How To Dry A Dog Fast – Tips and Tricks for Safer Drying

Want to learn how to dry a dog fast?

It’s a concern many dog owners have after giving their dog a bath. If you let them roam around freely inside the house, everything is going to get wet!

As a result, you need a plan ready to go for how to make sure your dog is dry quickly.

The average dog owner will use nothing more than a towel but that’s not enough!

You need more than that to make sure the fur is dry and your dog doesn’t make a mess inside the house.

This guide is going to teach you how to dry a dog fast, what tools to buy, and how to make sure you are drying the dog properly after a bath or time in the pool. Using this information will go a long way for dog owners tired of dealing with a wet dog running around at home.

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The Free Paws Dog Dryer is an exceptional drying tool for dogs. It’s efficient, safe to use, and has been tested by some of the world’s leading grooming experts with great success. This tool comes equipped with a wide array of accessories and provides a wonderful amount of power when it comes to delivering results.

With multiple airflow speeds and nozzles, dog owners have a lot to work with when it is time to dry a dog quickly.

Put these tools to the test and know the dog will be ready to go within seconds. This is how useful a good dog dryer can be after a long bath!

Tips on How To Dry a Dog Fast

Use a Good Dog Dryer

Your first priority when learning how to dry a dog fast is to use the right tool.

This includes investing in a safe dog dryer that’s efficient, highly-rated, and will continue to deliver results in all situations.

Whether your dog has just spent hours in a swimming pool or just taken a bath, you want to make sure the dog dryer is by your side to keep them dry. This is essential when it comes to making sure your house doesn’t become messy due to the dog’s wet fur rubbing against everything!

By having a good dog dryer ready to go, you will have a far easier time drying the dog’s fur. In a matter of minutes, you will be able to push through multiple layers of fur and dry everything.

Other solutions aren’t going to give you this type of flexibility and that’s what frustrates dog owners!

Be smart and invest in a high-quality dog dryer for home as soon as possible. This is going to become your best friend when it comes to giving your dog a bath and keeping them dry.

Other solutions can’t keep up to a quality dog dryer and that’s why it’s a must-have for your needs at home.

Keep a Dry Towel Ready

Do you have a good towel ready to go?

There is no reason to learn how to dry a dog fast when you don’t have the right tools by your side! Yes, a dog dryer is essential, but the first step has to involve a classic dog towel.

The towel is going to act as a way to get rid of surface water that tends to sit on the top layer of your dog’s fur.

This is the easiest water to remove but it should be removed using a dog towel. The towel is going to soak up the moisture and make it easier for you to focus on the deeper layers once you begin. Otherwise, you will end up wasting quite a bit of time on the top layer leading to a more tedious process.

A good towel will go a long way after the dog has taken a bath or get rid of excess water on the fur.

When it is time to take out the towel, simply run it firmly against the dog’s body.

This should take no more than a few seconds and will ensure they are at least semi-dry. Now, in most cases, dog owners leave it to this and let the dog run around.

You don’t want to do this as that is still not dry enough!

Instead, you want to then move onto the next step and start using a quality dog dryer. This will ensure the dog’s fur is completely and thoroughly dry without taking up a lot of your time.

How To Dry A Dog Fast

Let the Dog Shake Itself Out in the Tub or Outside

A lot of dog owners worry about letting their pet shake around after getting wet.

However, you should take advantage of this natural reaction to getting wet. Most dogs will shake themselves because that’s how they would dry themselves in the outdoors.

Yes, it is not going to leave them bone-dry, but it is a wonderful starting point for your drying plan.

In general, you are going to want to let the dog shake itself inside a tub or outside (depending on where you are) and then begin the drying process. The idea is to speed up everything and make sure all of the excess moisture is gone.

What happens if you don’t let the dog shake itself?

In most cases, you will have to take even longer to work away at the top layer of water. This means you are not going to learn how to dry a dog fast because it won’t be as fast as you want it to be!

Start from the Top of the Dog’s Body

When figuring out how to dry a dog fast, you want to understand where to start.

A common reaction is to start from the side of the dog’s body or from underneath. Both of these starting positions are incorrect and will only lengthen your drying process!

Why is it not smart to start from the side or bottom?

In general, when you start from the side or bottom, you are going to have the top still leaking water downwards. This means the parts you dried will get wet all over again by the time you start drying the top!

Experts Say...
Water works hand in hand with gravity, which means it will drip downwards. It’s best to dry from the top to quicken the drying process.

The goal should be to have a proper plan in place as you learn how to dry a dog fast.

You want to make sure it is done by starting at the top, working down the middle, and then finishing at the bottom.

This is going to ensure the dog is completely dry by the time you are done.

This tip applies to all stages during the drying process (i.e. when using a towel or when using a dog dryer).

Keep this in mind and you are going to end up cutting the drying time in more than half!

How To Dry A Dog Fast

Use a Dog Brush

A good dog brush is always a wonderful idea and is going to make your life easier during the drying process.

A dog brush such as the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is a wonderful starting point. The brush is ergonomic, easy to use, and will work well for all dog breeds.

When you start drying a dog with a dryer, you will realize how difficult it can be. A dog’s fur has multiple layers and each one is going to be soaking wet after being drowned in water.

This means you have to get deeper into the fur when you start drying the dog.

If you don’t go deeper, you are going to have a unique situation on your hands where the top layer is dry but the bottom layers continue to leak. In these situations, it will feel like you didn’t dry the dog at all!

Be diligent and make sure to use a dog brush when you are drying your dog.

This is essential for anyone that is learning how to dry a dog fast at home and wants to make sure it is done the right way.

Final Thoughts

This is how to dry a dog fast!

You have to be diligent, thorough, and make sure to use the right dog dryer. As long as you do this, the results will be impressive and you are going to enjoy the experience too.

A lot of dog owners stick to the status quo (i.e. towels) and those don’t always work well. When you have a large-sized dog, they are going to have multiple layers of fur. In these scenarios, you will need a high-powered dog dryer to make life easier.

Learn how to dry a dog fast by using a dog dryer. The difference is going to be amazing and you will fall in love with how the tool works!

Along with a good dog dryer for dogs, it’s also important to look at what else you can do to improve the dog’s quality of life.

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