, how to treat it, and what to avoid.

Best Treatment For Hair Loss In Dogs (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Arava Medicated Dog Shampoo is one of the best products on the market for Golden Retriever losing hair in clumps.

It’s soothing, filled with nutrients, and is going to help get rid of ticks/mites immediately. Since most dogs deal with ticks/mites, it’s recommended to use a specialized dog shampoo such as this one to treat the cause.

This dog shampoo for hair loss in Golden Retrievers offers 28 active ingredients including oat and also provides a welcoming scent.

Why Is My Golden Retriever Losing Hair In Clumps?

Golden Retrievers lose hair because of ticks/mites settling onto the skin and causing inflammation. When the skin is inflamed, it will start to act up meaning the dog will shed fur in large clumps. This can happen across the Golden Retriever’s body until the ticks/mites are removed.

When this happens, it’s recommended to start a treatment for hair loss in Golden Retrievers right away.

The benefits of treatment include:

  • Getting to the Root Cause of the Hair Loss
  • Toning Down the Inflammation
  • Changing the Golden Retriever’s Grooming Routine

The goal has to be to understand what’s going on and then target the problem head-on. Letting it simmer for too long is going to lead to major concerns.

The hair loss will continue and it’s going to get to the point where there are multiple bald spots on the dog’s body.

When you are taking the time to use a treatment for hair loss in Golden Retrievers, look for a good dog shampoo that can be used during bath time.

The right dog shampoo for hair loss in Golden Retrievers will yield good results and will comfort your dog right away.

Golden Retriever Losing Hair In Clumps

Tips For Helping Golden Retriever Losing Hair In Clumps

Tip #1 – Use a Medicated Dog Shampoo

With a Golden Retriever losing hair in clumps, it’s best to focus on their bathing regimen.

A lot of dog owners don’t bathe their Golden Retriever correctly, which leads to the development of ticks/mites. To avoid this, it’s recommended to find a high-quality medicated dog shampoo for hair loss.

This will improve their fur and make it easier to prevent ticks/mites from settling onto the skin.

The benefits include:

  • Getting Rid of the Ticks/Mites
  • Helping Provide Relieve to the Dog
  • Focusing on a Long-Term Solution

It’s important to note, you have to buy the right type of dog shampoo that’s designed for this purpose. Otherwise, the dog shampoo isn’t going to yield good results.

With a Golden Retriever losing hair in clumps, you have to be diligent and proactive. It’s the only way to see results.

Get started with a good medicated dog shampoo for hair loss and make sure you are consistent. Over time, the hair loss is going to stop and your dog will start regrowing its fur.

A lot of dog owners delay this step and that is why their golden Retriever continues to lose hair throughout the year.

Tip #2 – Regularly Bathe Your Dog

How often are you bathing the dog?

When you have a Golden Retriever, their fur is going to attract toxins, dust, and dirt. This is normal because longer hair is prone to this type of concern.

However, the only way to resolve this problem is by tweaking their bathing schedule. While you wouldn’t do the same for a short-haired dog, the same doesn’t apply here!

It’s time to take action and increase how many times your Golden Retrieve bathes during the week. In most cases, your dog needs to be bathing 2-3 times per week and sometimes more when hair loss is involved.

Bathing your dog will reduce the inflammation and ensure mites/ticks don’t cause a tremendous amount of damage to the skin.

With a Golden Retriever losing hair in clumps, you will have to soothe the skin and make sure they are clean.

The only way this is going to happen is by using high-quality medicated dog shampoo and washing their body with quality water. If you aren’t doing this, the condition is going to worsen and your dog will feel itchy 24/7!

Your top priority has to be to make changes to the dog’s routine.

This includes tweaking how they are bathing and when they are bathing throughout the week.

Golden Retriever Losing Hair In Clumps

Tip #3 – Brush Your Dog’s Fur

Brushing your Golden Retriever’s fur is always a good idea.

The ticks/mites tend to settle onto the skin, which means they are hard to get out. However, if you use a good-quality dog brush, it is possible to get them out quickly and safely.

Of course, this means taking at least 30-45 minutes out of your schedule to brush the dog regularly. The more you do this, the easier it’s going to be to keep the dog’s skin healthy.

The benefits include:

  • Getting Rid of Ticks/Mites
  • Providing Relief and Comfort to the Dog
  • Getting Rid of Stray Hairs

For a Golden Retriever losing hair in clumps, you need to brush them regularly. This may seem counter-productive because their fur is falling out, but it’s the best way to target the root cause (i.e. ticks/mites).

It’s one of those things that will take a bit of time to master, but you have to continue to work on it as a dog owner.

Patience here is going to soothe the dog and will ensure their fur doesn’t continue falling out rapidly. Otherwise, there is going to come a time when the dog’s fur is completely gone and they are still tremendously uncomfortable.

Tip #4 – Speak to a Vet

The first thing you should be doing is speaking to a vet about your Golden Retriever’s hair loss and why it’s falling out in clumps.

In some cases, it may have to do with an underlying condition. This is rare but it’s something you have to be aware of.

However, even if it has to do with ticks/mites, you still want to know what’s going on. This will allow you to find the right type of medicated dog shampoo and begin washing your Golden Retriever’s body vigorously.

Experts Say...
Vets will often find the root cause of why the dog’s hair is falling out and how to take care of it.

The vet is going to let you know what to do and how to do it for your specific dog. This is key information and something you should be tapping into as a dog owner.

With a Golden Retriever losing hair in clumps, having specialized information about their condition will make the treatment phase easier.

Tip #5 – Give Your Dog Organic Food

What type of dog food is your Golden Retriever eating?

To the surprise of many dog owners, your dog’s diet is going to play a role in hair loss. The fur is going to start falling out in clumps because they aren’t getting enough nutrients.

To make sure this doesn’t become a regular problem, you have to start finding nutrient-dense dog food options. It’s the only way to keep your dog safe and healthy.

The benefits include:

  • Increase Your Dog’s Nutrient Intake
  • Moving Towards a Natural Food Source
  • Removing Another Variable Off Of The List

If you are someone that is worried about not using the right type of dog food, look to go with a 100% organic variation. This is going to soothe the dog’s body and will ensure they are getting enough nutrients throughout the week.

With a Golden Retrieving losing hair in clumps, you will want to make the adjustment as soon as possible.

For some, this means changing the dog food within a day or two. This is the only way to get on top of the problem before it spirals out of control.

Don’t wait until your Golden Retriever has lost 50% of its fur and isn’t looking healthy. This is not only bad for their look but is also tremendously uncomfortable. There is never a good reason to drag things because it will only worsen the dog’s condition.

Final Thoughts

With a Golden Retriever losing hair in clumps, you have to take action using the tips mentioned in this guide.

Hair loss isn’t easy to deal with, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to stick with the status quo. Start making appropriate and healthy changes to stop the hair loss in its tracks.

Whether it is buying the right type of dog shampoo, regularly bathing your Golden Retriever, or changing their dog food, you want to make sure it’s done the right way.

For those eager to help their Golden Retriever, please go through these grooming guides – how to help an itchy dog, how to bathe a Golden Retriever, how to find the right dog brush for Golden Retrievers and best omega 3 for hair loss in dogs.