How To Pick Up Dog Hair

Dog hair gets everywhere. It gets on your furniture, clothes, upholstery, and carpet. The only way to deal with this issue is to learn how to pick up dog hair the right way.

Each dog owner has a unique way of picking up dog hair and most ways don’t work!

You have to understand there’s a science behind managing dog hair and it’s not as easy until you find the right tools.

This guide is going to teach you how to pick up dog hair at home, which vacuum to use for dog hair, and how to make sure you know what to look for as a dog owner.

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Vacuum is an outstanding solution for those dealing with unwanted dog hair at home. It comes equipped with a beautiful swivel mechanism, specialized pet tools, and a unique scatter-free technology.

This is what makes the vacuum a powerhouse when it comes to managing pet hair and making sure your home is as clean as you want it to be.

Tips on How To Pick Up Dog Hair

Use a Quality Vacuum

A good place to start would be to buy a vacuum to pick up dog hair.

Vacuums have come a long way and new-age technology makes it easier than ever before to manage unruly dog hair.

Whether it’s stuck in the carpet or somewhere on the sofa, you can easily use a state-of-the-art vacuum to make things easier on yourself. A lot of dog owners don’t have the right cleaning tools at home and that’s what holds them back.

Yes, manual methods work but they are time-consuming and inefficient at best.

By learning how to pick up dog hair using a vacuum, you are going to have a simpler time managing a dog that sheds hair quickly.

Most dog breeds shed and it’s important to keep up with something easy to use.

A contemporary vacuum for pet hair is going to make life easier right away. In fact, you are not going to want to use anything else as you learn how to pick up dog hair.

When you do buy a new vacuum for dog hair, make sure to learn how to use it. A quality vacuum is going to deliver amazing results and offer a slew of tools that allow you to quickly manage dog hair without having to think twice.

Broom Everything Into One Spot

As you figure out how to pick up dog hair, it’s important to use a broom.

There is nothing worse than having to clean up multiple spots around the house. With dog hair on the floor, you want to take out a simple broom and start sweeping.

Why is smart to sweep the dog hair at home?

You want to make sure it is brought to one spot, so you can either pick it up quickly or use the vacuum to clean up. This is going to save you a lot of time and make it easier as you roam around the house looking for dog hair.

The premise is to make sure everything is kept to one area in your house, which can then be cleaned using a vacuum.

When it comes to learning how to pick up dog hair, the average dog owner is going to use a vacuum or simply do it manually.

This is okay but are you taking the time to clean every inch of the hardwood floor or tiles?

While carpets require a quality vacuum, you can use a simple brush to sweep around the hardwood or tiled floor. It’s also best to do this as often as you can to make sure you pick up dog hair in a timely manner.

How To Pick Up Dog Hair

Use a Dog Brush To Remove Extra Hair

Where is the dog hair coming from?

It is going to be coming from your dog as it starts to shed. This is a natural part of life for dogs, which means you have to be prepared for the inevitable.

Yes, you are going to have to clean up after the dog, but what if there was a way to regulate how much dog hair is shed around the house?

The only way to control this is to start using a high-quality dog brush such as the Hartz Groomer’s Best Grooming Tool. It’s a simple tool that can allow you to work on the dog’s coat and make sure it’s as well-kept as possible.

This is going to allow you to take away all of the loose fur before it has an opportunity to get onto your clothes, furniture, and/or upholstery.

When using a dog brush to get rid of dog hair, you have to find the right spot. It’s best to avoid carpeted areas as this will cause the fur to get stuck in the fibers.

Your goal should be to find a hardwood floor or tiled area that is going to be used as your grooming station. From here, you can easily start using the dog brush and get rid of the excess hair without making too much of a mess.

Make the Most of Dog Hair Remover

Have you taken the time to invest in a quality dog hair remover?

A dog hair remover such as the Evriholder FURemover is an ideal option when it is time to keep things as clean as possible.

The dog hair remover is going to allow you to quickly take out the tool, swipe it over the dog hair, and get rid of it efficiently. A lot of dog owners worry about this and don’t know which steps to take. As a result, it’s better to go with a quality dog hair remover that works without too much effort.

Experts Say...
Dog hair removers can help deal with hair that gets stuck in clothes and/or upholstery during the day.

There are times when a vacuum may not reach certain spots at home, which is when the dog hair remover shines.

Keep this handy, so you can quickly take it out and run it over the dog hair lying around. Sometimes having an effective tool such as this nearby can save you a lot of trouble and effort.

Put the tool to use and watch as unwanted dog hair lying around the house becomes a thing of the past. This is the real beauty of a quality solution.

How To Pick Up Dog Hair

Create Balls of Hair in Your Hand

If you are going to manually pick up dog hair, it’s recommended to use this simple trick.

The idea is to pick up the dog hair and start creating small balls in your hand. By doing this, you are going to have a far easier time controlling the hair and making sure it doesn’t slip out of your hands, fly away, or go unnoticed.

While it’s best not to use a DIY method for picking up dog hair, you can use this when in a rush.

A lot of times, dog owners don’t have the time to whip out a dog vacuum. However, this is a simple trick that will allow you to quickly pick up dog hair at home, roll it up, and toss it into the garbage can without making a mess.

The simplicity is what woos people and it’s something you want to keep in your bag of tricks!

Please note, you shouldn’t create fur balls and then start cleaning them with a vacuum. This is going to damage the vacuum and cause everything to jam up!

Be diligent and make sure you are choosing this manual method only when you don’t have cleaning tools at your disposal. Otherwise, stick to the vacuum cleaner and use the tools it has to offer.

Final Thoughts

This is how to pick up dog hair at home and make sure everything looks as clean as you want it to be.

Dog hair presents a number of challenges and it’s not always easy to make the right decision. By finding the right vacuum for cleaning dog hair, understand how to pick up dog hair, and taking the time to set a schedule, you can control this problem easily.

Your goal should be to implement the tips listed here while learning how to pick up dog hair.

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It’s all about focusing on your dog’s shedding, using the right vacuum, and making sure you are as consistent with cleaning as you can be. As long as you do this, you are going to see amazing results and the house will remain clean year-round.