Why Does My Parrot Regurgitate On Me? (And The Best Way To Stop It!)

Are you sitting down wondering, “Why does my parrot regurgitate on me?”

Regurgitation refers to the removal of undigested food from the mouth after it has gone down the esophagus. This is a common biological reaction noticed in parrots and pet birds, but why does it occur?

It’s important to understand the purpose behind parrot regurgitation so you recognize what can and cannot be done.

This guide will help answer the question, “Why does my parrot regurgitate on me?” while shedding light on what can be done to reduce how much a parrot regurgitates during the day.

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Why Does My Parrot Regurgitate On Me?

A parrot is just like any other pet bird meaning it regurgitates as a sign of affection. Your parrot will eventually believe you to be a part of its family or a “flock mate,” which means you are going to be assigned the honor of regurgitation.

While it might seem revolting at first, it’s also a wonderful sign of respect.

It’s recommended to take a step back and understand why your parrot is regurgitating. In most cases, you will realize it comes down to two simple reasons with the first being more prominent and common.

The reasons can include:

  • Showing Signs of Affection and Care
  • Health-Related Issues (Indigestion)

If you are worried about a parrot’s health, it’s best to visit a vet and see what they have to say. However, health-related regurgitation isn’t common in parrots and it is usually down to something as simple as a sign of affection.

Experts Say...
In many cases, a parrot will never show this level of affection making it something to be proud of when it happens.

A parrot that is doing this regularly has truly accepted you as a part of its flock. It’s time to understand what you are doing right and continuing to build your bond with the bird.

There is nothing to be apprehensive about because this is a massive breakthrough in the bird world!

If you are concerned, take the time to learn how to reduce how much your parrot regurgitates. If it is a sign of affection, you may never be able to regulate it completely! This is just a part of being a parrot owner.

Tips on How to Stop Parrot Regurgitation

Understand the Reason First

Before panicking and shouting “Why does my parrot regurgitate on me?” it’s time to understand the root cause.

As mentioned above, it will come down to two reasons – sign of affection or illness.

This means you don’t need to panic in most cases. If your parrot is trying to be affectionate then it’s easier to start making adjustments without overdoing things. Unfortunately, some parrot owners do overreact and this can reduce their bond with the pet bird.

Experts Say...
A good starting point is to focus on why the parrot is regurgitating before looking to stop or reduce it. Each situation is unique.

If you have put in the work to build a strong bond with your parrot, why not continue to maintain it? Yes, you don’t want your parrot to regurgitate on you, but it is also a simple sign of affection. If so, you have to learn to tamper it but not stop it entirely!

If you do this well, you are going to have a happy parrot that does regulate its regurgitation.

Over time, you are going to start picking out what works and what doesn’t. This is key information and will help you reduce a parrot’s regurgitation.

The only mistake a person can make is to rush the solution. Sometimes, the best solution is no solution at all.

This is something you are going to have to decide when it is time to figure out what to do next.

Why Does My Parrot Regurgitate On Me

Avoid Certain Triggers

There are several triggers a parrot can react to positively.

Yes, remember a parrot is happy when it regurgitates on you, which means you have to start to pick out what makes it affectionate in the first place.

The triggers can include:

  • Specific Words/Phrases
  • Rubbing the Parrot’s Head
  • Giving the Parrot a Peck

These are just some of the potential triggers you may be activating in the presence of your parrot. It’s recommended to pay attention next time and see what caused the parrot to regurgitate.

By reducing 1-2 triggers, the parrot will eventually stop regurgitating as often as it used to.

When you start to pick out these triggers, you will find it ten times easier to stop. Otherwise, you will continue to do the same thing and your bird will too.

Regurgitation isn’t always going to be caused by the same trigger, but it will allow you to reduce the number of times it happens. This is a positive step and something you should consider as a parrot owner.

When you refuse to change potential triggers in your routine, the regurgitation will continue. It’s something the parrot biologically does, which means it comes down to your response to the situation at hand.

Avoid Extended Playing Sessions

How long are your playing sessions with the parrot?

Are you someone that tends to spend hours with the parrot and make it a top priority in your routine? If so, it might be time to drag things back a bit and create space between yourself and the parrot.

Unfortunately, spending a lot of time with the parrot is going to create this sense of affection. While it is nice, you are also going to have to deal with regurgitation.

If you are someone that doesn’t want to deal with a regurgitating parrot then it is time to create space between yourself and the pet bird. This is the only way to control the situation because your parrot needs time away from you.

Try to do it gradually until you find the sweet spot where your parrot doesn’t regurgitate as much.

When combined with a reduction in triggers, you will notice a change in the parrot’s behavior. This is essential when the goal is to stop regurgitation.

It’s important to note, the process will take a bit of time to execute. You may have to spend weeks or months to learn what works with your parrot in stopping regurgitation.

Why Does My Parrot Regurgitate On Me

Don’t Create Patterns

A common mistake parrot owners make is to create patterns.

A bird is going to bond to you rapidly when there are set patterns associated with you. This is especially true when it comes to play time during the day.

Are you a bird owner that constantly plays with the parrot in the afternoon? Are you someone that spends at least 1-2 hours with the parrot every single day?

If so, you are going to have to get rid of these patterns right away. It’s the only option if the goal is to stop regurgitation in parrots. When they get used to your patterns, it is a lot harder for them to stop regurgitating.

Experts Say...
A parrot can become a creature of habit, so reducing patterns will help alleviate regurgitation to an extent.

You have to realize a bird is only reacting based on what’s happening around it.

If you are a flock mate in its eyes, you will have created patterns that make your presence important and valued.

While this is nice, you may not want something like that resulting in regurgitation! To control the parrot’s behavior, it’s best to get rid of these patterns. It’s one of the best ways to make sure you as a bird owner are on the right path and everything works out as you want it to.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to answering, “Why does my parrot regurgitate on me?” it’s all about showing love and affection.

Your parrot is behaving like any other bird that is in love with its flock mate. You have become a big part of its family and this is its way of saying “I Love You!”

While this is a lovely gesture and it’s something to be proud of as a parrot owner, you still have to make sure it doesn’t become a habit. Most bird owners don’t want to deal with regurgitation at home.

So, what do you do then?

You look to get rid of potential triggers that are causing your parrot to want to show love. If you get rid of these triggers, you will start to see a decline in regurgitation.

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