How To Clean a Hamster Cage After One Dies?

One of the more depressing moments in a hamster owner’s life is when their beloved pet passes away. It can be distressing, heartbreaking, and challenging at the same time. However, it’s also important to understand how to clean a hamster cage after one dies.

Several contaminants begin presenting themselves after a hamster passes away. This is a reality hamster owners have to realize, which is why taking action immediately is mandatory.

Letting things sit for too long will only make the cleaning process ten times harder later on. In fact, many hamster owners have to toss the entire hamster cage out because it’s unsalvageable!

For those wanting to learn how to clean a hamster cage after one dies, this guide is going to highlight what works and what cleaning products to use for a hamster cage. This is pertinent information that will go a long way in handling the hamster cage and making sure it is safe for the future.

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The Nature‚Äôs Miracle Cage Cleaner is one of the best cleaning products on the market right now. It’s certified, easy to use, and offers complete cleansing when it is time to get rid of contaminants. Due to its all-encompassing formulation, this hamster cage cleaner is empowering and offers a wonderful selection of advantages.

It gets rid of bad odors in a matter of seconds and also ensures the hamster cage is appropriately cleansed from top to bottom. This is an ideal hamster cage cleaner that has been thoroughly tested and continues to deliver impressive results.

How To Clean a Hamster Cage After One Dies

Use a Quality Cage Cleaner

When learning how to clean a hamster cage after one dies, it’s always going to start with the best cage cleaner.

You have to purchase a good cage cleaner for hamster cages, if the goal is to eliminate unwanted contaminants as swiftly as possible. Traditional solutions such as soap and water or baking soda won’t do a good job in this case. Yes, they can be used as a secondary solution but it’s always recommended to go with a specialized cage cleaner for hamster cages.

The quality cage cleaner for hamster cages will be easy to use and is going to come with straightforward instructions.

The best starting point when it is time to clean a hamster cage always involves a quality cage cleaner.

Why is important to use a good cage cleaner after a hamster passes away?

The goal is to cleanse the cage and make sure the hamster’s death didn’t contaminate the cage. Yes, this is a real possibility and it is something hamster owners have to be aware of. By taking action right away, you are going to get rid of those contaminants and make it safer for the next hamster in your life.

Start with a safe cage cleaner for hamster cages, so you feel good about the investment and know it will last for a long time.

how to clean a hamster cage after one dies

Empty the Cage First

Before getting started, you will want to focus on the basics, which involves getting rid of the hamster accessories inside the cage.

These accessories are only going to get in the way. You will be turning the hamster cage upside down during the process, so it’s best to get these items away from the cage immediately. Otherwise, they are going to get damaged and/or will take away from the cleaning process.

Whether you are using a good cage cleaner or water, it’s still important to empty the hamster cage before starting.

Don’t attempt to clean the cage with accessories inside as they will get damaged and/or impede the cleaning process.

Please note, when you are emptying the hamster cage, this also includes attachments that are set up along the side of the cage (i.e. water holders/bottles). These should be removed right away and washed separately.

You will have to go through the same steps with these attachments, if they are going to be used later on with another hamster. Otherwise, it is time to toss them out and invest in new hamster cage attachments.

This is your decision, but it’s generally recommended to cleanse the older attachments. This is more than enough when it is time to clean everything after a hamster dies.

Use an Abrasive Cloth

Now this is a unique tip that is going to make it easier as you learn how to clean a hamster cage after one dies.

Yes, an abrasive cloth is going to go a long way during the cleaning process.

Why is this the case?

It has to do with making sure everything including grime, dirt, and other contaminants have been rubbed away properly. Anything short of this isn’t going to do a good job of cutting through the top surface. This is a concern depending on how long the hamster cage has been in use.

To avoid taking any risks, buy a quality abrasive cloth (Chore Boy Golden Fleece Scrubbing Cloths) and make sure to scrub properly. When done right, the cage is going to look great and will not have a lingering odor that spreads around the room.

A lot of hamster owners don’t do this and that takes away from their cleaning process. If you want to learn how to clean a hamster cage after one dies, this is a necessary step to keep in mind. It’s the best way to get into those tight corners and make sure everything is scrubbed correctly.

how to clean a hamster cage after one dies

Rinse the Cage with Water

As you learn how to clean a hamster cage after one dies, you will want to go through a few more steps including rinsing it with water.

Why should you rinse a hamster cage with water? It has to do with getting rid of the cage cleaner formulation that has been used inside the cage. The same applies to those moving forward with a soap-based solution or baking soda.

It doesn’t matter what you are using to clean the hamster cage as long as it is being rinsed with cold water later on.

Experts Say...
Make sure to rinse the cage with cold water to get rid of contaminants that were missed.

If you want to learn how to clean a hamster cage after one dies, you will have to rinse it with water as soon as you are done.

This is going to make sure the soap/cage cleaner is appropriately removed. While modern cage cleaners for hamster cages are designed to be washable, it is still important to be detail-oriented with your process.

You want to take your time, go through each “nook and cranny” and then call it a day. This is how you are going to learn more about how to clean a hamster cage after one dies. Otherwise, it is not going to smell good nor is it going to be as clean as you want it to be!

Use a Deodorizer for the Hamster Cage

A deodorizer is one of the best things a person can invest in when they are trying to clean a hamster cage.

Why is a deodorizer important for a hamster cage? Can’t you use a traditional air freshener and hope for the best or do you have to go with a specialized solution?

In general, you are going to have to go with a high-quality deodorizer for cage cleaning purposes. Anything short of this is going to put the small animal at risk and that is something you don’t want to happen with a new hamster.

As a result, you should be looking to go with a good deodorizer such as the Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control Deodorizer.

To ensure the cage doesn’t stink, it’s highly recommended to use a well-rated deodorizer for the hamster cage.

The deodorizer is going to be the finishing touch on the cleaning and will lead to great results as soon as you are done.

If you are learning how to clean a hamster cage after one dies, it is the odor that is going to be unforgettable for the first few days. As a result, you want to take care of this odor and make sure there is no lingering stench spreading through your room later on.

Be smart and make sure to get rid of the odor using a high-quality deodorizer. This is how you are going to know the hamster cage is going to be ready to go for future use.

It’s also important to remember, the deodorizer shouldn’t be used excessively when it is time to spray it inside the hamster cage. Instead, you want to only spray it a few times and make sure to spread it throughout the hamster cage.

This will be more than enough to deliver good results without overpowering you or the new hamster once it enters.

Final Thoughts

This is what you have to focus on while learning how to clean a hamster cage after one dies.

Yes, it can be distressing and difficult but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to ruin the hamster cage. Instead, you want to take action and make sure you can welcome a new hamster into your life without having to splurge on new hamster accessories.

When it is time to understand how to clean a hamster cage after one dies, it’s always best to start with a guide such as this.

Follow the steps mentioned here and know you are going to be on the right track immediately!

Also, please take the opportunity to go through additional information when it comes to taking care of a hamster cage such as choosing the right hamster bedding, buying the right deodorizer for a hamster cage, investing in a great hamster wheel, and searching for a good hamster ball.

This is vital information for those wanting to welcome a new hamster into their life or make sure the hamster cage is properly prepared for the future.