5 Tips On How To Keep Hamster Warm In Cold House

Want to learn how to keep hamster warm in cold house?

This is one of those concerns that can start to bother hamsters after a while. Their bodies are naturally inclined to seek shelter from the cold, which means a colder environment will increase their stress levels rapidly.

This is why it’s important to find a good way to heat a hamster cage at home.

For those wanting to learn how to keep hamster warm in cold house, it’s time to start with the 5 tips mentioned in this guide. You will not only learn how to keep the hamster cage warm but also what solution to invest in.

Best Heat Mat for Hamsters (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Fluker’s Heat Mat for Hamsters is a tremendous solution for keeping your hamster warm. Once set up, this heat mat is going to ensure the cage stays warm during the coldest of nights. It offers a streamlined source of heat that’s perfect for new-age hamster cages.

This mat comes in a wide array of sizes, offers multiple watts of power, and can be used to evenly distribute heat throughout the cage.

When it comes to keeping your hamster warm inside a cold house, this mat is a wonderful starting point.

How To Keep Hamster Warm In Cold House

Use a Heating Mat

The best option would be to go with a quality heating mat.

The heating mat is going to be positioned under the cage and is going to ensure the hamster’s living environment remains consistently warm. It will also alleviate any concerns associated with fluctuating temperatures inside the room.

A lot of hamster owners don’t use a good heating mat, which causes the cage to become unbearably cold after a while.

It’s recommended to invest in a high-quality heating mat for hamsters and set it up in the right position. Remember, these mats are made for small animals such as hamsters and will work well with their cages.

Most cages will get cold along the sides and near the base, which makes a quality heating mat a wonderful solution for modern setups.

Once the heating mat has been set up, it is going to remain steady with its performance. This means it is going to continue to run at the temperature you have set it to.

A lot of hamster owners don’t have the time to keep checking on the cage or mat, which makes it important to have some form of automation in place.

A quality heating mat for hamster cages will work well because it’s going to be set at a standard temperature of 100 Fahrenheit allowing you to feel comfortable running it.

How To Keep Hamster Warm In Cold House

Keep the Cage in a Warmer Room

How are you planning on keeping the hamster cage warm inside your house?

You are going to have a few options including the ones that have been mentioned here. However, you can choose a cost-free solution and that is to simply move it to a warmer room.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option depending on your house, but it is something to keep in mind.

If there is another room that is warmer then place the hamster cage there for the colder months. Once things heat up, you can start to move the hamster cage back to where it was. The idea is to get creative with your placement of the cage.

When relocating a hamster cage, do no put it directly in the sun as this can overheat the hamster cage.

If you are not doing this, the hamster is going to get distressed and that is not a good situation to put your pet in.

Instead, you want to look for a warmer location that has a higher rom temperature. This can be checked by simply standing inside the room and comparing it to the current location.

In general, you should also be taking readings for both rooms to determine whether or not the new room is warm enough.

Once you are satisfied, it is time to move the hamster cage and make sure it is kept in a safe spot.

Buy a Small Nest for Cage

To the surprise of many hamster owners, you can easily invest in a small nest for the hamster cage.

This nest is going to be set up inside the cage and will allow the hamster an opportunity to burrow itself inside when the temperature drops.

Is this a permanent solution? No, but it is a good starting point.

You can use this as a way to give your hamster an option to stay warm during the night when you aren’t there. Otherwise, your hamster is going to stress out and not have any way out of the situation at hand.

Good hamster bedding is always a smart investment, but a hamster nest is also going to be advantageous.

This will allow the hamster a chance to run inside and simply warm itself using body heat. This is a wonderful option that has to be made available to the hamster.

Once you have set this up, you can start to look at more long-term options such as a heating mat and/or small heater for the room.

If you aren’t doing this, the hamster is going to fall ill and that is not a risk you want to take.

How To Keep Hamster Warm In Cold House

Invest in a Small Heater for the Room

A small heater can also be used to help regulate temperature within the room.

If you don’t have any other means of warming the room (i.e. HVAC system) then it’s okay to go out and invest in a small-sized room heater to keep things toasty. It’s all about elevating the temperature inside the room and keeping it as warm as possible for the hamster to thrive in.

Anything short of this isn’t going to help and the hamster will continue to freeze.

Your goal should be to buy something that will allow the hamster to comfortably move around the hamster cage without feeling restrained and/or cold.

Experts Say...
A good heater can be positioned alongside a hamster cage to keep it warm inside a cold room.

Along with buying a small heater for hamster cages, you also want to think about where it is going to be positioned in the room.

A good idea is to have it closer to the cage and make sure it is directed in that direction. This will ensure the hamster cage does stay warm even if other parts of the room remain cold. However, with a stronger heater, you won’t have to worry about this and the entire room is going to stay warm!

Get the Hamster Moving

It’s recommended to increase your hamster’s physical activity.

This isn’t an ideal solution over the long-term, but will ensure the hamster doesn’t fall into a lull and succumb to the declining temperature.

The idea is to set up a hamster wheel inside the cage to get the hamster exercising. This will increase their heart rate and body temperature naturally. When this happens, a hamster is going to feel “warmed up” similar to a human running outside in the cold.

Is this sustainable? No, but it is a good way to wait things out if the temperature will improve in a few weeks or months.

Raising the hamster’s body temperature is a good option and can be done by investing in simple hamster accessories.

If possible, you should also look to take the hamster outside of the cage with the help of a hamster ball.

A good hamster ball can help warm a hamster and make sure it can roam around a bit. This is not only going to offer a heat-related boost but is also going to give them a psychological boost.

Why not take advantage of something like this and make the most of it? It’s a great way to get your hamster’s heart rate up and keep them warm at the same time!

Final Thoughts

This is what it takes as you learn how to keep hamster warm in cold house.

The concerns associated with a colder room will only worsen as your hamster’s health deteriorates. It’s important to fix this problem right away before your hamster starts exhibiting symptoms.

By following the tips listed here, you are going to be well on your way to a healthier, safer environment for the hamster. It may take a few tries to get things right, but eventually, you will have the hamster cage positioned in a warmer environment.

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