Best HOB Filter For Saltwater Tanks (And Our Top Picks!)

A good external filter or “HOB filter” is one of those investments that can yield amazing results as soon as they’re installed. This is why more and more aquarium owners are now shifting towards using the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks.

If you are in a position to find a brand-new HOB filter for your fish tank then it’s time to understand what’s available on the open market.

There are so many options and so little time!

This is why you can dig through this all-in-one guide on the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks, which ones we believe are the best, and how to make sure your HOB filter delivers immediate results.


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Best HOB Filter for Saltwater Tanks: Marineland PF0350B Penguin Power Filter (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Marineland PF0350B Penguin Power Filter is a world-class HOB filter and among the best in the world right now. It has a patented BIO-WHEEL design used to offer a straightforward filtration process that’s quiet, efficient, and in line with modern standards.

Due to its sleek design and consistent filtration output, this is a reliable HOB filter that works well with all types of aquariums.

Within a few seconds, this high-quality HOB filter is going to be up and running ensuring your aquarium’s water quality is perfect. When it comes to new-age HOB filters, this is right up there with the best.

AquaClear Fish Tank Filter

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The AquaClear Fish Tank Filter is an outstanding HOB filter and deserves its spot on the list. With this high-octane HOB filter, users get something that’s battle-tested, efficient, and ideal for all types of aquariums. Its continuous biological filtration is a major boon for those wanting to make sure all unwanted toxins and/or chemicals are duly removed.

Along with being one of the best HOB filters for aquariums, it is also an aesthetically pleasing design.

This is a HOB filter that has been engineered with tremendous detail and it shows. The attention to detail impressive and well worth your money.

Fluval C4 Power Filter

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The Fluval C4 Power Filter is a power-packed HOB filter due to its elegant design, high-powered filtration setup, and general quality. This is one of those designs that will leave you impressed from day one.

One of the more charming benefits associated with this filter is the 5-stage filtration system. Yes, there are “five stages!” on offer and that illustrates the level of quality this solution has to offer. Not too many filtration systems offer this type of quality.

If the goal is to go with a well-designed, effective HOB filter that is easy on the eyes, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Tips for Buying the Best HOB Filter For Saltwater Tanks

Should Offer Multi-Stage Filtration

The filtration process is an essential component of any modern HOB filter.

If the filtration isn’t good enough or thorough, it will deliver below-par results. This means toxins will continue to slip through and harm every living organism inside the aquarium. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s recommended to go with a multi-stage filtration system for your fish tank.

What does a multi-stage setup encompass?

It’s going to have a Mechanical pad, Chemical- Activated Carbon Insert, and a Biological Screen.

This is an example of how the setup can be and many filtration systems will include additional layers to deliver incredible value year-round.

If you want to make sure the aquarium is in good health and the water doesn’t ruin everything, this has to be a top priority. The best HOB filter for saltwater tanks is always going to include 3-5 stages for consistent filtering.

Anything short of this is going to leave you disappointed and won’t yield good results. This is a concern many fish tank owners have when looking to keep the living environment healthy.

By using this as a good deciding factor, you will end up with something potent, safe, and effective over the long haul.

Best HOB Filter For Saltwater

A Seamless Fit is Essential

How seamless is the fit with your new external filter?

If you don’t find a good external filter for the aquarium, it doesn’t matter what the underlying features are like. This is why most fish tank owners take the time to measure their tank, assess how well the HOB filter works, and then make the investment.

Your eye has to be on determining what the aquarium needs moving forward.

A 20-gallon tank is not going to have the same needs as a 40-gallon tank. This is simply the way things are and it is something you will have to account for with the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks.

If the filter wobbles once installed, it isn’t going to function properly and can break down easily.

What does a seamless fit look like?

The fit should be perfect from all angles, which means it should be a simple setup process. The best HBO filter for saltwater tanks isn’t going to take more than a few seconds to set up. This is something the leading HOB filters take into consideration during the engineering process.

If it is taking too long then you will know it is the wrong type of HOB filter.

Read the reviews and check how the HOB filter is installed for your aquarium. If it seems complex then you are going with the wrong one.

Should Operate Quietly

Imagine buying the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks and then finding out it makes too much noise during the night!

In the past, this was one of the biggest concerns fish tank owners had.

