How To Make A Hamster Like You

Want to know how to make a hamster like you?

It’s one of those challenging propositions hamster owners shy away from. You may want an adoring pet, but it’s not always easy to put your hand in front of a pet that hasn’t bonded yet.

So, what should you do in a situation such as this?

It’s important to think about all of your options and then learn how to make a hamster like you. When you continue to work on it regularly, the results will come the way you want them to.

Here is a detailed look at how to make a hamster like you, what to think about, and how to make sure the right strategy is set up for a long-term relationship.

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Along with their impressive taste profile, these hamster biscuits are also excellent for long-term dental health.

The hamster can easily chew away and enjoy the taste while improving their teeth. It’s a win-win and a must have when you are looking to improve your relationship with a hamster.

How To Make a Hamster Like You

Use Tasty Treats

A great starting point is to start using delicious hamster treats (i.e biscuits).

These treats are going to be a wonderful way to bond with the hamster. The essence of this trick is to simply use the hamster’s sweet tooth to win them over.

Yes, this is possible and it’s something that is quite effective when you are bonding with a hamster. While it’s not the only trick in the book when learning how to make a hamster like you, but it’s a great option to keep up your sleeve.

Your goal should always be to implement a set of steps to bond with a hamster. This is the only way you are going to win them over and one of the better options is to use hamster treats.

Over time, they will build a strong connection with you, especially if they keep getting treats.

The right type of hamster treats can go a long way in putting the hamster at ease when you are around.

The goal is to build that association between happiness and your presence. As long as they realize this, they will want to be around you.

This is why hamsters make great pets because they will start to like you quickly.

Fulfill Their Basic Needs

What are their basic needs as a hamster?

In general, a hamster is going to want a comfortable bed, a good source of food, a sand bath, and somewhere to run or stay active.

If you can hit the mark on all of these basic necessities, they are going to start to get cozy inside the hamster cage. They will also start to associate your presence with this comfort and that’s when you have a chance of winning them over!

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this and start to build a bond with your hamster.

When a hamster is at peace with its surroundings, it will naturally start liking a human’s presence.

Unfortunately, if you are not taking the time to meet their basic needs, they are not going to feel comfortable in your presence.

This is natural because most animals won’t bond well when they have other stress factors in their life (i.e. no physical activity, bad food). This is why you have to start with a strong foundation and take care of these issues immediately.

If you aren’t doing this, the likelihood of getting things done the right way will reduce.

Focus on these basics and then learn how to make a hamster like you. These basic needs are just as important as any other tip mentioned here.

How To Make A Hamster Like You

Let Them Come Up To Your Hand

If you are worried about the hamster nipping at your hand or not wanting to be around you then it’s time to earn their trust.

This is key as you learn how to make a hamster like you.

The idea is to open the hamster cage and place your hand inside. Do this without making too much of a noise and simply focusing on letting the hamster come closer to you.

If you do this long enough, they are going to become comfortable with your hand. This is when they will let their guard down and be more than willing to accept your touch.

Placing your hand in front of them is going to take a bit of courage but most hamsters won’t mind as long as you are not aggressive. When you are doing this, it’s important to avoid making sudden movements as that will startle them.

Instead, you want to simply let the hand rest inside the cage while watching the hamster.

Anything more than this is unnecessary and is going to take away from your chances of building a bond with the hamster.

Stay patient and wait for the hamster to come to you.

Spend Time with the Hamster Every Day

How often do you spend time with your hamster during the day?

If you are skipping days or weeks then the likelihood of bonding with the hamster goes out the window! You are not going to build a proper relationship with a hamster when you don’t spend enough time around them.

They have to start building a good bond with you and that is only going to happen when you are present.

This is where most hamster owners mess up and it leads to a weaker relationship where they don’t want to be around you.

Experts Say...
Consistent bonding will always lead to a stronger relationship with hamsters as they prefer constant contact and familiarity

How long should you spend with a hamster during the day?

In general, there is no steadfast rule but the goal is to at least play with them once a day. You want to give them at least 30-60 minutes during the day.

As you figure out how to make a hamster like you, this is a simple change that will work. When you want a pet hamster, you have to focus on spending time with them.

Remember, consistency is an essential component with hamsters because they will forget about you when weeks are missed!

Be smart and schedule them into your daily schedule.

How To Make A Hamster Like You

Groom Your Hamster

When you want to learn how to make a hamster like you, it’s time to start focusing on what comforts them.

Most hamster owners will try basic changes such as improving their food options, making it fun to spend time inside a hamster cage, and ensuring the cage is clean.

Yes, these are important but you also have to take care of the hamster. This can be done by having specialized grooming sessions for the hamster.

When you start pampering the hamster and taking care them with a bit of grooming, it will yield amazing results. This is one of the best short and long-term strategies to start bonding with your hamster.

A good cleaning regimen can act as a psychological boost for the hamster and help build a stronger bond.

This is one of those changes that will work well and should also keep your hamster healthy. It’s a real win-win for you.

Focus on grooming your hamster the right way and investing in the right tools. As long as you do this, you will start to figure out how to make a hamster like you.

This is a change all hamster owners need to make at one point or another.

Final Thoughts

This is how to make a hamster like you.

It’s all about understanding what the hamster needs, how to make the hamster bond with you, and then implementing a long-term strategy for sustainable results.

Hamsters can easily bond with a human, but that relationship will only last when you are consistent. If weeks go by and you don’t meet up with the hamster, they are going to forget the bond that was built. It’s a common issue hamster owners deal with, so it’s important to stay diligent.

By implementing the tips mentioned here, you are going to see good results and you will learn how to make hamsters like you.

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