How Much Blood Is Normal For A Dog In Heat? (And Which Treatment is Best!)

Wondering how much blood is normal for a dog in heat?

Female dogs go through multiple periods during the year in “heat,” which means it’s important to be prepared as a dog owner.

By understanding what your dog is going through, it’s a lot easier to be proactive. You can invest in the right solutions, make life easier for your dog, and start to plan well in advance.

This guide is going to take a comprehensive look at how much blood is normal for a dog in heat, which dog diapers are best, and how to make sure your dog in heat is treated well during this period.

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What is Heat in Dogs?

A female dog in heat refers to the canine equivalent of a “period,” which indicates she is ready to mate.

When a dog is in heat, it’s common to see a change in behavior and these signs can be an excellent way to take action before blood gets everywhere.

These signs can include:

  • Showing Increased Signs of Affection
  • Urinating More Frequently and Differently
  • Spending More Time Around Male Dogs
  • Displaying Signs of Laziness

By paying attention to these signs, dog owners can start to understand when a female dog is dealing with this specific situation.

For the average female dog, this period is going to last approximately 18-24 days.

The average female dog will have two periods during a year and it’s important to keep tabs on them to make sure everything is managed properly.

There are times when you will start to notice a change in how your dog behaves during the day. In some cases, the dog will run away in heat because their hormones are all over the place. It’s best to stay patient and make sure to understand what your dog is dealing with.

By paying attention to these, you can start to take action and make sure to buy a bag of disposable dog diapers.

How Much Blood Is Normal For A Dog In Heat

How Much Blood is Normal for a Dog in Heat?

A dog in heat is going to see a certain amount of blood loss. This can be divided into two distinct categories – days 1-3 and day 4-5.

Days 1-3 – the dog will display signs of spotting or a small amount of blood loss. This is often a sign of things to come and it’s highly recommended to take action during this time to ensure blood doesn’t get everywhere at home.

Days 4-5 – At this stage, the female dog will have the most amount of blood loss and it can vary depending on the dog’s size. However, the increase will be noticeable and it’s quite common during the earlier days.

Remaining Days – The rest of the cycle is going to have minimal bleeding and at most, it’s going to be a small amount of spotting or dripping. However, it’s important to note there are times when a dog may have an extended period during the first week with heavy bleeding. This is normal and is simply a part of the variation among female dogs.

The amount of blood loss should always follow a set pattern for it to be normal.

The only time a dog owner should be concerned is when the blood loss is erratic.

This means there’s a significant amount of blood loss and it refuses to relent. The same applies to those losing a little bit of blood then losing a lot before repeating the cycle again multiple times. This means the cycle isn’t following a normal pattern.

In these cases, it’s best to invest in good disposable dog diapers and visit your vet for a complete check-up on what’s going on.

Tips On How to Help a Dog in Heat

Use Comfortable Dog Diapers

The first thing a dog owner should do is buy quality dog diapers.

These diapers for dogs in heat will go a long way in providing comfort, avoiding getting blood everywhere in the house, and making sure you don’t have to micro-manage all the time.

Yes, it can be disconcerting seeing your dog go through this phase during the year, but it’s a biological reaction that has to be accounted for. By going with good dog diapers for dogs in heat, you save yourself quite a bit of trouble.

When you do make a purchase such as this, it’s important to make sure the disposable dog diapers are comfortable to wear.

Don’t go with something that is heavy, looks odd, or doesn’t feel right. It’s only going to bother your dog and is going to make them increasingly anxious. A better solution is to look for safe dog diapers that are easy to wear when in heat.

When diapers aren’t cozy, your dog isn’t going to appreciate putting them on.

This means you are going to have a real challenge on your hand as soon as the diaper is put on. Be smart about what you buy and make sure it will work out as intended.

How Much Blood Is Normal For A Dog In Heat

Let Your Dog Rest

The one thing all dog owners need to understand is the power of rest when a dog is in heat.

Your dog will want to rest and it’s best to let them to do so.

If you continue to want to play, they may feel like obliging when that is not the safest thing to do! Be the smarter one and make sure you are letting them sleep it off as much as possible.

A female dog will often rest for extended periods during this time of the year and it’s best to let them do so.

How much is a dog going to sleep when in heat?

This is going to depend on your dog, but a lot of dogs will tend to sleep multiple times during the day including what they would do regularly.

There is nothing wrong with them and it’s just a part of being in heat.

Do Not Engage in Playtime

Play time is such a common part of owning a dog and it’s something you eventually get used to.

However, with a dog in heat, you want to cut down on playtime as much as possible. While you can still take your dog out for a small walk, it’s not something you want to force on them. Instead, you want to pay attention to what your dog wants.

If they don’t want to go out for a walk, it’s okay to let them rest.

The goal is to allow them to rest and recuperate during a time their hormones are all over the place and the body is acting oddly. They will also be learning as they go, which means you have to allow them to react organically.

In fact, your main focus should be getting your dog to eat.

A lot of female dogs will not eat during this period and that can lead to significant weight loss and fatigue. As a result, you want to encourage them to nibble away at food and continue to keep up with their diet.

This should be your top priority as you put together a plan.

How Much Blood Is Normal For A Dog In Heat

Do Not Startle Your Dog

This is a common mistake made by dog owners and it can lead to unfortunate circumstances depending on how your dog reacts.

Let’s assume you start showing signs of aggression while your dog is in heat. In this case, each dog is going to react differently, but most of the time, you are not going to end up with a happy dog. Instead, your dog is going to run in the opposite direction.

When a dog is startled, they are going to have a natural desire to run or protect themselves. When a dog is heat, this cranks up a few notches.

As a result, you have to be careful about what you are doing and what you are saying. It’s best to use a calming voice throughout the 18-24 day period and make it as easy on the dog as possible.

Experts Say...
Any type of aggression and/or negative action is going to have a horrible effect on the dog and will cause them to become anxious around you. Don’t startle them.

You never want to be the reason for your dog’s symptoms getting worse.

When you use the wrong tone with your dog, yell, or simply admonish them, they are not going to take it well. This means their symptoms may worsen and/or the situation is going to spiral out of control.

Be smart and make sure you are being as careful around the dog as possible.

Final Thoughts

While learning how much blood is normal for a dog in heat, it’s best to understand what your dog needs during this period.

By buying good disposable dog diapers for dogs in heat, it’s a lot easier to regulate their blood loss and make sure everything is as clean as needed.

As for blood loss, a dog in heat is going to show a set pattern most of the times.

This means your dog is going to go through 2 stages of blood loss, one will have a small amount of blood and the other will have a heavier amount.

It’s best to understand these phases for dogs in heat well in advance. It will save you quite a bit of time and make life easier as you try to handle this situation head-on.

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