How To Wash A Dog Without A Bathtub

Don’t want to ruin your bathroom by washing the dog inside? This is a common concern and most dog owners want to find a better way to wash their dog outside the house. To do this the right way, it’s time to learn how to wash a dog without a bathtub.

There are specific steps you have to follow to ensure the dog is still clean after the bath.

A lot of dog owners will go through the motions when washing their dog outdoors or in a separate tub. However, it’s still important to focus on keeping the dog as clean as possible. It is these subtle changes that will keep you healthy.

Here is a comprehensive look at how to wash a dog without a bathtub, what to look for when buying a separate pet tub for washing your dog outdoors, and how to make sure the process works out as intended.

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The Booster Bath Elevated Pet Bathing Large is one of the finest tubs on the market and works well in almost all situations. Since it is an elevated pet tub, you can use it inside a garage and not worry about making a mess. This is a well-built, high-quality pet tub that’s perfect for dog owners refusing to wash their dog inside their bathroom.

Whether it is the 2-piece setup or the 19-inch height, this is a relaxing option for dog owners wanting to bathe their dog outdoors. When it comes to a quality pet tub for dogs, you are getting the real deal with this all-encompassing product.

Tips on How To Wash a Dog Without a bathtub

Invest in an External Tub for Dog Baths

While you are not going to be washing the dog inside a conventional bathtub, this doesn’t mean you can simply take them outdoors and start using soap and water!

You will still require a well-sized pet tub or swimming pool to make sure the dog is clean without making a mess.

There are often times when dog owners place the dog on the grass and start washing them there. This may work but it’s going to leave the dog messy and it won’t be good for the grass either! Instead, you want to go with a safe pet tub for dogs that is easy to assemble.

An external pet tub isn’t going to take a long time to set up and it will work wonderfully for this process. Once you are done, simply rinse the pet tub, and put it away for next time. The simplicity is what draws dog owners in as they look for an outdoor solution.

How To Wash A Dog Without A Bathtub

Use a Conventional Hose Outdoors

How are you going to wash a dog outside?

There are several details to think about but sometimes the simplest will work best. Just grab a traditional hose that is already set up at home and use this to wash your dog.

There is no need to go out and bring a separate extension or attachment. A traditional hose is going to be just fine and will allow you enough versatility to wash the dog’s body outside. Plus, the average pet tub is going to work well with a regular hose.

A simple hose setup will suffice when it is time to wash the dog’s body and keep them looking clean outdoors.

It’s important to note, you have to make sure the hose is going to remain accessible from all angles when washing a dog. If the hose isn’t long enough then you will have to make adjustments. There is never a good excuse to miss spots when washing a dog!

Be smart and focus on using a traditional hose that is powerful enough to keep the dog clean when it is being rinsed.

Wet Your Dog and Apply Shampoo

Let’s focus on what you are going to do when the pet tub or swimming pool has been set up. What is the next step as you learn how to wash a dog without a bathtub?

In general, you are going to concentrate on finding the right soap + mixture ratio for bathing a dog.

These days, there are several high-quality dog shampoos being sold on the market like the Pro Pet Works Organic Oatmeal Pet Shampoo. Use one of these dog shampoos when it is time to bathe your dog outdoors.

Once the dog shampoo is ready, you are going to begin to rinse the dog with the hose. This should be enough to cover the dog from head to paw with water. After you are satisfied, you will begin to take a bit of the dog shampoo and lather it into the dog’s fur.

This should be done for at least 3-5 minutes to make sure you get all of the “hard to reach” spots.

Once the body has been covered with shampoo, you should let it sit for another 1-2 minutes. This is going to maximize the shampoo’s nutrients and ensure it purifies the dog’s fur.

How To Wash A Dog Without A Bathtub

Rinse the Body

After you have waiting 1-2 minutes and let the dog shampoo sit, it’s time to start rinsing the dog’s fur.

The rinsing process is going to involve the same hose you used to wet them. You will want to start running your hands through the dog’s fur while doing this to make sure all of the shampoo is rinsed. Otherwise, you are going to end up missing spots!

As you rinse the dog’s body, you will begin to notice a pleasant odor spread throughout the area. This is a sign you have done a good job.

Experts Say...
Rinsing the body has to be done methodically to ensure every inch of the dog’s body is washed. Missing parts of the body may lead to an infection and/or dryness.

Please note, you will have to make sure to go past the same spot multiple times with a hose. Rinsing a dog isn’t the same as rinsing your hand. It is going to have multiple layers of fur, which aren’t going to get cleaned after one pass of the hose.

You will have to take at least 2-3 minutes to rinse the dog’s body and make sure you get the entire body.

if you start missing spots, the dog is going to start to show a significant amount of discomfort. This is why it’s essential to take your time while washing a dog outdoors.

Dry Using a Dryer or Air Dry

What happens after you have taken the time to wash a dog outside?

You will want to dry the dog’s fur as it starts shaking and stirring. This happens when a dog has been washed, which means you have to take immediate action.

However, this is going to depend on your dog and its reaction.

In many cases, when you are learning how to wash a dog without a bathtub, it comes down to simply letting them walk it off. Just ensure the dog remains outdoors, so your furniture doesn’t get ruined by a wet dog.

As they walk it off, the air drying process will make sure their fur is taken care of.

What if you want to speed up things and head indoors? If that is the case, you will want to take out a small hairdryer and simply give the dog’s body a once over. Please rmeember, the hair dryer can warm up, so don’t keep going over the same spot repeatedly.

This is a great tool but only when used the right way!

If necessary, you should take the time to run your hand alongside the hairdryer to make sure it doesn’t harm the dog.

In most situations, you are better off letting the dog air dry after a quick rubdown using a towel.

Final Thoughts

Want to know how to wash a dog without a bathtub?

It might seem like an impossible task. You might feel like washing your dog outdoors is going to leave an unwanted mess.

However, by following the steps listed in this guide on how to wash a dog without a bathtub, the process is going to be relatively easy and straightforward. It always comes down to your willingness as a dog owner to wash your dog properly.

Along with understanding how to wash a dog without a bathtub, it’s also recommended to focus on finding the right dog toys, a quality robot vacuum for dogs, delicious chew treats for dogs, and a safe dog brush during the grooming process. These items are going to help with the bathing process and can ensure your dog looks wonderful year-round.

With this guide in hand, you are going to be well on your way towards a successful and clean bathing session with your dog.