Why Does My Dog Run Away From Me?

When your dog starts running in the opposite direction with you around, it can be discouraging and disheartening. You often end up asking, “Why does my dog run away from me?” and that is an important question to think about.

Each dog owner has their own theory when it comes to nervous dogs.

Some believe it has to do with their scent while others believe it’s their overall presence. Before getting down on yourself, it’s important to realize there’s always a root cause for what’s going on and it can be changed.

This guide is going to help answer the question, “Why does my dog run away from me?” and take a look at what type of dog treats can be used for nervous dogs at home.

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Why Does My Dog Run Away From Me?

You are Displaying Fear

Dogs are pack animals, which means they are going to feed off of other pack members when it comes to energy levels.

If you are fearful, your dog isn’t going to see you as a pack leader. It becomes a sign of weakness, especially if it’s a consistent issue.

This is when dogs start running away from you, barking loudly, and/or becoming aggressive at home.

A lot of dog owners don’t know what to do in a situation such as this. However, the goal is to get rid of your fears and start feeding positive energy to your dog. This can be done in a number of ways including playing with your dog and building that bond.

In most cases, dog owners only show fear when they are dealing with a new dog. These can be uncertain times but that doesn’t mean it’s time to get scared!

Experts Say...
Your goal should be to remain assertive, learn more about your new dog, and start making adjustments when it comes to your activities. This is how you are going to build a proper bond with the dog and become that “pack leader” in their eyes.

If you don’t do this, they are going to start trying to take over. This is a natural reaction to a weaker pack leader, which is why you have to nip the problem in the bud right away.

Why Does My Dog Run Away From Me

You are Not a Source of Comfort

Are you a source of comfort?

There is nothing worse than having a dog see you enter a room and rush away. Unfortunately, this can happen when you are not acting as a source of comfort.

If you ever see a dog that has been abused and/or feels unsafe, they are going to run, bark, or look to find a safe corner.

This is a natural reaction and a part of their instinct as dogs.

To get rid of this concern, you have to start showing signs of positivity and trust around them. With a newer dog, this is going to take a while to do but it’s going to be worth it! Your goal should be to continue to work on it at least 2-3 hours per day.

Imagine being around a negative, angry person all day long. Will you want to be around them? No, and it’s often the same with dogs when they don’t feel comfortable in your presence.

Remember, comfort comes in a variety of ways.

It can be something as simple as giving them quality dog treats, going out for long walks, or giving them a gentle belly rub once you’re near them.

They should build a positive association between you and your actions.

It’s okay for a dog to run but it shouldn’t become a part of normal life. You need to work on the dog’s trust and make sure they believe you are there to love them.

The Dog is Not Used to the Setting

When you bring a dog to your home from an adoption center or “puppy mill,” it’s possible for them to not be used to the setting.

This is not the time to start wondering, “Why does my dog run away from me?” because it’s to be expected.

Your dog will be in hyper-alert mode when walking into a new property. They won’t know where they are, the scent trails are going to be all over the place, and you are also going to be a new addition to their “normal” life.

Younger dogs tend to adapt faster but there is still a period when they simply explore.

You have to let them do this and make sure to spend time with them. You have to be a positive part of the setting or they are going to remain fearful of you.

If you are worried the house is too big, it’s best to keep them in a smaller room or playpen for the first 1-3 weeks. This allows them to get used to that part of the house before venturing out to other rooms.

Why Does My Dog Run Away From Me

Negative Training Methods

What type of training methods are being used to train your dog at home?

There is no reason to use negative training methods all the time (i.e. yelling, abusing, hitting). These aren’t going to work and your dog is going to be terrified of you. This is a sign of bullying and something you shouldn’t be doing.

Dogs shouldn’t see you as a threat or they are going to run in the opposite direction!

A lot of dog owners try to drill their dogs early on but that doesn’t work. Yes, they may comply but that’s out of fear and that’s never a good sign.

Most dogs feed off of your actions and there’s nothing worse than a barrage of negative training methods whenever they are around you. This can ruin their development, especially at a younger age.

Training should always be done using positive affirmations and dog treats. When you train a dog using positive words, they are going to be more responsive to you and your presence. Over time, they are going to start picking up on things and that’s when they will learn.

If you continue to yell out of frustration, they won’t learn nor are they going to want to be around you during the day.

It’s important to realize, the dog doesn’t know it is being trained. This means if you are yelling, they assume that is how you are always going to behave with them.

Not Spending Enough Time Together

As you sit down and ask, “Why does my dog run away from me?” sometimes it’s just about spending more time together.

Your dog is going to get used to the idea of being alone all the time. This happens when you leave them in the house for hours due to work, school, or any other commitment.

While there’s nothing wrong in doing this, they need to build a strong bond with you.

If you are not taking time out of the day to play with them and/or go for walks then you are not going to build the right type of relationship. This is sad but it is also a common reason for your dog running away from you.

It’s recommended to spend at least 1-2 hours with your dog (walking, running, playing) and maintaining a positive bond.

Along with spending time with them, it’s always smart to mix things up.

Don’t be afraid to take them to new places, try out different dog toys at home, or simply look at investing in brain puzzles for dogs.

This can be a neat way to entertain the dog and stay engaged yourself. A lot of dog owners assume this process is going to be repetitive but it doesn’t have to be. Engaging with the dog can be done creatively and will help strengthen your bond.

Why Does My Dog Run Away From Me

Poor Socialization with Other Pets

Do you have other pets roaming around at home?

Your dog may not react well to other pets such as cats, dogs, and/or rabbits. This means you have to take the time to socialize all of these pets, so they are not fighting over territory all the time.

If the pets are comfortable around you, the dog may not want to be in the same area. This causes them to run away as soon as you enter the room.

When this occurs, you have to take a step back and start working on socializing your pets. This is certainly true when it comes to a newer dog that has just entered your home.

Unfortunately, dog owners don’t notice these signs and start berating their dog. You shouldn’t do this! Instead, you have to focus on working with the pets, getting them used to each other, and build a stronger family at home.

Please note, the same can apply to other humans in the house too.

Your dog may be afraid of someone and not want to be around you when they are nearby. This is why you have to make sure that person also uses positive affirmations/treats when they are close to the dog.

Final Thoughts

Why does my dog run away from me?

This is the question dog owners have, especially early on in the relationship.

In general, it comes down to a variety of factors including the setting, your behavior towards the dog, negative training methods, and/or other pets nearby.

Your goal should be to focus on the situation in front of you to determine what’s going on and what can be done about it. This is imperative when it comes to making sure your dog is healthy and leads an enjoyable life with you.

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This is pertinent information that is going to make your life easier as a dog owner!