How To Keep A Dog Busy In A Crate

Is your dog getting antsy or bored inside a crate? This is a common reaction when a dog isn’t getting enough stimulation. When you start noticing this, it’s time to learn how to keep a dog busy in a crate.

Doing nothing is going to leave your dog agitated and this can lead to unnecessary aggression or bad behavior.

So, what are your options as a dog owner? What can you do to keep a dog busy when inside a crate?

This guide is going to take a look at how to keep a dog busy in a crate, which dog toys are best for crates, and how to implement positive changes to your dog’s routine.

Best Dog Toy for Dog in a Crate (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy is an excellent option to entertain your dog inside a dog crate. The toy is interactive, unique, and offers an easy to use toy that’s ideal for modern crates. It’s not going to take up too much space and allows the dog to chew without fear.

This chew toy offers a bacon-flavored profile and is FDA-approved. With a wide array of sizes to choose from, dog owners can find something that’s perfect for their dog’s needs.

Tips on How To Keep A Dog Busy in a Crate

Invest in Crate-Friendly Dog Toys

The best investment a dog owner can make is to buy quality dog toys for the dog crate.

This is going to give your dog something to do when spending time inside. There is nothing worse than being left to their own inside the crate because it increases their desire to leave. Instead, you want to give them something to do.

When they are entertained using dog toys, they will be eager to go back to the dog crate. This is when you know the changes are working.

Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners don’t give their dogs anything to play with.

This is going to hamper their development (especially puppies) and won’t let them feel satisfied when resting in the dog crate. You have to do your due diligence and find a quality set of dog toys that will be easy to play with inside the dog crate.

Once you have these dog toys ready, the dog will have a great time.

This is the best way to get rid of a dog’s boredom and ensure they love their dog crate. Otherwise, they will never be happy.

How To Keep A Dog Busy In A Crate

Use a Dog Camera

Choosing a high-quality dog camera for home is a wonderful tool for keeping your dog happy.

The Furbo Dog Camera is a great example of something that’s interactive, easy to use, and will ensure your dog has something fun to do despite being inside the crate.

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The idea is to understand what keeps your dog engaged.

In most cases, the sound of your voice is a good starting point. This will allow you to maintain contact with your beloved pet to make sure they are happy.

If not, the dog is going to get bored and that is when their aggression will start to appear.

A dog camera is an ideal option for those spending more than 2+ hours away from home every day (i.e. work, school).

Take the time to set up the dog camera close to the crate to allow you to interact with your dog. This is a simple change that is going to make life easier.

You will also start to notice when your dog gets bored during the day, especially if you are gone for long hours.

Most dogs will be fine for a few hours but tend to get antsy after that point.

With a good dog camera for home, you can give the dog a treat by having it drop into the crate.

Keep Them Comfortable

You should always think about keeping them as comfortable as possible.

The dog crate shouldn’t feel like they are being restricted or sent to a secluded part of the house. Instead, it should be a “safe spot” for them and one they seek out during the day.

The only way to make this happen is by understanding what makes the dog comfortable. You want to hone in on this and make it a part of their experience inside the dog crate.

For example, do they like playing with specific dog toys? Why not include them in the crate? What about a particular blanket that is their favorite? Don’t be afraid to put that inside the dog crate for them to lie down on.

If you don’t do this, the dog won’t like its crate and that is when things go pear-shaped.

You have to be diligent and pay attention to what your dog is after. This is the only way to make sure it does feel satisfied and doesn’t start to act out.

In fact, you are going to start to notice your dog inching towards the crate when it wants to rest. This is a sign they like the dog crate and want to spend time inside.

How To Keep A Dog Busy In A Crate

Use Brain Training for Dogs

Brain training is one of the most effective tools for dealing with a bored dog.

The average dog owner will only think about physical activity (i.e. walking the dog) but don’t realize it’s also important to work out their brain.

Certain dog breeds feed off of brain activities and enjoy being able to solve puzzles that are put in front of them.

You want to use this detail to your advantage by using high-quality brain training dog toys or activities. By doing this, you are going to have a far easier time making sure the dog does have fun when sitting inside a dog crate.

Experts Say...
Brain training is ideal as it sharpens the dog’s mind and allows it to better understand everything happening at home.

How do you go about brain training a dog inside a dog crate?

It’s best to start by introducing a set of toys that are known for making the dog think. A lot of new-age dog toys to focus on brain training and that’s a good starting point.

You should also take the time to change how the dog is fed.

Get them to work away at a specific food bowl that is designed to train dogs. Yes, there are quality food bowls that can be used to get the dog to work for their treats such as the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Dog Bowl.

Avoid Using Stimulus Outside the Crate

This is a common mistake and it’s one that can ruin your plan.

If you want the dog to have fun inside the crate, it’s important to remove visual or scent-based stimulates outside the crate.

It’s the only way to make sure they don’t have something to focus on when inside the crate. Otherwise, even the best dog toy for dog crates won’t work!

You have to understand the dog wants to react to its natural instincts. This is normal and it’s something you should be able to relate to as a human. When your natural instincts are restricted, you are not going to like the hurdle in your way (i.e. the dog crate for dogs).

Be smart and make sure to take away anything that is going to cause the dog to focus on exterior elements.

This means putting the dog crate in front of a window or glass door is likely not a good idea. It’s going to have them curious throughout the day and increase their level of aggression.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to lock them in a dark room!

It’s important to find a happy balance that’s comfortable, easy on the dog’s body, but allows them to focus on items inside the dog crate.

Final Thoughts

When it is time to learn how to keep a dog busy in a crate, you want to start with the tips listed here.

These tips can act as guidelines for you to apply slowly but surely. The idea is to continue to focus on what your dog needs inside a crate and make sure their needs are met.

If you don’t apply these tips, you are going to have an unruly or saddened dog that doesn’t feel good about its situation.

Take the time to learn how to keep a dog busy in a crate and start making changes as soon as you can!

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Take the time to read through this information and make sure your dog’s quality of life improves right away.