Why Is Puppy Not Sleeping Through The Night Anymore? (And How To Fix It!)

Want to figure out the answer to your question, “Why is puppy not sleeping through the night?” and come up with a safe solution?

It’s a peculiar spot to find yourself in but that’s the beauty of being a puppy owner!

They are going to spring new surprises in your direction and that’s just something you have to adjust to. However, when your puppy stops sleeping properly at night, it’s time to figure out what’s going on and not ignore the issue.

There are several reasons that can cause your puppy to stop sleeping at night and it’s recommended to analyze their patterns.

This guide is going to help answer the question, “Why is puppy not sleeping through the night anymore?” and the changes you can make right away.

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Why Is Puppy Not Sleeping Through The Night Anymore?

Reason #1 – Your Dog Needs a New Bed

Yes, it may have to do with something as simple as this.

Your puppy is going to have growing pains when it comes to where it sleeps. They are not going to have built-in habits and as time goes on, you are going to realize this with everything.

If they don’t feel safe and comfortable in the dog bed, you may start to see them resting in other parts of the house. This is not the way you want things to go, which means it’s time to find a bigger, safer dog bed for them to sleep on.

When figuring out which dog bed to buy for your puppy, look for a solution that is big and comfortable. It should have a plush feel that is going to allow the puppy to rest without aches and bumps.

A good investment here is going to improve your dog’s quality of life and energy levels right away.

Why Is Puppy Not Sleeping Through The Night Anymore

Reason #2 – Your Dog’s Bed or Crate is Too Small

It’s one thing to have an uncomfortable dog bed and it’s another to have one that’s simply too small!

Your puppy is going to be growing at a rapid rate, especially when they are a medium or large-sized breed. This means you have to keep up with their dog bed and make sure it is large enough to hold them safely.

If not, they may start avoiding the dog bed and feel like it’s not cozy enough for them. This becomes an even bigger problem if they are resting inside a dog crate! They may not have enough room to wiggle around and that could cause health issues too.

When a dog feels uncomfortable it may start avoiding sleeping and become restless or anxious at night.

If a dog bed is too small, it’s time to find one thati s going to work not only now but in the future too as your puppy grows.

It’s better to make a proper investment right now, so your puppy has a safe place to sleep in during the night.

Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners don’t use the right type of dog bed for their puppy and it leads to various health issues.

Look at the different options available on the open market and go with a safe dog bed that’s perfect for puppies.

Reason #3 – Your Dog is Scared of Its Surroundings

If there is a lot of noise outside the house at night, your puppy isn’t going to be to eager to rest.

This may become hard for them to deal with as they continue to grow. Your dog is going to become hyper-alert when it comes to any type of noise that pops up. This can even include noises that are being made by items inside the house such as a fridge or an electronic.

If possible, you are recommended to properly assess where the dog bed or crate is being positioned at night.

If it is in a high-traffic area or a place that has a lot of noisy items, you want to keep your puppy away from those rooms. It is simply not going to work unless your dog is a heavy-sleeper, which is clearly not the case if you are reading this article!

Be smart and make sure you change where the dog bed is as soon as possible. It’s an easy change any dog owner can make it and it will go a long way in helping.

It’s also smart to bring them closer to you, so they know you’re present. It can help a lot and put their mind at ease as a young dog.

Why Is Puppy Not Sleeping Through The Night Anymore

Reason #4 – Your Dog is Having Health Issues

This is a concern many dog owners have as soon as they realize their puppy isn’t sleeping at night or isn’t getting enough rest.

If that happens, it may not have to do with something at home, but more with what is going on inside your puppy’s body.

It’s never a bad idea to take your puppy to the vet and go through a complete check-up. This is going to shed light on whether or not there is an underlying health issue at play.

When a puppy is dealing with health-related symptoms, they are going to stop sleeping as much. This is a natural reaction and something you have to pay attention to, especially if there are other symptoms showing up (i.e. limping, breathing heavy, low energy levels).

Experts Say...
A dog that is dealing with health concerns is often going to show signs of distress/pain while avoiding sleep at night.

Don’t ignore symptoms and always assume it has to do with a lack of sleep!

This is a common issue with dog owners and it can lead to a late diagnosis. You have to stay focused on what your puppy is dealing with and make sure to go to a vet if necessary.

Yes, you can make changes such as buying a dog bed, but it’s still smart to see what the vet has to say.

Reason #5 – The Room is Too Cold or Too Warm

Depending on where you reside, the temperature is going to fluctuate throughout the year. This means you have to be doubly careful about how warm/cold it is inside the house.

Each dog breed is going to be different when it comes to the temperature. For example, a Husky is going to breeze through the coldest of winters without moaning. However, other dog breeds may be shivering in the same situation!

You have to figure out what temperature is good for your puppy and make sure it’s consistent throughout the year.

If you are not doing this, the puppy will stop sleeping and become restless. Their mind is only going to be focused on the discomfort they are feeling and rightly so.

It’s your duty to make sure the temperature is good enough for both you and the dog. Don’t assume what works for you is good enough for your pet.

Be patient and take in the time to understand what your puppy needs. If possible, you want to regulate the temperature each day and make sure your puppy can rest easy at night.

Final Thoughts

When you are trying to figure out the answer to your question, “Why is puppy not sleeping through the night anymore?” it’s important to break things down step by step.

It’s not going to be easy at first, but you will start to realize what the root cause is.

For some dogs, you are going to have to change where they are sleeping, while other dogs are going to need a safer spot to rest in during the night.

The goal is to figure this out by paying attention to how your puppy sleeps at night. If they are restless due to certain noises where they sleep or the size of their dog bed, it’s time to make changes. Even when you make a change, it’s recommended to spend a week paying attention to how your dog is doing.

This is how you are going to see good results.

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