Can Dogs Get Knocked Out? (And The Best Ways To Help Them Recover!)

When a dog gets into a high-impact accident, they are often going to get hurt. This is natural. However, one question most dog owners have is, “Can dogs get knocked out?”

It’s challenging to make this determination as dogs are a unique animal and will have their physical reaction to a fall.

However, there has been ample research done on this and there is a clear-cut answer to the question “Can dogs get knocked out?”

This guide is going to answer this question, offer tips on the best protective cone for concussed dogs, and how to make sure to keep your dog safe from getting knocked out.

Best Protective Cone for Dogs (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The team behind this protective cone has put in the time to design something that’s robust and ideal for unhealthy or concussed dogs.

Whether it is the easy on-off mechanism or the removable plastic stays, this is the ultimate protective cone for dogs that are injured.

Can Dogs Get Knocked Out?

Yes, a dog can get knocked out depending on the severity of their injury.

If a dog ends up having their end jolted and/or hit against something hard (i.e. concrete), they will lose their equilibrium and their brain will slam against the other side of the skull. Due to this rapid impact and movement of the brain, a dog will get knocked out just like a human would.

It’s important to note, dogs are resilient animals and will take quite a beating before succumbing to something like this. However, there are times when a sudden accident is going to cause them to get knocked out.

The first 1-2 hours are critical when a dog has been knocked out and it’s recommended to rush to a vet as soon as possible.

If your dog has been knocked out, it’s best to visit a vet and take the time to go through a complete physical check-up.

The vet may also recommend further testing to determine whether or not the brain is in good health. If not, there may be additional therapy and/or treatment options needed to keep your dog safe post-knockout.

If you don’t get the right treatment for your dog after a knockout, they may end up having long-term symptoms that don’t go away.

Make sure to take this information seriously and pay attention to what your dog needs after a knockout.

Can Dogs Get Knocked Out

Tips for Keeping a Dog Safe From Concussions

Reduce Participation in Risky Physical Activities

One of the worst mistakes dog owners make is constantly placing their dogs in high-stress environments.

Most examples of dogs getting knocked out have to do with these situations. If a dog is placed under regular physical duress (i.e. high-risk physical challenges) or being made to go through dangerous locations, they will eventually get hurt.

What shouldn’t you do as a dog owner?

You shouldn’t –

  • Go On Dangerous Hikes
  • Make Your Dog Jump From Tall Heights
  • Make Your Dog Go Through Protective Training Without Professional Guidance

These are just a few of the examples associated with keeping your dog safe from knockouts.

Since the answer is yes to the question, “Can dogs get knocked out?” you have to start focusing on preventative methods. Otherwise, your dog is going to be put into harm’s way and that is something no one wants to deal with!

Does this mean your dog can’t go out for a hike or for a swim at the beach?

No, of course, you can take your dog out for an adventure but it has to be done with a plan in mind. Whether this means investing in a good dog helmet to prevent concussions or making the time to keep them close to you, it’s all about preparedness.

If you are prepared, the likelihood of your dog getting knocked out is slim.

This is why taking the time to plan everything is going to go a long way in keeping your dog safe.

Buy a Dog Helmet

This is one of the best investments a dog owner can make.

A dog helmet is great because it can be used in a variety of situations. Whether you are going out for a hike, riding a bicycle, or simply driving around, it is never a bad idea to invest in a dog helmet. It’s something you want to have around at all times.

A lot of dog owners don’t do this and that is why their dog gets hurt.

Don’t assume your dog is going to handle everything and can take it all. Yes, the average dog is tough and resilient but it is your responsibility to keep them safe.

A good dog helmet is going to do just that and more!

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Focus on choosing a dog helmet that is going to fit snugly and is going to protect your dog in a variety of situations.

Over time, your dog is going to get used to putting it on and that is essential in maintaining their long-term health.

If a dog will be riding along on a bike, it’s best to invest in a good dog helmet to ensure they do not get concussed or knocked out.

In many cases, your dog’s life can be saved with the help of a dog helmet. Remember, getting knocked out isn’t the only outcome that can happen from a sudden fall. Many dogs lose their lives because of these events and it’s best to keep your dog as protected as possible so that doesn’t happen.

Use a Protective Cone

As listed above, there is nothing better than keeping your dog’s head protected after it has been concussed. This will ensure they don’t get knocked out in their weakened state.

Yes, it is an unfortunate situation if your dog has been through this type of event, but it’s your responsibility to keep them safe moving forward.

By doing this, you are going to make sure their brain and head can heal properly. If not, it is possible for your dog to re-injure the brain (i.e. get knocked out!) and end up worsening their long-term symptoms.

In many situations, your vet is going to take the time to offer this as a solution to.

By going with the best protective cone for concussed dogs, you are going to have a far easier time keeping them healthy and safe at home.

It’s also important to note, you should keep them away from any type of physical activity (outside the house) in this situation. At most, you can go for a light walk and that is all during the first few weeks. Otherwise, their injury is going to get re-aggravated.

Can Dogs Get Knocked Out

Reduce Stress in the Dog’s Life

There are a few things you have to think about in situations like this.

Can dogs get knocked out? Yes, they can. However, it is important to make sure you are preventing these types of injuries from a physical and mental perspective.

What does this mean?

In general, a hyperactive dog may end up getting itself hurt. You have to take the time to go on long walks and use your dog’s energy in a productive manner. If they have a lot of pent-up energy, it is going to come out one way or another.

In some cases, it will come out by destroying your furniture. However, in other situations, you are going to have an active dog that ends up jumping off of a tall height or ending up in an accident by running around aimlessly.

Experts Say...
A stressed dog is far more likely to overreact and get themselves knocked out, which is why it’s best to keep them as calm and stress-free as possible.

Your top priority has to be to learn more about what your dog needs to lead a stress-free life.

This is going to vary depending on the dog’s breed and it’s best to do your research as soon as you can.

Don’t wait until your dog gets knocked out before making a decision like this!

Final Thoughts

This article should help answer the question “Can dogs get knocked out?” once and for all.

In the end, yes dogs can get knocked out and there are several examples of these cases worldwide. As a result, it’s important to keep your dog safe and make sure your dog doesn’t get knocked out when it’s playing or running around.

Several studies have been done on how to keep dogs safe and most recommend monitoring their physical activity and using protective gear for dogs. This gear will go a long way in making sure your dog doesn’t get knocked out while playing or running.

If your dog has been knocked out, it’s recommended to invest in a quality protective cone. Even if your dog hasn’t been concussed, it’s never a bad idea to keep one of these cones around at home so you have them readily available.

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