They would try to go to sleep at night and the HOB filter would be humming loudly in the background! This is one of the worst things that can happen especially if you are residing in a smaller property where this noise can’t be muzzled.

As a result, it’s better to get out in front of the problem as a fish tank owner.

Your goal should be to determine how much noise the HOB filter makes during the night. This can be done by reading through reviews and also taking the time to see whether or not it is marketing for being quiet.

A lot of HOB filters are now taking this into consideration, which means you don’t have to settle for a loud filter.

Instead, you can go with something that is relatively quiet and effective at the same time.

It’s also important to make sure it doesn’t have fluctuations in noise production. Some HOB filters may appear quiet at first but get louder over time.

Best HOB Filter For Saltwater

Cartridge Changes Have To Be Simple

There is nothing worse than having to go through a rigorous cartridge change for your new solution.

Yes, this type of filtration setup is only going to function well with regular cartridge changes. If you start skipping past these changes, the system will get clogged up and/or not work the way you want it to.

As a result, you want to understand how to change the cartridge and how much the new cartridge costs. In some cases, companies end up getting you this way by making the cartridges expensive and impossible to pay for over a long timespan.

Experts Say...
The filter will be changed every month or so meaning it should be a seamless process that doesn’t get in the way of your routine.

If necessary, you should take the time to review videos regarding specific cartridge changes for new HOB filters. This will shed light on how the process is like and whether or not you can handle it.

You should always go with the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks because it will take no more than a few seconds to make the swap.

This is a lot easier for those who want to make sure the maintenance process isn’t extensive. A quality HOB filter for your tank shouldn’t become a chore to manage. It needs to be a seamless fit that works well without a fuss.

Should Remove All Chemicals

What is the main purpose of going with a safe HOB filter for your aquarium?

The idea is to make sure your water quality is up to par with established standards. If not, the living organisms inside the fish tank will start to see a decline in their quality of life.

This is why it’s important to see how well the HOB filter can remove toxins. If it has a multi-stage filtration system then you are already on the right path but that is just one factor.

You also have to take a look at how much power the HOB filter has to offer once it is turned on. Can it handle the amount of water that is present inside your aquarium at any given moment? Will it remain consistent during the day?

These are critical questions that have to be asked as a fish tank owner.

You should also assess the types of chemicals that are present in saltwater tanks and how well a filter can remove them once running.

By doing this, you will know whether or not the HOB filter is going to do its job properly. It will also help eliminate options that can’t handle the toxins in your salter water tank.

Best HOB Filter For Saltwater

Good Looks Don’t Hurt

Now this isn’t the biggest of requirements but it is something that will be in the back of your mind!

With the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks, you should always consider performance metrics first. The goal is always to go with something that performs well, but what about the aesthetics of your new filter?

Yes, you want a good-performing solution, but when everything is even, it doesn’t hurt to go with a good-looking HOB filter. It is going to be settled on the outside of your fish tank, which means it will be in everyone’s line of sight during the day.

Slimmer filters can perform just as well as bulkier looking designs making aesthetics an easy deciding factor when choosing.

By going with the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks, you can start to feel better about how it looks and how it will settle into the room.

Remember, your aquarium shouldn’t look odd when the new HOB filter is installed. Instead, it should be a seamless fit that appears to be a part of the overall setup.

This is the only way you are going to appreciate what the filter has to offer and how well it works once installed. Keep this in mind when you are comparing HOB filters.

How To Use the Best HOB Filter for Saltwater Tanks

Lock it Securely Against the Tank

The first tip to focus on is how well it’s secured to the tank.

Imagine taking the time to buy a new HOB filter for your aquarium and then realizing it isn’t installed correctly. This is going to cause the filter to not run properly and it is going to lead to below-par results.

While rare, it is possible the HOB filter won’t work at all!

Your responsibility as a fish tank owner is to double-check how the HOB filter has been installed. To do this, take the time to gently push against the filter to see how well it’s settled. If it makes a rattling noise or seems to stutter then you have to re-adjust the installation.

A lot of fish tank owners will rush through this process assuming the filter will do well on its own.

Yes, modern HOB filters are high-powered and do perform well, but this doesn’t mean they are going to work through a bad installation! You still have to take the time to install them as directed.

This is critical and something that should be taken seriously. The same applies to those installing the HOB filter after a cartridge change. It has to be settled in as designed.

