Does Dry Cleaning Remove Pet Hair?

Pet hair can end up on your clothes, on your furniture, and even on your curtains! It’s a horrible sight for pet owners wanting to keep their home as clean as possible. This is why most end up asking, “Does dry cleaning remove pet hair?”

To answer this question, it’s important to understand how dry cleaning works and what their policies are for specific items.

Each dry cleaner is going to be different and it’s recommended to understand what your options are well in advance.

This guide is going to help answer the question, “Does dry cleaning remove pet hair?” and offer at-home pet hair removal solutions that will work wonderfully. Use this information to keep your items looking clean year-round.

Best Pet Hair Remover for Your Clothes (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover is an exceptional option for pet owners and will immediately get rid of pet hair once you start using it. This pet hair remover is reusable, doesn’t require any type of power source (i.e. batteries, outlet) and works well on all items including clothes, furniture, curtains, and more.

Once the pet hair has been removed, you can easily clean the lint remover and have it ready to go again. The simplicity and quality are what make it an excellent addition to your household as a pet owner.

Does Dry Cleaning Remove Pet Hair?

Dry cleaning doesn’t remove pet hair and can cause significant damage to the company’s machines. Due to this, the average dry cleaner will not accept clothes that are covered with any type of pet hair. The ones that do accept will have manual methods to remove the hairs and will also charge additional fees for the service.

It’s recommended to avoid taking your clothes to the dry cleaners because they will likely reject you.

Instead, it’s best to go with DIY pet hair removal solutions at home.

There are several ways of removing pet hair on your own as long as you have the right tools by your side. It’s also smart to use preventative methods such as covers to keep your items as protected as possible throughout the day.

Best Ways To Remove Pet Hair

Use a Lint Remover for Pet Hair

The best starting point is to use a trusted lint remover for getting rid of pet hair.

The lint remover is going to be easy to use, effective, and safe at the same time. Instead of picking at the hairs one by one, why not use something as efficient as this? The specialized pet hair removal tool is going to take seconds to use.

The premise of these tools is to simply run them on top of the item. After a couple of swipes, the pet hair is going to be gone.

The simplicity of this solution is what makes it convenient. If you are someone that is looking to get rid of dog hair or cat hair, you want something that’s going to save you time. A quality lint remover for pet hair is going to do just that.

Once you take the time to invest in the right pet hair remover, you are never going to ask, “Does dry cleaning remove pet hair?” ever again!

Does Dry Cleaning Remove Pet Hai

Use Washing Balls for Laundry

This is a great option for dog owners that are looking to keep their clothes clean.

You will want to start using specialized washing balls for pet hair such as the Baycheers Lint Remover Washing Balls.

The idea is to toss your dirty laundry into the washing machine and let the washing balls help out in cleaning them. There is a certain science behind how these products are developed ensuring pet owners feel confident in how the pet hair is removed.

In most cases, you won’t have to change how you approach doing your laundry as long as you are using one of these washing balls.

Washing balls can help eliminate hair that ends up getting stuck into the fibers of your clothes.

Having an easy-going solution such as this is ideal. Whether you are looking to remove dog hair off of a shirt or cat hair off of a pair of jeans, these washing balls will do the trick.

It is this quality that matters the most when you want to find a good DIY pet hair removal option.

Why use something that is going to waste time or pay extra to a dry cleaning company? Simply toss one of these washing balls into the machine and watch as your clothes look great again in no time!

Use a Wet Sponge

A great wet sponge is something all pet owners can use and it’s not going to be a pricey fix either.

Instead, just grab a sponge, soak it in water, and then start pressing against the item you are cleaning. Over time, the pet hairs will start to come out one by one getting stuck to the sponge.

It’s important to note, this can take a bit of time to master and you will have to be methodical.

The goal is to keep pressing hard to get all of the hairs out. Unfortunately, this tends to work better with pet hairs that are on the surface of your clothes. If they have intertwined with the fabric, you are going to have to pick at them separately.

This is something to keep in mind with a DIY pet hair removal method such as this one.

Yes, it is going to work but you are going to have to take more time out of your day to keep the clothes free of pet hair. This is why a good lint remover for pet hair at home is going to do a better job.

It will save you a lot of time and the clothes will look cleaner as well.

Does Dry Cleaning Remove Pet Hai

Toss Clothes into the Dryer

This is a great DIY trick and one that has been used by pet owners for years.

The goal is to turn on your dryer, toss in the clothes, and turn on the 10-minute cycle with the “No Dry” setting on. This is going to start to tumble the clothes inside, which will immediately start shaking out the pet hair.

Does this work all the time? No.

However, you are going to have a much better time of getting rid of at least 80-90% of the hairs that are hooked onto your clothes.

A 10-minute cycle is going to help loosen the pet hairs and shake most of them out before the clothes are put into the washing machine

If necessary, you can always increase the amount of time you put the clothes in a dryer. This is going to vary from situation to situation and will also be based on how much pet hair is on your clothes.

As you start asking “Does dry cleaning remove pet hair?” it might make more sense to give it a shot at home using this trick.

You are going to save money and it is stil going to work as you want it to.

Most methods are complicated but this is a simple one that you can implement right away without having to spend more.

Final Thoughts

Does dry cleaning remove pet hair?

No, it doesn’t and that is why it’s important to take action as a pet owner. If you want your clothes and furniture looking great year-round, it’s not going to happen on its own. You have to look to invest in the right pet hair removal tool.

By using a good pet hair remover, you are going to have a far easier opportunity for keeping things as clean as desired.

Focus on going with the best dry cleaning solution on the market and watch as the pet hair doesn’t get in your way ever again.

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