5 Tips On How To Discipline A German Shepherd Puppy

The average dog owner assumes their puppy will be special and isn’t going to get into trouble. Unfortunately, this is rarely true as most puppies will break the rules. This is why it’s time to learn how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy.

What should you do when a German Shepherd puppy is misbehaving?

The common reaction is to yell but that isn’t going to work. In fact, you are going to have the puppy in a frightened state and that’s going to be difficult to manage.

As a result, it’s time to learn how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy the right way.

This detailed guide is going to take a look at the best ways to discipline a German Shepherd puppy, what to use, and how to make sure they are as healthy as they need to be.

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Tips on How To Discipline a German Shepherd Puppy

Use Dog Toys to Calm Them

This is a wonderful way to make sure your dog does stop misbehaving.

Let’s assume you notice their behavior has been erratic at home. When this happens, you will have to let them know and then re-direct their focus.

This can be done with the help of a simple dog toy.

A lot of the times, your German Shepherd puppy is simply letting out energy that has been pent-up inside. They are young and still developing, which means they are going to get into things at home or anywhere they are.

It’s a natural part of their development as a dog.

Your top priority has to be to control the situation and then you can focus on working on their long-term behavior. This is why making sure they build a stronger bond with their dog toys will ensure they don’t bite everything they see!

It’s a simple trick that will go a long way in simplifying your life. You can start to train them to behave without having to worry about not keeping them busy. This is why dog toys for German Shepherd puppies work well.

How To Discipline A German Shepherd Puppy

Use a Firm “NO!”

Your words are powerful and it is something the puppy will respond to.

If you want to learn how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy, it’s time to use the word “NO!” to get the point across. By doing this, your puppy will realize they have done something wrong and may not want to do it again.

It is a simple strategy that is used in the wild by mothers when their puppies misbehave. They will give them a quick bark to let them know they are acting out of order.

To mimic this, you are going to want to do the same thing at home.

Using a firm “No” is going to set the tone for your puppy and will let it know their behavior has been out of line.

Now it’s important to note, you are not going to be yelling at the dog when doing this. You are simply using the word “NO!” and letting them recognize something has gone wrong.

It’s more about getting them to build a connection between what they have done and your displeasure. This is more than enough to get the job done as a dog owner.

Some dog owners become overzealous in these situations and yell. Not only is that unnecessary, but it is also bad for the dog too.

Remove Them From The Area

If your dog is misbehaving in a certain room, it’s best to remove them from the area.

This is going to make it easier to show that you are disciplining them for bad behavior. When a puppy is removed from one area, they are going to notice and may not want to repeat their bad behavior next time.

In general, there are two benefits that come with doing this.

  • Your German Shepherd won’t keep doing the same thing
  • Your German Shepherd will understand they’ve done something wrong

This is essential when you are trying to learn how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy. If you are not removing them from the space, they will continue to misbehave.

Your main priority has to be to make sure they are physically removed from the space and this applies to outside settings too. If they are at the dog park, you will want to get them out of there right away.

It’s a short and sweet way of making sure they understand what has gone on. It’s much easier to get the puppy to learn by doing this.

You might think it’s not possible, but the puppy will pick up on this.

How To Discipline A German Shepherd Puppy

Catch Them in the Act

One of the best things a dog owner can do is catch their puppy misbehaving.

Let’s imagine your German Shepherd has started biting the couch and made a mark. If you notice they have been doing this, next time catch them in the act. As soon as they bite, you are going to go up to them and say a firm “NO!” without being aggressive.

The idea is to have them understand what they have done wrong, so they don’t do it again.

Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners react after they see a mess and that might be too late. Plus, you don’t want to rub your dog’s nose in their mistake by bringing them back to the area. This doesn’t work and is only going to confuse them.

Experts Say...
A dog will learn quickly when it understands the negative association with a particular activity and your displeasure.

By catching them in the act, you are going to have a far better chance of seeing a good result. Otherwise, they will continue to misbehave.

It’s also important to understand what you’re going to do when this happens. Don’t make up disciplinary strategies on the spot.

You have to be diligent and plan ahead because you know it’s going to happen. If you have a plan, you can take action as soon as something goes wrong.

Never Yell or Hit

When figuring out how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy, it’s important to avoid yelling and/or hitting them.

This is unacceptable and is going to create fear in your dog.

This type of behavior will ruin the puppy’s development and will lead to a considerable amount of misbehaving. This is why it’s highly recommended to abstain from any type of abuse that is going to harm them both now and in the long-term.

When you are in a position where a puppy has misbehaved, it’s best to be proactive and have a plan in mind. This will ensure you don’t overreact and yell.

Your puppy is going to feed off of this energy and that is the wrong message to send to them. A lot of dog owners assume yelling is okay but it will have a detrimental impact on the dog’s health.

You have to stay patient and understand this isn’t going to end quickly. You have to be compassionate and patient in working with the puppy. German Shepherds are clever dogs and will learn when you spend time on them.

Final Thoughts

These are the 5 most important tips on how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy.

Yes, it can be incredibly frustrating in your early days with a young German Shepherd. They are going to be hyperactive, impatient, and will want to get into everything! This is simply a part of their genetic makeup.

While you can’t change their nature, you can start to develop them to behave. This is when the tips listed here become essential.

Use the tips and continue to make them a part of your underlying strategy as a dog owner. You have to be assertive in the first few months to drill things into their mind. This is all about being ahead of the curve and taking the time to appreciate what works.

Whether it is redirecting them using dog toys or saying a firm “NO!” it’s all about staying committed.

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