Go Through Test Runs

Test runs are a wonderful idea and nothing to scoff at as an aquarium owner.

With a test run, you are going to set the filter and have it function for approximately 10 minutes to determine whether or not it’s working efficiently. This means it is processing the water and is not stuttering randomly.

One thing you should wait a little longer to do is test the water quality. You aren’t going to get much of a read on that until later on.

For now, your goal should be to simply take it for a test drive to see how it works and how well it adjusts to your aquarium.

Go through short test runs for 5-10 minutes in a bid to see how well the new HOB filter does.

If you are happy with the HOB filter, let it keep running in the background as you monitor the water quality in the coming weeks or months.

This initial check-up is supposed to be straightforward and isn’t going to lead to average results.

Start with an effective HOB filter and know it’s going to function easily. With the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks, your goal should be to keep tabs on the filter. This means don’t let it run without understanding the impact it is having on the tank.

Best HOB Filter For Saltwater

Change the Water Beforehand

This is a common mistake when you buy the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks.

Even when you get a good HOB filter, it’s still smart to change the water beforehand. This is going to give you a brand-new environment to work with and it will ensure the HOB filter isn’t pressed with a boatload of toxins from day one.

Over time, this filter is going to get good at removing toxins before they become a problem.

However, during the initial run, you are going to want to get out in front of things as a fish tank owner. This means changing the water, taking pH level readings, and then installing the new HOB filter for your saltwater tank.

If you skip this step, it may not seem like a big deal, but it may start adding up after a while.

In some cases, the HOB filter never settles in and/or becomes overwhelmed with the poor water quality. This is something you are not going to want to deal with, which means taking precautionary measures will help.

You are going to save time and it will give your HOB filter a fresh start.

Assess the Water Quality and pH Level

A good aquarium is always going to start with its water quality.

This means the filtration system needs to be running as designed and getting rid of unwanted toxins. If that doesn’t happen, you are going to start noticing a change in the water quality and/or pH level.

When this happens, it is a clear-cut sign your filtration system isn’t functioning as it is marketed to.

So, what do you do then?

You will want to start by having a plan in mind and keeping track of the metrics early on. This means you are going to take daily readings to assess the water quality (visually) and run a small pH test to see what the level is like.

This is the best way to make sure your HOB filter is working the right way and isn’t ruining your aquarium.

Experts Say...
A common mistake made by fish tank owners is to allow the HOB Filter a free rein in filtering water without testing for quality.

It’s easy to have blind faith when you assume the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks is by your side.

Unfortunately, a lot of HOB filters aren’t installed correctly, which means the water quality continues heading in the wrong direction! You have to run these tests and make sure to checkup on the aquarium early on.

Best HOB Filter For Saltwater

Secure the Cartridge

To the surprise of many people, a HOB filter isn’t always going to latch on properly.

Remember, it is going to be situated outside the aquarium, which means it needs to stay in place correctly. If it moves or doesn’t latch on the right way, the entire filtration setup is going to be compromised.

Unfortunately, the wrong type of HOB filter is going to leave you thoroughly disappointed during the installation process. This is one of the biggest challenges that come with something like this.

Always go with a high-quality HOB filter for saltwater tanks that are easy to install. It will save you a lot of time!

A loosened cartridge can end up hampering how well the HOB filter performs once it’s turned on. Make sure to secure it beforehand.

If you end up with a filter that doesn’t settle properly, it will make a lot of noise and won’t filter the water adequately.

This is when the entire purpose behind having a HOB filter goes out the window!

Take your time when setting up a brand-new filter. Even if it is the best HBO filter for saltwater tanks, there isn’t much value in an investment when it is installed incorrectly. If you want the investment to work out, it is best to keep this in mind and only run the filter when it is securely in place.

Final Thoughts

In the end, when it comes to finding the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks, you are going to want to take a look at our recommended list.

These are some of the finest HOB filters on the market and an ideal list of choices for those who want a great fit.

Along with taking the time to find a good HOB filter, it’s also important to understand how it’s going to be used once installed. A lot of fish tank owners go through the motions in this regard and end up with a horrible setup!

Don’t be one of those people and make sure to go through the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide.

If you are going to invest in the best HOB filter for saltwater tanks, why not go with something that is the real deal?

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