What To Do With German Shepherd While At Work

Going to work from 9-5 is a common reality for billions of people worldwide. It’s expected but that doesn’t mean your German Shepherd won’t get bored. This is why it’s important to sit down and find the answer to “What to do with German Shepherd while at work?”

It’s an important question and one most dog owners have to think about.

Whether it is choosing certain dog accessories, making adjustments to the home, or recognizing what German Shepherds need at home, you will want to begin with a comprehensive plan in mind.

This guide is going to dig deeper into answering the question, “What to do with German Shepherd while at work?” while also emphasizing the importance of a safe dog playpen for German Shepherds.

Best Dog Playpen for German Shepherds (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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The MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Playpen is a top-notch solution for modern professionals wishing to leave their German Shepherd at home. It’s durable, versatile, and has a secure latch to keep the dog within the playpen at all times. This is going to ensure your German Shepherd remains safe inside the dog playpen and doesn’t end up getting itself into trouble.

This dog playpen is set on 8 ground anchors (if used outdoors) to keep the playpen in place and it works well indoors too on all types of surfaces including hardwood flooring.

What To Do With German Shepherd While At Work

Buy A Safe Dog Playpen

The first investment a German Shepherd owner should make is by purchasing a new dog playpen.

Yes, a dog playpen is going to offer tremendous control to you as a dog owner without taking away from the German Shepherd’s freedom. It’s a good way to ensure your German Shepherd remains within a certain part of the house without getting itself in harm’s way.

A lot of dog owners try to use dog crates but these don’t work after a while. They are too restrictive and will get in the dog’s way.

You have to free things up by investing in a high-quality dog playpen for German Shepherds at home. These playpens will be easy to set up and are going to make it comfortable for the dog.

Going with something like the MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Playpen is a wonderful starting point. This is a safe, well-reviewed dog playpen for German Shepherds and is a trusted option by millions of people worldwide.

If you want to go with something safe and efficient then a dog playpen is a fantastic idea.

What To Do With German Shepherd While At Work

Set Up a Calming Dog Blanket

When the dog playpen has been set up for your German Shepherd, what is going to be placed inside it?

For this, the PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket is a splendid option due to its versatility, comfort, and size. You are getting real value by going with a top-tier dog blanket such as this for your German Shepherd.

Using a safe dog blanket is important for several reasons and it matters a lot when it comes to separation anxiety in dogs.

In fact, it is often cited as being an important calming aid for dogs too.

Dog blankets with a bit of your scent rubbed on it will go a long way in calming a German Shepherd down and will reduce its separation anxiety.

When using a dog blanket, you will have to think about rubbing your scent onto it. This is a trick that is often used with younger dogs because they prefer having a familiar scent around them. This is a great option, if you have the mother’s scent for a puppy too.

As you try to answer the question, “What to do with German Shepherd while at work?” it may come down to something as simple as this.

Set up the dog blanket, rub a bit of your scent onto it, and then leave it inside the dog playpen before you go to work.

This is going to become a source of comfort for the German Shepherd and that is essential when you aren’t there to soothe them.

A lot of dog owners worry about how their German Shepherd is going to feel when they are gone for work and rightly so. However, a good dog blanket for German Shepherds is going to ease some of their apprehension.

Continue to keep an eye on how your dog does when you leave them with a blanket. This is a good way to get them used to the idea of sitting around the blanket and using it as a safety net.

Use a Quality Dog Camera

What about buying a quality dog camera for your home?

A dog camera is one of the new-age solutions being sold on the open market for working professionals. If you are someone that is going to be spending long hours at work, having an interactive dog camera at homes matters.

This is a simple camera that is going to make life easier and will be a great way to keep tabs on how your German Shepherd is doing alone.

If you want to go out and invest in a new dog camera for home then it’s best to choose the Furbo Dog Camera. This is the best dog camera in the industry and allows you to easily give dog treats to your German Shepherd from the comfort of your office!

The beauty of a dog camera is visible right away.

You are going to maintain a strong bond with your German Shepherd and this wasn’t possible in the past. However, with innovative technology hitting the market, you have a wonderful opportunity to improve your relationship despite being at work.

Why not take advantage of something like this and set it up alongside the dog playpen?!

What To Do With German Shepherd While At Work

Exercise Your German Shepherd Before Work

Your actions before going to work will matter.

When you are answering the question, “What to do with German Shepherd while at work?” you will have to think about what happens in the morning.

Let’s assume you are leaving for work at 9 am. This is common, but you will have to understand the dog’s day is also starting.

They will want to work out a bit and start moving as much as possible.

As a result, it’s highly recommended to take your dog out for a long walk early in the morning. This is going to be a wonderful way to drain some of their energy right away.

What you do before work with a German Shepherd is going to have a major impact on its behavior after you leave.

Why is it beneficial to drain a dog’s energy early in the morning?

It has to do with reducing their aggression when you are not at home. Since, you are going to be spending such an extended amount of time at work, they should have a task to do right away. This is also going to make it easier for them to relieve themselves outdoors.

Of course, it’s not always easy to do this, but it’s smart to make it a part of your routine.

Buy Quality Dog Toys

Your German Shepherd will need something to play with.

If that is the case, it’s time to start looking for high-quality, engaging dog toys for German Shepherds.

A recommendation that is going to help ease your dog’s concerns would be something like the CNMGBB Dog Toy with Squeakers. This is a well-known dog toy that is used for larger dogs such as German Shepherds. They love the idea of playing with the toy and are going to spend hours chasing it around.

Why is it smart to go out and buy a quality dog toy?

It’s all about understanding your dog’s boredom when you are at work. They are not going to know what to do and this can lead to severe separation anxiety in German Shepherds. As a result, you are going to have an aggressive, nervous dog that doesn’t do well at home.

To make sure this doesn’t become a long-term concern, you want to give your dog something to do at home when you are at work.

This is why more and more dog owners look towards something as simple as dog toys.

These dog toys end up doing wonders when it comes to keeping the German Shepherd occupied throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

As you try to answer the question, “What to do with German Shepherd while at work?” it comes down to understanding what your dog requires.

Each dog is going to be unique but most German Shepherds are going to be active and will want to enjoy themselves in their free time.

What does this mean for your setup at home?

It’s important to follow the tips mentioned here and look to buy a high-quality dog playpen, invest in great dog toys for German Shepherds, buy a good dog blanket, and make sure to set up an interactive dog camera too. These additions to your property will go a long way when you are at work.

With these tips, you are going to have a far easier time managing your German Shepherd’s separation anxiety and built-up energy.