Guide On How To Clean A Budgie’s Bum

Want to learn how to clean a budgie’s bum?

It’s one of those concerns bird owners have when it’s time to keep their budgie clean. Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t know how to do it.

As a result, it’s time to think about coming up with a plan and making sure you are investing in the right tools for cleaning a budgie’s bum.

If you are eager to get started, this guide on how to clean a budgie’s bum will go a long way in making things easier. You will learn what it takes to keep them clean, which accessories to use when bathing a budgie, and how to see consistent results.

Best Bird Bath Accessory for Budgies (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The JW Pet Company Bird Bath Accessory is excellent when it comes to giving your budgie a specialized space inside the cage to keep itself clean. Budgies love keeping themselves clean and will do so naturally when allowed to do so. This is why a quality, well-designed bird bath accessory is the way to go.

This birdbath accessory offers an easy-to-install solution that’s durable, efficient, and ideal for budgies of all sizes.

Along with being one of the more effective accessories on the market, it is also perfect when it comes to seeing serious results.

Tips On How To Clean a Budgie’s Bum

Set Up a Bird Bath in the Cage

The first thing you are going to have to do is set up a birdbath inside the cage.

In general, your budgie is already going to have a desire to keep itself clean. Unfortunately, if there is no birdbath set up inside, they may not be able to stay as clean as you want them to. This is why it’s time to look at a specialized accessory for the task.

The purpose of a birdbath is to make it easier for the budgie to hop in and rinse itself. They will do it multiple times a day if given the opportunity.

When you take the time to invest in a new birdbath for budgies, it’s recommended to understand what’s available and how it’s going to work with the budgie’s cage. Each setup is unique, so you have to keep this in mind.

Experts Say...
Bird baths are often the best way to help keep your budgie clean because it’s a natural part of their life as a bird.

There is nothing worse than going with a low-grade bird bath accessory that could endanger your pet bird as soon as it starts rinsing.

Instead, go with something that is well-reviewed and is going to be a straightforward fit once it has been set up.

Your goal should always be to see what can be done to allow the budgie to rinse its bum. A lot of bird owners try to do it on their own but that isn’t always necessary. You can simply set up the birdbath accessory and watch as your budgie does the rest!

Use a Spray Bottle

Let’s assume you want to go with a more targeted approach when learning how to clean a budgie’s bum.

What are you going to do then?

In situations such as these, you will have to take a step back and use your handy-dandy spray bottle. Yes, it is important to start using a spray bottle to make sure you are getting a gentle stream of water onto the bird’s feathers.

Anything stronger than this is going to be more harmful than you want it to be. The spray bottle is more than enough to help out and is going to allow you to make sure the budgie is getting cleaned.

It’s quite rare for a budgie to ignore its birdbath accessory once installed, but if you don’t have one ready to go, just use a spray bottle. This will ensure you don’t have to remove the budgie outside of its cage.

The sprayer shouldn’t be harsh and has to be directed towards the feathers to maximize efficiency.

With a spray bottle, you will want to take a look at how hard it sprays before using it. It shouldn’t be a direct stream as that may startle the budgie.

The goal is to go with a quality spray bottle that will let out a small spurt of water. This is going to allow the feathers to get wet as intended.

A key point to remember is, you won’t need a lot of water to get the job done. In most cases, you can get away with 2-3 sprays with the bottle and that is going to ensure the feathers are appropriately covered with water.

How To Clean A Budgie's Bum

Target the Area With Water

When learning how to clean a budgie’s bum, your mind is going to be on that specific part of the bird’s body.

If so, you have to figure out how to do it the right way and make sure that area is covered with water.

Whether you end up taking the bird out for a bath or using a spray bottle, the goal should be to wet that part of the body. This is going to allow the budgie to dry itself off, which will naturally clean the area.

There is no need to rub the area as that isn’t going to help as much as you think. It may aggravate the budgie, which isn’t ideal at all!

Your top priority is to get the bum wet with a bit of water. This is going to allow the budgie to start reacting to the water and then it will start rinsing itself.

If you ever notice a budgie under the water, they are going to handle this part of the process on their own anyway. They will know what to do and that is what makes them such clean birds in the first place.

How To Clean A Budgie's Bum

Don’t Use Products

This is one of the worst mistakes a budgie owner can make when it is time to rinse their bird’s bum.

You don’t need to use bird oils or shampoos because they may do more harm than good. Yes, there are potential products out there that offer value, but most are going to be filled to the brim with harmful substances!

Why take the risk when you don’t have to?

Instead, keep it simple and make sure you are allowing the bird an opportunity to rinse itself. In most cases, this is going to be more than enough to get the job done and your budgie’s bum will be cleaner than ever before.

Don’t underestimate how well a budgie can clean itself inside the cage.

Experts Say...
Budgies don’t require shampoos and/or other products and it can irritate their skin depending on what is being used.

If you are going to take the time to find something to use for the bird, it’s recommended to go with natural products that won’t harm the bird.

Otherwise, you can simply take the bird out of the cage and put them under the tap for a bit. This is going to be more than enough to allow them to rinse their feathers.

However, when you do take them out of the cage for a bath, it’s still best to let them do it on their own. This is going to ensure they stay clean and don’t get pushed around! This is when a budgie gets aggravated.

It’s also important to note, the budgie may end up making quite a mess when you take them outside the cage. They are going to shake and stir to get the water out (this is normal), which means it is going to get everywhere.

Final Thoughts

This is what you need when it’s time to learn how to clean a budgie’s bum.

Yes, it can be disconcerting at first to figure out what works and what doesn’t. However, you are lucky to have a budgie as your pet because they naturally appreciate staying clean!

This is half the battle and you are not going to have to fight them on it. Instead, you simply have to make it easier on them inside the cage. This can be done with something as simple as a high-grade bird bath accessory that can be set up in a matter of seconds.

Once the accessory is ready to go, your budgie is going to organically head over and start washing its feathers.

Take the time to allow your budgie to enjoy itself and you will notice everything is going to end up the way you want it to.

This is what it takes to learn how to clean a budgie’s bum!

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