5 Tips On How To Get Your Bird To Take A Bath

Want to learn how to get your bird to take a bath?

It’s important to have a clean bird, but that’s not always easy without adequate preparation. Due to this, a lot of bird owners struggle to make things work and often end up with an unclean bird on their hands.

So, what do you do when it’s time to learn how to get your bird to take a bath?

It’s best to start by understanding what the birdcage needs to be fitted with and the role this solution will play.

To learn more about how to get your bird to take a bath, this detailed guide will go through the best bird bath for your bird, what to implement, and how to make sure your bird is clean year-round.

Best Bird Bath For Your Bird (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The team behind this wonderful bird bath has taken the time to design something functional, easy to setup, and durable. It’s a perfect fit for all of your needs.

Start with this and know you are heading in the right direction.

Tips On How To Get Your Bird To Take A Bath

Set Up a Safe Bird Bath

The best starting point is always going to be a high-quality bird bath.

Birds need a specialized spot that will allow them to wash without worry. This is why most bird owners take the time to set up a separate bird bath inside the cage.

Don’t assume a small bowl of water is going to cut it. In some cases, your bird may not want to drink and bathe from the same water!

By going with a safe bird bath, you will end up seeing great results and it’s going to be worthwhile as an investment. There are several benefits that come as you learn how to get your bird to take a bath using this type of accessory.

These benefits include:

  • Allowing the Bird a Safe Spot to Bathe
  • Builds Consistency and a Routine
  • Easy to Manage and Clean

Take the time to learn more about what works and what doesn’t once the bird bath is set up. The change is going to be dramatic and will immediately increase your bird’s desire to stay clean.

Experts Say...
A good bird bath is going to give your pet an opportunity to bathe without hesitation.

When you do take the time to buy a new bird bath for birdcages, it’s recommended to think about how secure it is.

You want to keep the bird as safe as possible. This will only happen when the bird bath hooks into place without moving.

Start with this as a priority and you are going to end up with a wonderful set up that’s great for your bird.

How To Get Your Bird To Take A Bath

Change the Water Daily

Even when you set up a bird bath inside the cage, this is just a starting point.

You will have to take the time to maintain the bird bath year-round. This means taking out the accessory, filling it with fresh water, and then setting it up again. By doing this, you are going to have a far greater chance of keeping the bird happy and clean.

Unfortunately, a lot of bird owners assume simply setting up the bird bath is enough. This leads to horrible results and the water starts to get dirty quickly.

After a while, the bird doesn’t use the bird bath even when it is an option.

It’s highly recommended to change the water at least once per day to make sure the bird can bathe easily.

It’s similar to having to take a bath in dirty water as a human. Would you want to do it? Would you feel clean?

The same applies to birds that are hoping to stay clean throughout the day. They are only going to do this when the water is as clean as it can be.

The more you change the water, the easier it becomes to get the bird to take a bath at home. Otherwise, you are always going to be struggling trying to make things work.

Sprinkle Your Bird with Water

This is a simple trick to use as you learn how to get your bird to take a bath.

The idea of spraying or sprinkling your bird with a bit of water is to keep them looking fresh. It is also going to ignite their interest in staying clean because it’s something that happens naturally outdoors.

This can also be used as a way to keep your bird clean when there is no bird bath set up inside the cage. It is a manual method that does help the bird stay relatively clean.

Over time, you are also going to start to see a range of benefits associated with spraying your bird using a spray bottle.

The reasons include:

  • Initiating a Bird’s Desire to Stay Clean
  • Removing Surface-Level Grime
  • Keeping the Feathers Fresh

How often should you be doing this?

In most cases, you are not going to have to do this a lot, especially when the bird bath has been set up.

This means you can get away with doing it once a week. This is more than enough to keep the bird happy and their feathers looking fresh.

Of course, you can make adjustments as you go based on what your bird needs. However, it’s highly recommended to invest in a new bird bath for a birdcage. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

How To Get Your Bird To Take A Bath

Keep the Cage Clean

How clean is the cage?

Your bird is going to be spending almost all of its time inside this environment. As a result, you have to make sure the cage is kept as clean as possible, especially when a bird bath is set up.

In general, modern bird baths keep the water in one place, however, it is still going to drip off of the bird’s feathers. This means you have to be proactive and keep the birdcage as clean as you can.

Experts Say...
When the birdcage isn’t clean, this can have a profound impact on their psychological well-being and make it harder for them to take a bath.

Unfortunately, when water starts splashing around and/or dripping, it’s going to leave a mess. While the water may start to dry, this can become a problem depending on how long it stays in that condition.

If left untouched, there are many situations where the birdcage becomes messy and develops fungus.

Not only is this dangerous for the bird, but it is also going to make it difficult for them to live in. You have to be diligent and make sure fungus isn’t allowed to develop inside the cage.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, look to clean the cage weekly and do it as thoroughly as you can.

Remove Wet Bedding Regularly

As you learn how to get your bird to take a bath, it will become obvious how much of a mess is made inside the cage.

Yes, a quality bird bath is going to remove most of your worries and keep the cage clean, but it is still something to ponder over. You never want to go with something that is harmful and/or is going to ruin the overall environment in which your bird is living.

So, what do you do then?

You have to think about removing the bedding as often as you can. This includes anything else that is being used to keep your bird comfortable. These items can and will get wet when the bird takes a bath.

Why should you take the time to remove the bedding inside a birdcage?

The reasons include:

  • Reduces the Likelihood of Fungus
  • Reduces the Unwanted Odors
  • Keeps the Bird Safe

It’s one of those minor maintenance tips that will go a long way in keeping your bird happy. If they like residing inside the cage, they are going to be more than happy to take a bath too.

It’s all about working on the psychology of what it means to be a bird.

Don’t underestimate the power of doing this and the results it can yield!

Final Thoughts

Want to figure out how to get your bird to take a bath?

It’s important to understand all of your options and then pinpoint what works the best. In general, the average bird will already have a biological desire to stay clean, which yields good results once adjustments are made.

Your first priority has to be to make sure a quality bird bath is set up inside the cage.

This is going to ensure the bird has a potential option when it’s time to bathe. Otherwise, they are going to be reluctant to bathe and may avoid it as a whole!

For more on how to get your bird to take a bath, follow the tips listed here and you are going to be well on your way to a cleaner bird.

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